Book II – Bandit, Chapter 6 – Rescuing Damsels

Back in the small shack Wyven Chimes built, Jodye Trill sat on the wooden bed thinking back to the scene of the beautiful woman giving him a ring. As he thought about her appearance that looked as if she was dying he couldn’t help but notice a trace of malice that emerged deep in his heart. Initially, Jodye believed he was the soul of Jupiter Titan, trapped in this human shell. However, he was slowly coming to terms with the fact that this was probably incorrect.

“This complete memory transfer though… I can only be the fallen disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master. of the T’Zhane, and not the mighty T’Zhane myself? This simply doesn’t make sense. What is this exactly? Amnesia? So what truly happened to me, and who the hell am I? This Jodye?” Jodye Trill didn’t have any answers, only more questions. Thus, he decided to think less of it and consider himself Jodye for now, although he would still use the moniker, Jupiter. “The first thing I need to do is complete this physique. I will likely need some heavenly materials to make it happen, but there should be a few good herbs right?”

Jupiter Titan was an accomplished alchemist, so what he knew the best was to extract the essence from herbs. Even though he didn’t have a fire, or suitable cauldron to refine some pellets, he could at least mix up some elixirs and potions. Elder Blanc’s magic pouch had a space of about 3 cubic meters and was loosely organized. Compared to the other magic pouch Jodye recovered from Wyven chimes, it was half the size. Nonetheless, there were several rows of low-quality common spirit herbs and two rows of mid-low quality exotic herbs. There were also some weapons and other combat gear and technique manuals, and finally some emergency rations and potions and a map of the region!

Not to mention that he had so many herbs and unchecked stolen goods from his raid of the Chimes Estate. After all, this was a small saint land. There were a couple thousand people in the entire Chimes Estate, and most of their wealth had become his own.

Jodye Trill withdrew the map from the magic pouch and memorized it with his divine sense. This region was called the Fallen Star Region and was situated at the southern tip of the Pangaea Continent. Jodye was currently located at the southernmost point of this southernmost region, very close to the border separating this land from another. The closest major city was about 500 kilometers away. There was no way Jodye was going to be able to walk there in a short amount of time. So Jodye chose a more suitable location, a small town to the east.

“Sage…should I practice sage or saint style cultivation? For some reason, this body seems far more suited to the Titanic Rage Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi... Are heroes even capable of this? I’ll need to have a better understanding of this world if I plan on utilizing any of these herbs, experimenting would waste far too much time and resources,” Jodye Trill was terribly vexed and disappointed in this limited magic pouch. Indeed, his ring was abnormal in this land.

Was he the refugee son of some wealthy tycoon?

“If I ever was Jupiter, then I was a strong person in my that life, so I won’t be a weakling in this life. My past is gone, let bygones be bygones. Since I now occupy this body and mind, from now on, I am Jodye, but I am also Jupiter! Neither a heavenly slaughterer, nor a human, but a combination of the two. My family will be my fists, my enemies will be the stones laid down on my path!”

With glowing eyes, Jodye stood up and left this deserted shack. Following a random branch of stream out of the woods, Jodye ran swiftly through the open grasslands, towards the distant deserts in the northeast. On this regional map, Jodye inherited from the corpse of Elder Blanc, there was a red circle with an X marked down on a particular location. Above this, there was a massive pyramid next to a small pyramid drawn.

An ancient pyramid!

Jodye knew that whether it was the top star realms or the lower star realms, pyramids represented one thing.


Though the standard for strength was different depending on which end of the cosmos you were in, only the hegemonies of an era could claim the title of Pharaoh. This was the case all across the vast universe, even the ancient and mysterious Fey race had their own version of Pharaoh, the Sephiroth. Jodye knew that if this was indeed a deceased Pharaoh’s pyramid, then this represented an opportunity.

Lucky Chances!

On the road of cultivation, all experts needed a combination of supreme talent, diligence, and luck. Though it was the only factor that was almost totally independent of control, fate could be the most crucial factor of all! There isn’t a single one supreme character who didn’t have their own series of lucky chances!

Of course, where there was good luck, there would definitely be bad luck. Usually in the form of dangerous encounters. The ratio of this was basically 1,000:1 on a good day and 1,000,000:1 on average, indeed only with high risk came great opportunity. Jodye wasn’t sure how many people knew about the pyramid, but if a weakling like Elder Blanc had the information, it couldn’t be too rare. However, Jodye was still at the start of his journey, and he was sure to benefit from an adventure in an ancient pyramid. Pharaoh’s tombs were filled with all kinds of magical items and formations, mystical trials and rewards, dangerous traps and secret locations! Jodye’s blood was racing just thinking about it.

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Six weeks later, the afternoon sunlight glared down on a beautiful town full of white buildings made of origin stone. The streets were full of hundreds of townsfolk and merchants every day in this oasis town on the edge of the inner desert. Seated in the lotus position on the roof one of the taller building, sat a healthy-looking young man wearing white robes. He hands were held up towards the sun as his body glowed in a pale red.

