Book II – Bandit, Chapter 7 – Massacre at the Little Brothel

This reaction totally stunned Jodye, but he was wise enough to quickly find the issue. He frowned as he observed this brainwashed girl with a tough life, before straightening his face and replying indifferently, “Fine. You may handle your own affairs.”

Jodye Trill didn’t even glance at Megan again as he ran into the hallway and down the stairs. As Megan watched his departing back, she suddenly felt a profound sense of loss. The change in his eyes when she accosted him didn’t escape her notice. That was a definite disappointment, but not like the kind people show when they’ve been exposed. There was no panic or maliciousness. If anything, Megan thought he looked sad.

Also, when had she ever told this mysterious Mr. Jupiter the name of her foster mother?

She suddenly realized that she had overreacted. Could Betty have really betrayed her? She had always watched over her before, taking care of her like a little sister. Megan bit her lip and immediately ran off to find the proprietress.

Meanwhile, Jodye Trill had just reached Betty’s door. There was a magic sealing formation on the door, preventing unwanted entry. Jodye’s force genesis vibrated in his lower abdomen as he revolved his serenity force to alter his voice to sound like Dessa Chimes, the only female he was very familiar with at this time. This was a technique he learned from the life experiences of T’Zhane, and he used it expertly as he called out, “Miss Charles? You have a visitor from the Mayor’s office!”

Jodye had his divine sense trained on the situation inside the room.

“The mayor?” Overseer Edwin sneered, “What a dumb little slut. The mayor is already downstairs waiting for me at the secret chamber!”

“Should I…ah!” Betty was unable to ask her question, as her lover suddenly grew very aggressive. Jodye withdrew his divine sense in irritation, as he no longer had the stomach for this scene. To think this jerk was determined to finish before coming to the door. Was respect even a thing in a voodoo state?

A full ten breaths later, Jodye heard footsteps approaching the door, and he straightened up again. In his hands appeared a stylish and fiercely sharp combat glaive. This was none other than the Baleful Glaive he had taken from the Limited Apostle camp less than a year ago. However, Jodye simply couldn’t remember such a thing. All he knew was that this was the fiercest weapon he possessed and entirely suited his fighting style. He was already revolving his serenity force and the Heavenly Vision Scripture. The sealing formation disappeared, and the door was slung open.

“Who dares to disturb us!” yelled Overseer Edwin as he glared down into Jodye’s eyes trying to pressure the latter with his atmosphere. Jodye sensed with his divine power and concluded that this man was at the early stages of the Essence Formation Rank of the True Saint Realm. The battle force coming from his body was worth about 70 bp. Overseer Edwin was shocked that it was really a kid, but he became wary of reinforcements. However, once he noticed the combat glaive in the boy’s hands, his eyes lit up as his concerns flew out the window, “Grade A combat gear! Bwahaha, my look is indeed not bad. You’ve asked for this brat! I’ll show you what happens when… when…”

Before Overseer Edwin could finish his statement, a blue line of light shot into his eyes from Jodye’s. Overseer Edwin’s face quickly turned peaceful, as he hummed a song to himself. In reality, even with using any Qi at all, Jodye was more than capable of eliminating this man. Jodye could easily cut this man’s head off, but he didn’t want to do it so easily. This would not suit his dao of endless carnage.

His nine astral points roared to life, and his slaughter force galvanized as he raged at this man who had wanted to rob and kill him moments ago. His battle power skyrocketed to 145 BP, and the Baleful Glaive emitted a slight hum, as his battle power shot up again, reaching a startling 257 BP.

As this outrageously powerful combat strength erupted forth, Betty’s eyes went wide with shock as she covered her beautiful frame with a blanket behind Edwin. The Qi force momentum that suddenly roared to life from this little boy had pressure so much that she started to fall backward on her butt. Should could no longer stand under that atmosphere. However, before both cheeks touched the ground, Jodye’s arms swelled with strength as he aimed a vertical slash right at the overseer’s head, which instantly exploded upon impact!


