Book II – Bandit, Chapter 5 – Calamity at the Chimes Estate

“Ahhh! Son of a bitch!” Ricky Chimes was enduring immense pain as he screamed. At least he wasn’t crying.

Jodye Trill looked at the Zeno whose eyes had spawned a river. His eyes suddenly dazed as he remembered a similar event from his past life as a spy. He sneered thinking, ‘Why talk big if you’re so easy to break? Little punk.’

However, immediately after this thought, he paused. Suddenly he felt as if his earlier conjectures might not be entirely accurate. Was he really Jupiter Titan? Or was he just confused?

Could this be… amnesia? Sometimes when a soul suffers from too much strain, it can cause fits of amnesia. Jodye was aware that his soul was slightly damaged since the moment he awakened his divine sense. Jupiter or not Jupiter? He wasn’t so sure of who he was anymore, but no longer felt like he was the famous titan reincarnated. Nonetheless, Jodye placed these thoughts aside for now. He had something he needed to do.

“Zeno, no! You!” Ricky chimes and the gang all looked angry but horrified. They stared at this young man with shock and trepidation in their eyes. Who expected this passerby to be so ruthless as to attack without warning?

“Who? Me? You still calling me out?” asked Jodye indifferently. Dessa saw that her Mr. Jupiter was still smiling as he spoke without blinking to Ricky and the gang, “You guys are into botany like the Zeno kid, yeah? I’m sure we can find some more trees.”

Hearing this, the boys behind Ricky all retreated a few steps subconsciously. They didn’t want to provoke this lunatic, they would let the little boss handle things. Jodye laughed boisterously at this scene, while Dessa couldn’t help but giggle. Some people, once boarding the ride, would just enjoy it until the end. Nonetheless, this caused Ricky’s face to alternate between shades of white, green, and red. The shame! The envy! The hate! A fire raged in his heart as Ricky shouted at Jodye, “Dumb fool, you dare assault the son of Desmon…!”



Ricky paused for three entire seconds after being smacked so hard that his face immediately swelled. In a rage, he spat out again, “Bastard! You think you can just…”



The other side of Ricky’s face swelled as well, making him look like a pig head. This even gave Dessa a hot and tingly feeling as she stared in excitement. What was a man? It was probably this! As if he couldn’t tell who was currently in power, Ricky berated Jodye once more through broken teeth, “Reckless fool! Just because you possess this bit of strength, you even maim the son of an elder for no good reason! You’ll be slain where you stand!”

“No good reason?” Jodye’s smile faded as his voice became chilly like an arctic wind.

Ricky got goosebumps and this time he hurriedly retreated back, just like his subordinates, before puffing his chest out and replying without looking Jodye in the eye, “You just wait until my father learns of this! We’ll see who’s laughing then! I will…”

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Jodye swiftly appeared in front of the gang and smacked Ricky once more on each cheek, the second slap sent him crashing into a nearby courtyard’s outer wall. Returning to Dessa’s side, Jodye spoke without haste, “Just as well, I was headed to see this asshole anyway. However, I find myself disappointed. With a son like you, how incredible could he be? I truly over thought this.”

Jodye was calm and indifferent as he continued walking to the large manor in front of them, no longer sparing these clowns a glance. His demeanor as the mighty Titan Jupiter was in full display, as he only had memories of this anyway. Dessa Chimes hurriedly followed his steps like a scared little kitten.

“Mr. Jupiter, you beat up the boss’ son and hurt elder Francis’ son. What if they get outraged?” Dessa asked with a worried expression. Thinking about how elder Francis whipped people during punishment, she couldn’t help but tear up in fear.

“Dessa, you are no longer a slave. Stop behaving like this,” Jodye Trill said with zero concern in his voice, as he glanced at Ricky’s gang picking up Zeno and running off in another direction. After a few dozen more steps, and the occasional knocking out of a servant or guard, Jodye quietly strolled in through the side doors of the manor’s main hall.

“Lord Desmond, have mercy! For Gaia’s sake, the girl is still your niece just as she is mine! Just because we live in a Voodoo state, it doesn’t mean we have to be so evil! Our clan has always stood on the orthodox path, not this vile path of villainy. How would your mother feel if she knew what you did to these women? Must you be so ruthless? How could a mere slave girl Dessa’s age slaughter two adult men and hide their corpses?” asked a familiar voice. Jodye raised a brow and raised his arm to stop Dessa. Swiftly covering her mouth to prevent her from making a sound, he listened intently. The duo then retreated stealthily into the shadows a nearby pillar.