“My slaughter force is already at the basic nascent level. It feels like my yang force is also at this level,” said Jodye Trill to himself as his body’s color slowly returned back to a caramel brown. “The sun’s force is perfect for baking my physique and stimulating my slaughter force. The physique of a negus is truly as outstanding as they say. Perhaps if I were a human or dark elf, I would simply not be able to cultivate the Titanic Rage Law.”

Jodye had been in this town for a few days already. He would often venture through the town, gaining more knowledge about the culture and state of this land. He already discovering many disturbing things. After his research, most days he only came to this roof and just absorbed the astral power from the sun, moon, and the stars. He felt his body growing more powerful. Unfortunately, he just didn’t remember how to use origin energy and couldn’t cultivate it. Or rather, he seemed utterly incapable of utilizing his origin energy at all!

“The only concepts I can use are those for Serenity Force, Calamity, and Slaughter Force. This is only because I have so many memories of how to fuse them with my astral force.” Jodye Trill pondered as he stood up and spread out his divine sense. Reflected in his mind was the interior of the building below him. This three-story building was an establishment set up by the mayor of the town, an expert level sage at the basic junior spirit rank of the Earth Science Realm. “This Little Oasis Town has been dirtied a bit, but it’s still within my realm of competence. Since I’m here, I may as well clean it up a bit.”

Jodye grabbed the edge of the roof and flipped over to the side of the building. He then shinnied down the building into an open window. Once inside he was greeted with the sight of an exotic looking girl twirling her hair in the mirror of her boudoir. It was a little girl who looked like she had just started stepping into adolescence. She appeared to be 12 or 13-years-old and was as pretty as a porcelain doll. Her white skin was soft and flawless, glowing with youth.

“Is he here yet, Megan?” asked Jodye Trill casually. This girl was named Megan Bruce, and she was the granddaughter of the previous mayor, Ronald Bruce.

The current mayor of Little Oasis Town, Hemp Saver, was a famous expert of the Voodoo Death laws, renowned for his dominating curse arts. He became the mayor of this town not by popular vote, but only by brutally murdering the previous mayor, and placing a curse on all the officials. His gang of goons mostly run rampant through the town, but a few of them were assigned to take over businesses. This brothel was one such business, and one of Mayor Hemp Saver’s goons was responsible for the day-to-day operations.

A week ago there was an uproar throughout the town, as young women kept going missing in the middle of the night. By the time these young women were located, they would already be working at this brothel. The moment Jodye caught wind of this, he immediately thought of Dessa Chimes’ ordeal. Thus, his indignation got the better of him, and he came to investigate. After rescuing Dessa, the magic pouch that Wyven Chimes had given him had a minimal amount of items within. Two jet black beads were radiating vicious death force that Jodye didn’t dare to investigate further. Other than this there were seven spherical potions bottles full of pink liquid.

Within, he was able to sense the aura of charm laws, “these charm potions are being mass produced in this Southern Ward, it’s a real epidemic of despondent behavior. Under the influence of the charm potion, the person who ingests it will be able to temporarily use a charm curse on those with weaker willpower. After five hours, the curse wipes out the memory of the last few hours before dissipating. It seems these women are under the influence of an even stronger grade of charm potion. The ones in my ring should be the D grade. Could they be using C or B Grade?

Jodye Trill had been staking out this building for a few days already, as his divine sense swept through every nook and cranny of the place. He witnessed dozens of erotic scenes, but none of this moved his heart. What Jodye noticed was that before entering one of the girl’s rooms, the customers would all ingest a potion that was outside of the door. He also saw how at night many of these women would be reduced to tears, only ghosts knew how they suffered.

“Damn Voodoo Priest bastards… I’ll definitely kill the mayor tonight,” thought Jodye inwardly. “Fear not little hero ladies. This mighty expert will not let you suffer in silence a single day longer.”

Jodye was in desperate need of rare materials and ingredients, as this was the only way he could reach the limit of the negus body in the first stage of his Titan Path cultivation method. He was currently at the ninth level Wimpy Man Realm, but the gap between the ninth and the tenth level was outrageous. His memories as a Titan were not able to help him complete this step either, as no Titan was capable of going past level seven.

What better way to gain for himself other than robbing others? This was a philosophy that seemed to originate from his soul itself.

Of course, Jupiter Titan was a very righteous man. As his orthodox disciple, Jodye wouldn’t walk a different path from this estranged master. He knew well the burden giving himself these memories would put on the T’Zhane’s soul, so he didn’t want to be a disappointment. Thus, he couldn’t just pillage and loot every hero town he came across. However, if he was putting down evil doers and then requisitioning their belongings, well that was only law enforcement. How could it be considered wrong?