“AAAHHHHH!” Betty screamed in horror and pain as she was covered in the bloody mess that used to be her only lover for the past year. However, this was only part of the reason she was screaming. The previous slash contained so much power that the remnant Qi smashed into her body and amputated the forearms she used to guard her face.

Jodye picked up a magic pouch from the bloody mess, before disappearing quicker than Betty’s now crimson vision could capture. Within moments dozens of footsteps were heard from the hallway before terrified screams resounded throughout the building. All the ladies and clients who witnessed this scene felt sick immediately, with some unable to hold in their disgust. It was just too gored, and the stench of blood lingered through the area along with the scent of death.

“Big sisters, what is going on! What happened to big sister Better?” said one of the girls.

“Who did this!” said another. Meanwhile, several girls just stared a the scene in a daze, with goofy smiles on their faces as they fondled themselves or whatever was near them.

“What the hell is going on here!” screamed one of the male clients.

“Killer! There’s a killer on the loose,” yelled another in totally veiled panic, “I demand a damn refund! MY safety is being compromised.”

“Sirs, please relax, we must contact our proprietress.”



Down on the first level, Megan Bruce was half jogging half walking in an attempt to keep up with the long legs of Proprietress Monica. Monica was the most appreciated creature in the building, and this was at all times. She didn’t look to be any older than 20-years-old. Dressed in plain raiments, the woman was still beautiful beyond measure. She had a perky behind and ample breasts. Her eyes were exceptionally stunning, far more gorgeous than the moon that shone its light through the dark windows of the brothel.

She was the most powerful woman in the building, as her cultivation had actually reached the expert level! Monica dual cultivated essence and energy, at the True Saint Realm and Earth Science Realm respectively. Her talent made her formidable among her peers.

“What on earth would possess you to bring in an outsider? Are you absolutely mad?” Monica was visibly upset as she spoke to this foster daughter of hers, “What will that lunatic Hemp do to you once he gets his hands on that kid, can you imagine? Do you have any idea how hard it has been to protect you up to this point? You’ve completely ruined everything.”

“Mother I…” Megan was feeling distraught, as her foster mother had never been so upset before.

“Oh, so now you know I’m your mother? Was I your mother when you got lured out of the house and conveniently ‘rescued’?” asked the proprietress, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “How can you be so naive.”

“…” Megan bit her lips but didn’t respond. Indeed, she too had thought this thought not too long ago. However, she no longer felt like that mysterious Mr. Jupiter was lying to her. In fact, she only felt depressed and guilty for asking him for help and then being suspicious once he did so.

“Another thing,” however, before Monica could continue her words she sensed a great energy fluctuation for what was an instant. However, seconds later she sensed a power that was more than twice as powerful as the other! This power was so great her entire body shook in fear. Monica stopped moving completely and both woman and little girl hard a loud collision of energy, followed by a terrifying scream. The first energy signal then completely disappeared as swift as it appeared. “My god… a top expert?”

Monica looked back at Megan who was rubbing her forehead, oblivious to what just happened. Monica tried to contain her trepidation mixed with excitement as she asked Megan about this matter again, as the first time she had been so horrified at the idea of Hemp Saver finding out that she didn’t focus on this mysterious boy much. “Did you say… that the expert who saved you was a brown-skinned boy around your age? How could this be… tell me everything from start to finish once again.”

Meanwhile, Jodye Trill carried his Baleful Glaive on his back as he tore through the building searching for the hidden path Megan had described previously. After searching around a bit, he bent the corner and actually saw Megan talking with a beautiful woman. This woman was far more attractive and also more powerful than the other women in the building. She also had a powerful spiritual sense, letting Jodye know she was also a master!

“This explains why her status is so special in the city, making her suitably able to protect Megan.” It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this woman was the proprietress Monica Simms. Jodye didn’t slow down, but instead, he sped up. Right at this moment, the Monica seemed to sense something and raised her head, locking eyes with the rapidly approaching Jodye. However, Jodye looked away and planned to continue past them.

“Young hero, wait!” As he was speeding past, Monica called out frantically, as she had not expected that this youngster wouldn’t even spare her more than a glance before moving on. This was something Monica had never experienced from a male. Seeing the boy stop, she hurried spoke again, “We are willing to cooperate! Please help us!”