In the main hall, there were five elders deep in discussion, surrounding a long table. One of these elders was clad in regular hemp clothing had his familiar back turned to the pair. This was surprisingly Wyven Chimes! In front of Wyven were three auburn haired men. The one in the center was mildly handsome and looked middle-aged, but well refined like a scholar. Whereas the two polished old men behind him had wrinkles and grays in their hairs and they were clearly older.

“She may have an iota of my humble blood, but she is not my kin. She is a mere slave, with no identity to speak of. You’ll do well to remember this,” Desmond Chimes played with the three-foot-long blade of the saber in his hands. “A slave runs off with two married field workers, and they both go missing? What exactly do I tell their wives then? It is the principle of the matter that we must consider, old man.”

“Wyven, surrender the child, and you will be able to return to the family. Perhaps in a few decades, you may even recover those old wounds,” said one of the old men next to Desmond Chimes.

“Elder Cheno, it would certainly be my honor to return but Dessa…”

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“The slave again? A damn retard. Boss, why must we deal with this old cripple Wyven? There is no need for this to be so difficult. The crafty old goat probably has the items himself,” said the old man beside elder Cheno. Wyven suddenly paled.

“Be still, Elder Blanc,” Desmond Chimes spoke slow and deliberate, “Tell me, Wyven, why should I not listen to my good friend here?”

“Sirs… my niece and I certainly have no such magic pouch,” anxiety was perspiring all on Wyven’s forehead. He suddenly had a great idea and knew exactly where to push the blame. He had hoped to avoid revealing this, but now he had no alternatives, “However, the strange boy I spoke of earlier displayed many startling capabilities. He calls himself Jupiter and his skin is brown like those heroes of the inner ward*, the Negus. As you know, the negus are famed for possessing magic nearly comparable to the white elves! If the sirs can’t find it then perhaps it is the boy who sneakily got rid of these two! He had what I suspect was a spatial artifact; Merely, it was a ring! I have not seen a magic pouch.”

Desmond Chimes and the two elders had bright eyes as Wyven came to the end of his sentence.

“A negus boy that could be from the inner wards, or maybe even the land of gods? A spatial ring and he was also stranded here alone? What a windfall! Why didn’t this senile fool say this in the first place?” Elder Blanc asked Desmond Chimes through a true essence sound transmission. By using true essence as a medium to carry his voice, no one but those he transmitted his voice too would be able to hear him.

“Spatial ring… you’re certain it was a spatial ring?” Elder Cheno asked Wyven.

“Grand elder, do you know of any other methods by where one could pull a set of clothes out of thin air? For this lowly one, it seemed to provide enough evidence,” Wyven Chimes was outwardly humble, although he inwardly knew that if this bastard Cheno Chimes did not deliver a sneak attack on him in the past then the winner between the two would have certainly been himself.

“Boss, it could be worth the risk,” Elder Blanc had excitement in his voice and gold lights swimming in his eyes.

‘A sage…’ thought Jodye from the shadows, ‘Two saints and a sage, none stronger than a mid-level True Saint I think. If that’s the case its not a problem…’


Suddenly the main doors flew open as a gang of young men came clattering into the room surrounded by guards.

“Father, you must seek justice for your son!” Screamed Ricky Chimes shamelessly as he knelt at his father’s side. Ricky’s arm was in a sling, and his face wore a wronged expression.

“Zeno! What happened to my boy!” Elder Cheno wanted to rush over but hesitated as he knew he could not just leave the Lord’s side without being pardoned.

“What is it, boy? Who is so bold as to dare and injure my son?” Asked Desmond Chimes imperiously, successfully masking the trepidation in his heart from the youngsters around him. He then waved his hand at Elder Cheno, who hurried went to examine his son. Of course, the three elders, and Jodye as well, could detect this slight emotional fluctuation as clear as day. Merely they didn’t find it strange. Whoever hurt the little boss Ricky Chimes clearly wasn’t putting the big boss Desmond Chimes in their eyes. Would such a person still be weak?

It was unlikely.

So although Desmond was enraged, he was also on full alert. Who could the enemy be? However, the gang of five or so boys behind Ricky all chose to speak up at the same time.

At this moment, the guard captain spoke up, “Reporting to Saint Lord Chimes, many of our guards have been injured by an unknown enemy! There is no trace of energy, and it appears to have been done by brute strength alone.”

“That rotten cat with red fur seduced a ringer!”

“A mere slave bitch dared to hire a monstrous assassin!”

“It was Dessa! She contracted the devil; she’s brought a calamity home!”

