Chapter 204: The Inevitable Clash

Four days later, the Southern Sky Inn of Dense Fog City was completely booked.

On the third floor of the inn, Fan Qiansong, Fan Qianyu, and Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist sat in a corner. They took up one table and were quietly drinking their tea while awaiting the other direct disciples to arrive.

Step, step…

The sound of footsteps could be heard as three youths walked up the stairs.

These three youths were wearing a dark red robe and on their robes was a symbol of Earth and Fire.

They were the direct disciples from the Earth Fire Sect.

The leader of their group was a youth around the same age as Fan Qiansong, his cultivation level was at the 6th level of the Earth Realm. As for the other two, they were around the age of 30, which was roughly the same age as Li Fuchen. One of them was at the 7th and the other was at the 8th level of the Earth Realm.

But it was obvious that the two of them were followers.

“Fan Qiansong.” The leader of the Earth Fire Sect’s direct disciples looked at Fan Qiansong emotionlessly.

“Song Qinghe.” Fan Qiansong greeted by calling out his name too.

“Chen shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple), this is Song Qinghe, a gold class direct disciple of the Earth Fire Sect. He has a formidable ability and is even stronger than my brother.” Fan Qianyu secretly sent a message to Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen nodded.

None of the gold class direct disciples were easy to work along with. Even more so when their cultivation was at the 6th level of the Earth Realm.

“Is this also a direct disciple from your Carefree Sect?” Song Qinghe pointed at Li Fuchen and queried.

Fan Qiansong replied, “He is Chen Fuli, Chen shixiong. He is from the Azure Water Sect.”

“This doesn’t seem to conform to the rules right?!” Song Qinghe snorted.

Fan Qiansong said, “Our four parties only had an agreement to not invite any Heaven Realm martial artists. Did we mention that we cannot invite any Earth Realm martial artist? Or is your Earth Fire Sect afraid?”

“Afraid? What a joke! A mere 2nd level Earth Realm martial artist would probably die once he enters the tomb.” Song Qinghe spoke with disdain.

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Li Fuchen who was only at the 2nd level of the Earth Realm wasn’t even worth putting in his eyes. So what if Li Fuchen was a gold class direct disciple? He was one himself too and his cultivation level was four levels higher.

After finding another table, the direct disciples from both sects sat and waited silently.

One hour later, footsteps could be heard again.

Before they were even up the stairs, their sharp and violent qi presence had already reached the third floor.

“Violent Sabre Sect.” Li Fuchen thought in his heart as he was familiar with this qi presence.

After a few breaths, a member of the Violent Sabre Sect came onto the third floor of the inn.

This direct disciple of the Violent Sabre Sect had a high cultivation level that was actually at the 7th level of the Earth Realm. His dense qi presence was as sharp as a sabre that stung his enemies’ skin and also oppressed their spirit.

‘Horrifyingly formidable!’ Li Fuchen’s brows tensed up.

This direct disciple of the Violent Sabre Sect might not be of the same class as Emotionless Sword Xue Feng, but he wasn’t far from it.

“Fu Chongshan. You came alone?” Song Qinghe remembered Fu Chongshan had another Violent Sabre Sect’s direct disciple by his side previously.

“I am more than enough.” Fu Chongshan replied arrogantly.

“I hope you don’t regret it later on.” Song Qinghe admitted to Fu Chongshan’s formidable ability, but it was a pity because once in the tomb, it would be better to have a numbers advantage. Had it not been because of the short notice, he would definitely have brought along a few more direct disciples.

Fu Chongshan just smiled with arrogance and didn’t say anything else.


As time ticked by…

Another hour had passed.

“The disciples of Eternal Spring Valley are trying to put on airs! We agreed to meet in the morning and now it is already noon time!” Song Qinghe was rather unhappy.

“The disciples of the Earth Fire Sect doesn’t have any patience. Seems like their future is doubtful.”

From below, a presumptuous statement could be heard.

Song Qinghe was infuriated. Had it been anyone else, he would have taught them a lesson. But because he feared the prowess of Eternal Spring Valley, he didn’t dare to aggravate it any further. After all, he was the one who got disrespectful first and could only swallow his anger for now.