Jodye Trill glanced back at them suspiciously as he pondered, before responding, “Where is the secret passageway? Why can’t I locate it at all? Is there an elite level expert hiding around here somewhere?”

“Passage…way?” Monica was confused before thinking a little deeper, “Ah, you have it wrong, little hero. The secret chamber these girls speak of is no more than a hidden room in the library.”

After hearing this, Jodye immediately cast his divine sense to cover the entire first floor. Once he located the library, he turned and started to walk in that direction. Monica and Megan swiftly followed behind him.

“I wonder what brings young hero Jupiter to our humble town?” asked Monica a little suspiciously. Although what these men under Hemp Saver were doing was inhumane and unjust, this was after all the South Ward.

The South Ward was famed all around the world for being one of the most terrifying voodoo states, it’s depravity only outstripped by the West Ward. This was because the South Ward still had the East Ward and the Land of the Gods on its borders, and the East Ward was known for its supreme saint halls, and the Khaba Institute of Magic. The righteous sects of the East Ward had long since declared eternal war against the evil in the West Ward, and they wouldn’t tolerate the South Ward either.

In Monica’s opinion, this young man must definitely be from the East Ward, otherwise, why would he poke his nose into their business?

“I’m just passing through,” responded Jodye Trill casually. He didn’t feel as if he had anything to hide from these allies who were weaker than himself. “I happened to require some treasure herbs, so I’ve been hunting for them. Who would have known that I would encounter that lass by your side being attacked the moment I arrived. I wasn’t going to just sit and watch. Furthermore, the Mayor of Little Oasis should collect taxes from the people, right? I bet he’s loaded.”

A greedy light flashed in Jodye’s eyes. What he needed the most right now were treasured herbs that would allow him to mend his soul. This way his cultivation to proceed smoothly and even his memory should return. Monica’s eye twitched when she heard this mischievous little bandit, but she was still grateful. After all, what was stopping him from robbing them instead and then escaping the city? He obviously just intended to defraud the mayor because the mayor was already a dead man to him.

“Indeed he is,” Monica said sweetly as she explained, “In fact, Mayor Saver has increased the taxes the merchants in town have to pay by 40%, and regular townsfolk have faced an increase of 25%. Anyone who doesn’t comply is murdered, and their wife and children were taken away. Hemp Saver has only been in power for two years, but no one dares to challenge him or try and shake his position. Almost everyone in the city is totally terrified by him.”

“But not you?” Jodye only asked essential questions.

“I am…special. These men wouldn’t dare to touch me. Merely, if I don’t submit obediently, then what will befall these girls once I’m gone?” Monica’s eyes lowered, and she bit her lip before continuing, “No one targets me directly, but the same cannot be said for my girls.”

“Why is it that no one targets you?” asked Jodye Trill slightly suspicious. “You’re only at the first rank of the True Saint Realm. Is it because of you being a master?”

Monica was startled that this child knew her cultivation level and that she was a master. How could he know all of these? She couldn’t even see through this child’s cultivation, it was almost as if Jodye didn’t have one at all. However, the gold lights in his eyes made it inevitable that he was a sage. The only explanation is that he was either a spy or that he was a master with more powerful senses than her own.

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Upon further thought, Monica realized it could only be the latter. She spoke candidly, “I am a poison master from the Land of the Gods. I’ve been here in the south with my mother since I was a little girl, but after she was murdered, I assumed her title and plan on slaughtering my way back to her burial site one day. I have many poisons coursing through my flesh. This is why they all look but don’t dare to touch.”

Jodye nodded and didn’t inquire further. If she was a poison master, then it was easily understandable. If these cowards attempted to deflower this particular rose, they would suffer from much worse then the thorns. As the trio entered the library, Jodye Trill noticed that his perception could not penetrate the secret room behind the bookshelf on the eastern wall, “Strong! What a powerful barrier.”