“That damn worthless slimy, ugly, ran through tramp had the audacity to corrupt an expert with her slutty…ah..ah…ACK”

To everyone’s shock before the last youth could finish his harsh words his eyes bulged and his head burst into a mess of blood and brain chunks. As his headless body collapsed to the ground, a five-feet-tall, lean, and muscular figure was revealed standing firmly behind. The figure’s bloodied knife-hand was still extended and dripping. Next to this boy was a beautiful girl with skin like a flawless pearl and flowing crimson hair. This was none other than Jodye Trill and Dessa Chimes!

“This one talks a bit too much, yeah? You boys mind your words. I will not tolerate anyone speaking of Dessa in such a manner again,” Jodye Trill’s voice was indifferent as he glanced at the surrounding crowd, “Once upon a time this was a scene you could only see among the terrifying voodoo priest cults. Isn’t this a saint land? Is this the way all heroes treat your women? Despicable. You all deserve death.”

There wasn’t a soul present who wasn’t looking at this boy in utter shock. So brazen? So arrogant? Who raised him?

“Teddy…” Ricky Chimes’ voice was quivering in shock and fear. Teddy was dead just like that? “Father you must destroy this madman!!”

However, Desmond Chimes reacted as if he hadn’t even heard his son. When little Theodore’s head exploded, Desmond sensed a ripple of battle power that wasn’t very different from his own. This young boy was an expert who could utilize battle force with his bare hands! Although he couldn’t yet be sure, one thing was already inevitable.

This boy was definitely not weak!

Poor Teddy, his death was destined to remain inconsequential.

“Young hero, may I know your distinguished name, and how you became acquainted with this lowly slave of mine?” Even though he was cautious, the family head Desmond Chimes wouldn’t back down or lower his stance too much. Dessa being his slave was purely a fact, it couldn’t be considered an insulting remark.

“You are unworthy of my mighty name.” Indeed, Jodye was unperturbed by this statement. However, he didn’t give his name simply because he was no longer certain what that name should be. “But know this; starting today, Dessa is already no longer your slave.”

“You are arrogant enough, little guy,” as Desmond Chimes spoke a brown pure force momentum begin to surround the blade of the combat saber in his hand. He approached until he was only 2 meters away from Jodye and Dessa, “I hope you don’t think I am afraid to teach you a lesson on behalf of your elders.”

“Pfft, teach me a lesson?” Jodye Trill laughed out loud, causing Desmond and company to grimace as they stared daggers into this arrogant child. His boisterous laughter was almost contagious. Infuriated, Desmond wasted no further words. His brown aura finally completely exploded around his saber as he cleaved down at Jodye! Only, at that instant, the smiling and laughing Jodye suddenly matched his glare as a blue light flashed from deep within his right pupil.

Serene Stare!

Due to the angle, the lord’s position prevented his two subordinates from seeing what happened! Desmond Chimes was pulled directly into an illusion, his pure force destabilizing immediately. Serene stare was a soul attack and was very difficult to detect without sufficient soul strength. The power around Desmond Chimes’ blade dissipated and he stood there tranquil and in a daze.

Jodye was a bit exhausted due to using up so much mental and spiritual strength but wasted no time as he shot out towards Desmond Chimes. His nine astral points became active as rage force radiated from his muscles. Circulating the Titanic Rage Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi.. in his hands, Jodye shot out two mighty palms which landed in the center Desmond’s chest. This was an abridged version of the Fist of Might that he remembered through integrating fully with the titan’s memories.

Mighty Palm!

From the crowd’s point of view the lord cleaved down and then his body froze mid-cleave. Then, to everyone’s shock and horror, big boss Desmond’s body exploded into meat chunks, and two large bloody palm marks on the polished floors. Due to the angle, the lord’s position prevented his two subordinates from seeing what happened. All they knew was their family head had just been murdered in cold blood. Instantly reduced to pieces of meat. The scariest part was that this was through pure strength!

Of course, what they didn’t know is that Desmond Chimes’ defenses were totally withdrawn the moment before impact. His body’s natural strength was actually exactly the same as Jodye Trill, 89 bp. Add on his pure force concept and combat skills and his strength would increase considerably. However, without those additional defenses, his strength was not enough to withstand Jodye’s Fist of Might, which poured the power of all his astral points into a single burst of strength!

“Boss…” Elder Cheno was shaken, as he retreated back a few steps.

“FATHER!!” Ricky Chimes was hysterical, running over to the blood stains on the ground. Jodye casually pried the combat saber out of Desmond Chimes’ still whole hand, and slowly approached Wyven Chimes. As Jodye passed by the weeping Ricky, he easily severed his head with the combat saber.

