Chapter 203: An Incomplete Map

“May I know benefactor’s name?” Fan Qiansong asked.

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist replied, “Chen Fuli, Azure Water Sect’s direct disciple.”

After putting on a disguise, his age looked to be around 30 and fitted the age group of a majority of direct disciples.

“So it’s a shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple) from the Azure Water Sect. Fan Qiansong gives my respects.” Hearing that Li Fuchen came from the Azure Water Sect, Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu felt even more relieved.

The Azure Water Sect was a well-known sect of the East Unicorn Continent and like the Carefree Sect, they were the righteous sects.

Unlike some sect which might be righteous, but because of their overwhelming strength, they tyrannize people and believe dominance is everything; like the Silver Cloth Sect.

“There is no need for thanks. This Silver Cloth Sect is a jackal of the same tribe as the Heaven Fiend Sect. Eliminating a Silver Cloth Sect direct disciple is a good thing for my Azure Water Sect.” Li Fuchen replied.

Fan Qiansong asked, “I wonder where Chen shixiong will be going to next?”

Li Fuchen shook his head, “I do not have any destinations. I am here in the Hundred Battle region to temper myself.”

Fan Qiansong seemed to hesitate, but moments later, his eyes flashed with determination, “Chen shixiong. I have this incomplete map of a Reincarnation Realm expert’s tomb. I wonder if Chen shixiong is interested in going to search for this tomb with us?”

He originally didn’t wish to reveal this information, but Li Fuchen did actually saved his and his sister’s life. If he couldn’t repay this favor, he would feel unsettled.

What’s more, the tomb was a place of danger. An additional man was additional strength.

“The tomb of a Reincarnation Realm expert?” Li Fuchen was surprised.

An age where absolute masters vanished without a trace. The Eastern Unicorn Continent was where Reincarnation Realm martial artists ruled supreme. The strength of a sect was undoubtedly related to how many Reincarnation Realm experts they had.

A Reincarnation Realm expert’s tomb definitely contained a huge amount of absolute arts. These absolute arts were something that the Azure Water Sect didn’t possess either.

Take for example the Azure Water Sect’s body refinement techniques, the highest one they had was a mystic class high-tier.

With Li Fuchen’s abnormal perception, he would definitely attain the higher ranks of the True Inferno Technique. When he reached those higher ranks, the requirement for his body physique would need to be higher as well.

Other than that, within the tomb of a Reincarnation Realm expert, there would probably be secret techniques as well.

In the Azure Water Sect, one could only redeem a 4 star secret technique after passing the fourth floor of the Direct Inheritance Tower, and to Li Fuchen, that was too far away.

“An incomplete map. Could there be other maps?” Li Fuchen queried.

To just rely on this incomplete map, it was impossible to find the tomb.

Fan Qiansong nodded, “There are a total of four parts and they appeared at an auction. During the auction, there were direct disciples from four sects. They were—my Carefree Sect, the Earth Fire Sect, Violent Sabre Sect, and Eternal Spring Valley. Silver Cloth Sect’s direct disciple, Liu Guangfeng managed to find out that I had a part of the map and attempted to kill me.”

When he heard the name Violent Sabre Sect, Li Fuchen’s brows were raised for a bit.

But when Li Fuchen heard Eternal Spring Valley, he furrowed his brows.

The Violent Sabre Sect was nearby the Azure Water Sect and he was familiar with them.

But the Eternal Spring Valley was one of the superpowers.

In the Eastern Unicorn Continent, the sects were graded by their overall strength.

The Carefree Sect, Earth Fire Sect, Violent Sabre Sect, Spirit Hidden Sect, Azure Water Sect, Heaven Fiend Sect, and Silver Cloth Sect, all belonged to one grade.

Although the Heaven Fiend Sect was slightly stronger than Azure Water Sect, the disparity wasn’t too huge.

While the Celestial Star Sect, Doulin Clan, and Eternal Spring Valley were part of a higher grade.

