Book II – Bandit, Chapter 4 – Want to fight?

Jupiter didn’t waste any time and instantly activated his mind’s eye technique. The world 100 meters around him suddenly became clear as day! Every object, herb, and even most insects were reflected within his mind. It was like his spiritual sense had evolved into an aerial video drone with an excellent overview, and also zoom functionality. When he concentrated and reduced the range to within 10 meters of himself, even the dust particles in the air became clear as day. Not only that, the most exciting part was that by utilizing spirit source he was able to make his divine sense tangible.

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He could touch things with his spiritual and mental power fused!

Now he could interact with even the physical plane with his divine sense! This also meant his control in the ethereal plane was worlds better! Also, his divine sense took far less energy to maintain since he was now using divine spirit source in combination with his own naturally produced soul power. As long as he didn’t try to make this invisible energy tangible, he would basically not have to worry about running out of soul power when using the mind’s eye. Of course, using unique soul related abilities would use his source power quickly.

“It seems that due to the efforts of this body’s original owner, I ascended directly to the intermediate level of the first stage of the Cosmic Vision Scripture, the serene sight stage! I owe him my thanks,” observed the Jodye Trill who was oblivious to the fact that he was thanking himself. “The first stage of the Cosmic Vision Scripture is about refining the soul with the energy of the third heavenly layer, Divine Source. Or in other words soul cultivation!”

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The Cosmic Vision Scripture in his inherited memories was a soul cultivation method, but it could be said to have been tailor-made for the heavenly slaughter race members. However, no one knew this for sure as only the patriarch of the Titan clan would have access to this soul cultivation method. Members of this race cultivated their bodies by refining their spiritual energy passageways with astral might. As a result, their soul cultivation was doomed to be inferior. However, the Cosmic Vision Scripture changed that!

“The eyes contain a myriad of tiny spiritual passageways, over 80% of the body’s total. By fusing divine spirit source into the eyes, these passageways are tempered to feed energy directly into the soul. It’s even to the extent that my soul power would be far more potent than when using the spiritual pathways in the rest of my body. This is quite the magical process, whoever created this soul cultivation method was indeed a genius.” Not even Jupiter himself was aware of who created this method.

“Converting spirit into the divine, the basic level of the serene sight stage! Storing spirit source in the right eye, the intermediate level of the serene sight stage!” thought Jupiter silently, “With this, it should be possible as long as I comprehend serenity force again…hm?”

After upgrading his diving sense, Jupiter noticed that in his mind there were four dark blurs, that look like little thought bubbles.

“No way you’re shitting me… force concepts? But I don’t understand…” realistically, even if the previous soul had comprehended the concept, they should have disappeared along with his soul right? Jupiter couldn’t understand how he had these concepts hidden in his mind, but he slowly started to realize something. Investigating these concept shadows, he recognized two of them were vaguely familiar in the aura. Choosing one randomly, he was already sinking his perception within. He received a skull-splitting pain, which he gritted his teeth and faced stoically.

This couldn’t compare to burning alive in the torturous flames of Mt. Lithia in his homeworld. This pain faded after a while of enduring. In his mind he was suddenly on a mountain peak, surrounded by white, pink, and blue colored snow. If one were to glance down from the edge, they would see a mountain going down endlessly. On the other hand, surrounding the mountain was absolutely nothing! Total dark stillness as far as the eye could see.

Suddenly, a name came instinctively to Jupiter’s mind as he spoke it aloud, “Eternal Stillness, the Everest! Nascent serenity concept! Lucky indeed.”

With a nascent serenity fragment in his origin pool and the concept to galvanize its force, he was able to use the soul attack, Serene Stare! Serene stare was an illusion attack that made the victim fall into a peaceful dream, where they’re tricked into totally withdrawing their defenses. If this was the case, defeating a mid-rank True Saint realm expert was no longer an issue. However, to those at the top of the True Saint realm, he could still do absolutely nothing.

Jupiter opened his eyes and stood to stretch his body. Night had already settled in, and bright stars colored the sky. Spreading his feet open, his toes touched the ground as his heels lifted, raising his hands high above his head. He then tilted his head up and circulated the titanic rage law in his small body. The moonlight seemed to shine down on him like a spotlight, enveloping the child’s body. Dessa, who was still sitting quietly next to Jodye, had her eyes brighten as she marveled at the scene of Mr. Jupiter continuing to practice in this bizarre position for hours.

The boy maintained this posture, inhaling spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth into his body, letting moonlight and starlight flow along his mental and astral passageways respectively. He looked serene and adorable under the round moon in the sky.

Time slowly passed.

As the sun peeked its head out from behind the trees, Jupiter finally lowered his palms. He breathed out a mouthful of foul air as his eyes opened once again to reveal sapphire blue eyes that seemed to have a sharp golden glint deep within. Staring at the morning sun, it was unknown what Jupiter was thinking about. Then, in front of the waking Dessa’s drowsy eyes, he removed his clothes and dove into the lake in one fluid motion, as if it had been practiced hundreds of times, swimming around as he cleaned himself off.