Seeing the approaching calamity, Elder Blanc finally woke up. An orange aura exploded from his body as the primary force phenomena formed 65 white light spheres above his head. A half corporeal but half ethereal white treasure sword appeared behind him as he shouted, “Stop! If you kill us all, you’ll surely be making an enemy of the White Serpent Cove! Surely, even sir wouldn’t want to do such a thing right?”

Jodye Trill did not stop, he slowly advanced forward. However, his interest was piqued. The goons and guards in the crowd all scattered as far away as they could, not daring to get in Jodye’s path. He glanced at Elder Blanc and stared him in the eyes while speaking, “White Serpent Cove? You look this young master in the eyes, and then tell me why I should fear your so-called ‘White Serpent Cove.'”

“Are you mad?” screamed Elder Blanc, but quickly changed his tone when he saw the boy increase his pace half a step. Elder Blanc didn’t dally and stared the young murderer in the eyes, “Young sir must be new here? They’re the number one Bronze Rank power in the entire Fallen Star region.”

Serene Stare!

As he finished speaking, the crowd watched in confusion as elder Blanc’s aura dissipated and he stood there silently, staring at Jodye. After his plot was successfully executed, Jodye took note of this ‘White Serpent Cove,’ and responded indifferently as he stopped next to Wyven, “A pity. I was thinking of gifting the estate to this worthless uncle of Dessa. However, since you dogs already have an owner, I can only slaughter.”

“Mr. Jupiter, please wait!” came a soft and timid voice. Jodye inwardly smiled as he had been waiting for this, but his expression remained frosted like 1,000-year-old ice. Dessa Chimes soon appeared at his side, pulling on his formerly white but now blood-drenched pants. “Please Mr. Jupiter, don’t kill anymore. I don’t want more people to die because of me.”

“Yes, little Jupiter, let this be the end. Please, enough of this…oomph,” Wyven Chimes’ tongue was just getting on a roll when Jodye backhand punched his face, knocking him stumbling a full meter back.

“You are unqualified to speak to this mighty sovereign,” said Jodye calmly before speaking to Dessa in an equally stern but far more gentle tone, “Dessa, let us be clear about what has happened here. You told me that these people murdered your father and then raped your mother before killing her too. All of this you witnessed yourself. This was not the end, however. No, because then they crippled your uncle and forced you into slavery. You’ve lived every day of your life being used and abused. Violated openly and in secret. Suffering a fate worse than death itself. No woman alive should have to suffer as you have. Yet somehow, you grew up to be so pure in spite of this hellacious environment. Now you tell me, should the ones responsible for this have life…or death?”

Dessa Chimes’ face experienced a myriad of changes in a short instant. There were fierce expressions of shock, anger, sadness, and mirth until finally settling on cold indifference. Dessa Chimes directly looked away, as if none of this had anything to do with her any longer. She spoke only a single sentence to Jodye.

“They all deserve death.”

“Indeed,” as Jodye spoke out he used the Fist Of Might in his right hand as he sent the saber in his hand flying through Elder Blanc’s throat. Blanc’s head rolled to the feet of some servant girls who screamed, some of them fainted while some were sick because of all the gore and mess. However, others shook, like something had just snapped inside of them, their eyes becoming radiant.

Dessa’s body also shook and produced a cracking sound like a metal chain being broken. Her azure eyes shined brightly, and her pale skin suddenly became vibrant. The slave curse seal inside of her had just disintegrated! It would take a sage proficient in cursing to create a slave curse seal, and it seemed to Jodye that all the slave seals were planted by this former Elder Blanc. When Blanc died, it broke the curse!

Behind them, Elder Cheno grabbed his son and fled with all his might! This kid seemed sturdy, but not tough to such a degree! Elder Cheno wasn’t sure what was going on, but he wouldn’t risk his life to find out. He had to report this to the White Serpent Cove headquarters!

Using his divine sense, Jodye was more than aware of the cowardly elder’s actions. Merely, he had no intention of pursuing this elder. The current outcome was falling in line with his best case scenario. Even though Jodye could slaughter these fools through the use of a little trickery, if they were given the time to analyze his tricks then he might be the one that was done for. He couldn’t win in a head-on fight against three people at his level. Even if he could escape safely, he had to consider Dessa’s safety as well. If she was captured or hurt, then what was the point of all of this?

After retrieving the saber and taking a magic pouch from Elder Blanc’s decapitated body, Jodye had Dessa point out every man or woman who had ever violated her, eliminating them without mercy. Blood painted the walls and fields of the Chimes Estate, forming little streams of blood carrying the force of death. If no Saint powerhouse purified this area soon, Jodye knew it would become a land of fiends.

Unfortunately, he was far too weak to do anything about this.