Of course, Li Fuchen wasn’t fearful of Eternal Spring Valley. No matter how formidable Eternal Spring Valley was, they were separated from the Azure Water Sect by numerous regions.

Even if he truly offended Eternal Spring Valley, they still wouldn’t be able to do anything to the Azure Water Sect

Apart from the period of time during sect wars, there wasn’t any information that stated anything about one sect eradicating another sect. But a slight action might cause an entire continent to react and every sect had their own enemies, enemies that wouldn’t allow you to act as you please.

Li Fuchen was just worried about the abilities of those direct disciples from Eternal Spring Valley.

Fan Qiansong continued, “According to the map, the tomb of the Reincarnation Realm expert is located in Dense Fog City. One week later, the direct disciples from the four sects will gather at Dense Fog City. When everyone arrives, we will set out together and look for the tomb.”

“Great, count me in. Let’s go to Dense Fog City now!”

Dense Fog City wasn’t far from here, it was about a three days journey.

Since this opportunity appeared before his eyes, Li Fuchen didn’t want to miss it.

Along the way, the three of them got to know each other. From their conversation, Li Fuchen got to know more about the Hundred Battle region which benefited him.


Three days later, the three of them arrived at Dense Fog City.

Within a thousand miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters of Dense Fog City, the surroundings of the city had most of its year shrouded in a fog.

Dense Fog City was quite unaffected, as certain areas had only a thin layer of fog.

As they entered the west side of Dense Fog City, the fog got thicker. As they looked ahead, the entire sky was covered in white and nothing was visible.

After finding an inn, the three of them lodged in.

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As night arrived, Li Fuchen began researching the Primary Clear Hand.

The previously pale yellow colored palm had now been restored back to his hand’s original color. It seemed normal and didn’t have any special traits.

Only Li Fuchen would know what kind of strength this hand contained and what the limit of this hand was.

This trip to the tomb of the Reincarnation Realm expert was a dangerous filled trip. Whatever improvement in ability was welcomed.

Among them, Fan Qiansong had the highest cultivation level at the 5th level of the Earth Realm. Fan Qianyu was next at the 4th level of the Earth Realm and finally Li Fuchen who was at the 2nd level of the Earth Realm.

Their average cultivation level was too low.

Luckily Fan Qiansong and Li Fuchen were gold class direct disciples of their respective sects and their actual combat ability shouldn’t be judged by their cultivation level.

Had it not been the case, Li Fuchen wouldn’t have wanted to join in. It wouldn’t be an opportunity but a visit to hell.

Putting Eternal Spring Valley aside, there was no way work together with either the Earth Fire Sect or Violent Sabre Sect

Everyone were direct disciples, wanting to exceed levels and defeat them was just like trying to ascend to heaven.

If the Earth Fire Sect or Violent Sabre Sect brought along a direct disciple who was at the 9th level of the Earth Realm, even three silver class direct disciples wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed.

What’s more, there were also the direct disciples from Eternal Spring Valley who were part of the higher graded sects.

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“Our cultivation level is still too low.”

Li Fuchen shook his head, he was rather serious towards this trip to the tomb. He wasn’t complacent even though he had the Devil Break Arrow and earth class weapon shard. If he could obtain life saving items, so could the others and their items might even be better than his.

As night passed, morning dawn arrived.

Li Fuchen was woke up early and he headed towards the antique street of Dense Fog City.

The items that were sold on the antique street of Dense Fog City seemed to be much more plentiful.

According to the rumors, this fog of Dense Fog City wasn’t originally here a few centuries ago. The reason why this fog appeared was closely related to the battles that happened between the absolute masters.

In the massive fog, it was rather difficult to differentiate the items. There were plenty of odd and eccentric items and they were precisely the speciality of Dense Fog City’s antique street.

Take for example the fog emitting branch that Li Fuchen bought, it cost him 10,000 gold coins.

Although he didn’t know what use it would have, it was valuable because it was rare and Li Fuchen didn’t lack the 10,000 gold coins.

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