“Yes, originally my mother was the one who set it up. After she was killed it was in that room that I eventually hid until I was comfortable enough to exit,” admitted as her eyes seem to look past the bookshelf and deep into the past. In reality, she was observing the situation inside, as this barrier didn’t affect her at all thanks to her mother. However, right at this moment, her body trembled, “Hemp Saver is in there… but… oh god.”

Monica looked sick to her stomach. Jodye Trill glanced at her suspiciously. She straightened herself up before speaking, “This Mayor Saver… is obviously into men. Not only that the previous mayor seems to not be dead.”

“My dad’s alive?!” Megan got incredibly excited and anxious. She had never seen her father’s body, so she had trouble imagining that he was gone already. However, it turns out he was okay! In her excitement, Megan remained totally oblivious to her foster mother’s allusion.

However, Jodye was utterly cognizant of this. His face darkened as he withdrew his combat glaive from his back, “Open it.”

“You cannot harm my dad!” screamed Megan in a voice that was far too loud.

Jodye looked at her with pity in his eyes. Had she trusted him before, he just might consider her words. Unfortunately, she did no such thing. If the old mayor was under the influence of a charm potion, then Jodye was totally going to kill her father. Jodye believed that once the potion wore off, Ronald Bruce or almost any heterosexual man would probably kill himself once his memory returned. However, could Jodye take all the treasure for himself if this happened?

He wouldn’t risk his treasure.

“I’d rather not open it right now…” responded Monica honestly. “In addition to the mayor, there are two bodyguards with him. They have the same cultivation as me. Can you really handle such a lineup?”

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Jodye Trill let his astral points go active, and lowered his glaive to the striking position. The intensity of the pressure originating from his body instantly shot up to a level where Monica and Megan were both intimidated. Jodye glanced at Monica again without speaking. The latter nodded, and begin to chant obscure words that turned into spell runes and flew into the bookcase, causing the center section to fade away into nothing revealing a door.

The sounds heavy breathing and skin colliding was suddenly spread through the room, and Megan eyes finally widened in shock and horror. Afterward, a viciousness and rage that Jodye had never expected to see on her pretty face appeared. She closed her eyes and balled her fists as her body trembled.

“WHO?!” came the voice of a man from the other side of the door as the sounds stopped. “Mark, Vince, check it out!”

The door burst open, and two bald men with saber tattoos ran out with combat sabers in their hands. The sabers were surrounded in a brown atmosphere that added a sharp 3 feet to the blade length. Once they saw Monica, they appeared confused. However, once they saw the handsome brown-skinned young man holding a big and vicious glaive the man both grimaced prepared to attack.

“Vince take the right flank, I’ll go left,” said the Steve. Vince nodded, and they rushed forward from opposite sides in a pincer attack.

“Saint Class, 99 BP on the right, and 123 BP on the left,” Jodye identified the relative strength of his opponents rather easily. His force genesis tingled and his astral force fused with his serenity force as it poured into the Baleful Glaive. The weapon hummed lightly, and a blue serene ice blade encased the already sharp and deadly edge. Jodye leaped straight up and spun the glaive like a helicopter above his head and smashed down on his right with fierce momentum. The ice broke into hundreds of tiny ice crystal blades from the force and rushed forward!

It was full of killing intent!

“F***!” Vince’s face changed, and his figure instantly retreated. He covered himself in a barrier made of pure force and true essence to withstand the attack. This barrier had the thickness of one centimeter.

However, he had underestimated the strength of this attack.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

The powers surrounding his body shattered as the ice blades lacerated his flesh and riddle him withhold. Five of his vital organs had been sliced to pieces, and he coughed up blood before he collapsed backward dead. At the same time, immediately after his first attack, Jodye spun his body 360 degrees in mid-air, and the blade of his glaive crashed down as Steve returned with a slash of her saber.


The Baleful Glaive cut through the C-Grade combat saber like it was a hot stick of butter, there was no resistance at all! Jodye didn’t let up and split Steve at the waist as blood splattered. Monica and Megan retreated again and again as they watched this bloody scene unfold. Megan’s body was trembling in fear, but Monica’s eyes were shining with appreciation.

This kid was an animal!

“Stop right there! One more step and the Mayor dies!”

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