Dessa felt as if her heart was becoming increasingly cold with every death. However, a strange sense of satisfaction was growing in the depths of her soul, like a tiny ember that created sparks until becoming a small flame.

On a small hill outside the estate, Jodye Trill stood in elegant blue robes overlooking the setting sun. Behind them, there were the sounds of panicked screams, and squealing magic alarm formations coming from the slightly damaged estate grounds. The herb fields were pillaged and barren, while a few of the buildings had holes or broken walls. Wyven and Dessa stood silently behind this crazy young man, whom they had only known for a few days, experiencing totally different feelings.

He had single-handedly crushed everything in the Estate, taking all the valuables and wealth collected for more than 300 years by their forebearers.

Wyven Chimes was despondent. He knew from the boy’s earlier treatment of him that he had been seen through thoroughly. This maniac Jupiter could flip on him at any moment! Plus, would his niece be any more than a slave to such a being? She wasn’t free she had only changed owners! Plus, if White Serpent Cove somehow found out that he had ‘it’…

Wyven shivered as he didn’t want to think about it. He shouldn’t even know about it.

Dessa Chimes, on the other hand, felt as if she was still in a dream. A handsome boy had fallen out of the sky in a mass of green and black flames and rescued her from a gruesome fate. Later, this same boy had stormed into her master’s estate and brought her back out in a trail of blood. She was now, without a doubt, a free woman. The shackles on her soul had been torn down, and she could suddenly feel a strength she had never felt before swelling within her.

Dessa suddenly smiled most beautifully, as tears streaked down her eyes, distracting the thoughts of Wyven and even Jodye Trill. The latter came over and gently wiped away her tears and then held her face by her big cheeks as he encouraged her, “Listen Dessa. From now on you’re a free woman. No one can tell you what to do, no one can tell you who to be. This is the most I can do for you. Thank you for what you have done for me. If we are fated to meet again, I truly look forward to that day.”

Turning to Wyven Chimes, Jodye’s eyes became emotionless and his voice chilly, “The magic pouch you’ve been hiding in your drawers. Wash it in the stream and give it to me, you dirty f***.”

Wyven was startled, as his face instantly paled. However, as if an idea had struck him, he quickly nodded while running off, “Yes, yes, young hero, of course.”

Jodye Trill observed every action of Wyven Chimes with his divine sense, as he didn’t trust the man at all. Dessa Chimes was still in a horrified daze due to Jodye’s previous words. When she suddenly came too, she asked, “Mr. Jupiter are you…truly leaving? Just like that?”

Dessa found it challenging to imagine parting with Mr. Jupiter at this point. In fact, she believed he would take her as a slave, and she wasn’t opposed to this in the slightest. Jupiter would be a much better master. She had finally found a pillar of support, and now the roof seemed to be on the verge of collapse again.

“Truly. My journey is one that will take me to the peak of this world and beyond. I can not be bothered to slow my pace,” replied Jodye Trill indifferently. He had to find a town to set up shop, and fully understand this world and this body. Things didn’t seem to be quite as simple as he initially thought. If you can call mysteriously dying and then reincarnating as an entirely different race simple, that is. However, now he was almost sure that he was not Jupiter Titan, nor had he ever been. Instead, he had inherited the mighty Jupiter’s wealth of knowledge. This officially made him the disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master. of the ancient titan.

What happened to his master? Was he still alive? Furthermore, what happened to himself? These were the things Jodye needed to know. He needed to discover who he was, and he would never be able to do that by staying here. He spoke to Dessa gently, “If you wish to come along well… the choice is yours. However, I will not spoil you, you must learn to defend yourself.”

Luckily the old coot didn’t play around and honestly handed on the magic pouch that had fallen off the two goons who gotten dragged into the spatial storm. Jodye ruthlessly removed Wyven’s mental imprint and replaced it with his own, causing Wyven to cough out blood.

Checking the contents of the magic pouch, Jodye frowned before placing it into his space ring. Oddly enough, at that moment, he seemed to notice on the middle finger of his left hand was the word ‘Rah’ written in an ancient divine script. Suddenly a hazy memory surfaced in Jodye’s mind. There was a terrifyingly beautiful woman in a dark space full of cuts and wounds. With cloudy eyes, like those of someone dying, her lips formed the words ‘Jo’ and ‘Dee”, and then ‘I love you.’

When Jodye Trill came too, tears were running down his cheek, which he touched in shock. What had just happened? Jodye wiped his eyes and shook his head. He turned his head back and shot a smile at the confused Dessa Chimes.

“See ya around, kiddo.”

With that, Jodye turned around and dashed into the woods.

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