A unique qi presence that felt like a sea of forestry was emitted as a man walked up the stairs.

This man was already of some age, as he looked even older than Li Fuchen’s current appearance, he was at least at the age of 35. His smile had this trace of arrogance that was different from the arrogance that Fu Chongshan had with his confidence. This arrogance came from his esteemed status.

It wasn’t a surprise though as Eternal Spring Valley was one of the elite sects of the Eastern Unicorn Continent. Even if he wasn’t one of the top elites of Eternal Spring Valley’s direct disciples, he deserved to show his arrogance.

His cultivation was at the 8th level of the Earth Realm and just by basing on his qi presence suppression, it wasn’t any weaker than Fu Chongshan’s qi presence.

Fan Qianyu sent another secret message, “This person is Wei Shanhe, a silver class direct disciple of Eternal Spring Valley. Even though he isn’t a gold class direct disciple, he is superior due to the longer time he has spent cultivating. He shouldn’t be underestimated.”

Li Fuchen didn’t react but instead looked at the staircase.

Fu Chongshan looked over at the staircase too.

Light and nimble footsteps could be heard, like the sound of seeds sprouting from the earth during spring time. As traces of the footsteps could be heard, a figure suddenly appeared in everyone’s eyes before they realized it.

Dressed in green robes, it was a lady with the looks of an absolute beauty.

Her beauty wasn’t inferior to Yan Qingwu and she looked like a fairy above the clouds, exceptional and refined.

Fan Qiansong’s, Song Qinghe’s, and Fu Chongshan’s eyes froze, leaving only Li Fuchen who remained indifferent while sizing up this absolute beauty.

The green robed lass didn’t have a high cultivation level which was only at the 4th level of the Earth Realm, but Li Fuchen felt that she seemed stronger than Fu Chongshan and it was by quite a big margin. When she entered the third floor, her qi presence instantly neutralized the tensed up atmosphere. There was a sudden patch of silence and it seemed as though it was drizzling silently while a mist rose up, causing everything to look hazy.

“6 star bone frame?”

Within an instant, a thought flashed in Li Fuchen’s mind.

This girl was definitely a 6 star bone frame, as only a 6 star bone frame could give him such a shock.

Fan Qianyu sent a message that sounded rather jealous, “If I guess correctly, she should be one of the two 6 star bone frames of Eternal Spring Valley, Su Muyu.”

6 star bone frames were extremely rare in this world. When Li Fuchen first saw Yan Qingwu, she was still young and couldn’t bring out the full potential of a 6 star bone frame. If they were to meet again, he was certain that her qi presence would be completely different from before.

“Everyone, this is my Eternal Spring Valley’s Su Muyu, Su shimei6meiyoung or little sister. You must be extremely blessed to be able to meet her right now.” It was obvious that Wei Shanhe extremely admired Su Muyu. But due to his innate bone frame, it had destined that he and she could only maintain a relationship of a senior and junior disciple.

Song Qinghe stood up and smiled at Su Muyu, “Greetings to Miss Su Muyu.”

Su Muyu ignored him and found a place to sit down.

Seeing the situation, Song Qinghe’s face was flushed red and he felt extremely awkward.

Fan Qiansong found it funny and said, “Since everyone is here. Let’s not wait and set off!”

“Hold it.” Fu Chongshan spoke out.

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“What is it?” A few of them looked towards Fu Chongshan.

Fu Chongshan said indifferently, “I am the only direct disciple from the Violent Sabre Sect, but I invited direct disciples from other sects. Let’s wait for a moment.”

As Fu Chongshan’s voice fell silent, footsteps could be heard again.

First, it was a black-robed man around the age of 30. His body had a symbol of a monster. After taking a closer look, Li Fuchen noticed that it was the sect symbol of the Heaven Fiend Sect.

Shortly afterwards, another black-robed youth walked up.

When he saw this youth, Li Fuchen couldn’t help think that it was an inevitable clash.

This person was apparently Li Wuxue.

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