“Yes, Betty said he entered the secret chamber an hour ago. Barbus is the only overseer here today, but Mr. Saver brought two guards with him that we don’t recognize.” Megan’s sweet voice was a bit shaky, and she was clearly anxious.

“What’s wrong?” asked Jodye Trill when he noticed this.

“Mr. Jupiter maybe… maybe you should just withdraw. Mr. Saver is at the Earth Science Realm! He can kill us all with no effort,” pleaded Megan Bruce with Jodye. Ever since the day the latter saved her from those goons in the alley that wanted to ruin her, she had taken this mysterious boy as her only real friend. He dropped down from the sky like a meteor and crushed the skulls of her attackers with his bare hands.

Afterward, he turned to her and said quietly, “Well met, girl. My name is Jupiter. Where do you live? Let’s get you home.”

Since then he’d stayed close to her, only leaving to eat, shop, or talk to people in the town. In her heart, she initially thought that the handsome boy had taken a liking to her, as her opinion of males couldn’t be any lower.

Every male she ever met had only wanted her for her body. Megan disdained men from the bottom of her heart because if not for the proprietress taking such great care of her she would have long since become some grown man’s little plaything. However, if not for the brown-skinned boy, she would have been naively lured to her doom. Thus, Megan wasn’t sure how to feel about Jodye. However, she didn’t want him to get hurt, or even worse, implicate herself and the proprietress.

“Do you believe that if Hemp Saver can kill you all with no effort, then it would only take me a small bit of effort to kill you all?” asked Jodye Trill indifferently. Megan Bruce was appalled and suddenly terrified. This boy was surely near her own age in appearance. Would he really be so strong? However, when she thought back to how he single-handedly destroyed those three goons who tried to snatch her up, she suddenly realized she had been a bit silly.

There was no way that this boy was weak just because they were similar in age! The fact that the temperature of the room increased a little whenever he dropped in was a testament to his powerful body, “Okay. The overseer is with Betty on the second floor.”

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“Which one is Betty?” asked Jodye Trill casually. It was apparent he hadn’t bothered to learn the names of these poor women, which caught Megan off guard. Most of the women of Little Brothel were glamorous, young, and beautiful. Men all over the town and even foreign visitors would drool over them and memorize their features, specialties, and names first. They always requested women by name after the initial visit. Megan had even seen many of the little boys who run past or play in the back alley reciting the names of the big sisters here.

However, this young boy didn’t seem to care for the big sisters at all. In fact, she swore she saw deep pity and anger in the eyes of Jodye Trill whenever they mentioned the matters of this place. Especially on the day when she told him that she knew the overseer was kidnapping beautiful women from lower tier families, whose families could do nothing once they finally found them.

That was the same day they made a plan to murder the Mayor.

“Go down the stairs, and Betty’s room is the third from the left,” said Megan in a far sweeter voice than before. Jodye started, as it seems this girl’s impenetrable fortress of indifference towards him had been rapidly waning in the last couple of days. However, instead of responding he immediately activated his mind’s eye and observed Betty’s room. There were wards in place to prevent spiritual sense from entering the rooms, but they were basically useless in front of Jodye’s second tier spirituality – divine sense. He was easily able to spy on the couple wrapped around each other in the room.

Just when he was about to take action, he noticed something interesting. The normal glazed and impassioned pink glow in these girls eyes was currently absent from Betty. What did this mean? It meant that she was not being controlled, and her passion for this man was genuine.

This was not a good thing.

In-between passionate grunts, Jodye heard the couple speak to each other. A beautiful chocolate woman with phoenix eyes and a magnificent physique was currently tangled around a man, “She… she got some boy… says he wants to kill you, ah! …not just you but Mr. Mayor as well.”

“Bwahaha, let him try bitch, I’m not afraid. Let me show you want your daddy will do to the brat when he comes!” said the tall and bald man with dark features, and a unibrow. In spite of the unibrow, he was pale and pretty like a dainty woman. “After I squash this best, there will be nothing Monica can do to stop me from playing with that little doll, Megan, hehe.”

Jodye Trill frowned and withdrew his divine sense. Looking over to Megan he asked plainly, “Do you know how to open the secret chamber?”

“I do n…” Megan shook her head vehemently and almost lied reflexively, as she could be whipped to death for knowing such a thing. However, she quickly realized she had overreacted, “I know it.”

“Good, find your proprietress Monica and leave it to me to go down there. Things are bound to get ugly, they know what you’ve done already,” replied Jodye Trill with a stoic expression, “Betty has fallen for the Overseer Edwin. She is totally in his palm. You were betrayed maybe from the moment you mentioned this to her.”

Megan paled and was immediately skeptical. Betty had cautioned her before that if this boy was trying to take advantage of her, then he might try to demonize the other sisters. Wasn’t this what was happening now? “You…you just leave now! Get out, get out, go now! I’m going to call the overseer if you don’t leave!”

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