Dessa Chimes had a red face as she stood up and turned away in panic, “Mr. Jupiter, this lowly slave will return to the estate now that you’re awake. There is no need to worry for me, I will absolutely not let you put yourself in danger for my sake. I shouldn’t be punished too harshly as they find me…very pretty.

There were extreme disgust and resentment in her voice towards the end of her statement. Jupiter got out of the lake and dried off, then wore his clothes again. He reached the front of Dessa, who was 10 meters away already, in two steps. He lightly grabbed her arm and said, “Little Dessa, wait.”

“Mr. Jupiter, please do not stop me! You can not imagine how cruel they are.”

“Stop you? You are mistaken, I have not come to stop you from going. I believe it is indeed time for you to return. Did the mighty I not say that I would be sure to solve your issues in less than ten days? Hmph. Well, today is the day. Come, I am quite hungry anyway.” Jupiter confidently led the way as he marched forward.

Dessa was shocked. Didn’t he initially say ten days? It had only been three!! A struggling look appeared on her face that was alternating between a flattered smile and a painful grimace. In the end, she decided to hurry and catch up to this boy who was obviously an expert. She grabbed his arm and planted her heels, but instead of stopping she ended up getting dragged forward, no struggle involved. However, she didn’t give up as she pleaded, “Mr. Jupiter, please reconsider this. It is far too dangerous you must not.”

Jupiter stopped abruptly, causing the girl to crash into his back. When Jodye heard her words, he turned back and smiled gently, squeezing Dessa’s dimpled cheeks before saying, “You don’t need to worry. Let’s go.”

Dessa Chimes rubbed her sore cheek, feeling hopeless. She pouted then spoke with a sulk, “Mr. Jupiter don’t tease me! How can you be so hateful? You have to listen.”

However, after speaking, she felt her cheeks being pinched once more, followed by a burst of boisterous laughter as Jupiter dashed forward towards the estate at the edge of the woods.

“Mr. Jupiter? Don’t run, stop! Ugh, wait for me!”

The duo ran through the trees and hills until they returned to the herb fields situated between the estate and the forest hills, joking and laughing the whole way. Dessa was enjoying her time with her savior, nearly forgetting her anxious feelings.


After seeing him desperately training for days on end, not even eating or drinking just for a chance to help herself, she had decided that once Mr. Jupiter woke up, she would convince him to just leave her to her fate. Her uncle had told her that this boy was clearly a genius, but even he didn’t understand the energy that was being cultivated. Dessa didn’t want to see such a good seed ruined because of herself!

Unfortunately, her plan failed miserably, and she totally lost the pace of the conversation. Even worse, her uncle had yet to return from the estate so he couldn’t be counted on to hold the boy down for her! Of course, Dessa didn’t know that even if her uncle still had his True Saint cultivation base, he would still not be able to hold Mr. Jupiter down. Much less so now that his injuries had lowered his realm.

There was nothing someone with the power of a Fledgling Saint could do to Jodye Trill.

Perhaps if she knew this, she wouldn’t feel so nervous. Of course, Jodye, or rather Mr. Jupiter, was unconcerned with her anxiety. He knew she would soon be a free woman, living her life like as if it were made of gold. This was something he would take for her on his own.

As they walked through the fields, the two youths drew a lot of attention from the workers and slaves surrounding the grounds. Dessa grew more and more nervous with every step they took but discovered that Mr. Jupiter’s face remained utterly indifferent as he marched towards the most significant manor in the center of the estate. However, as the duo neared 20 meters away from the building, a well dressed young man that looked to be the same age as Dessa was followed by a small gang of other young men in plain clothes as they came storming over towards them.

“Oh no, oh no, its Ricky, the little boss!” Seeing the local tyrant Ricardo Oswald Chimes walking in their direction, Dessa hid behind Jupiter.

Jupiter stood still, his expression indifferent to the approaching posse. Ricky Chimes stopped and stood in front of them, the condescending look in his eyes unhidden as he stared at Dessa Chimes as if Jupiter was only dust in the air.

“Wench! You dare come back after shirking your duty for several days? Stupid bitch, you’ll get your weight in lashes today,” Ricky tried to snatch Dessa by her hair from around the negus brat in front of him. Although this boy was clearly from that elusive sub-race, Ricky wouldn’t put someone in the company of his slave in his eyes. However, his arm was suddenly caught by in mid-air. When he tried to pull back, it wouldn’t budge at all. Ricky’s eyes flashed with contempt as he berated Jupiter, “You insignificant welp! You may have played with my slave bitch for a few days, but I was willing to ignore you for now. Hmph, to think you can’t seem to tell good from bad! Remove your arm from me this instant or suffer the worst fate!”

Jodye Trill smiled brilliantly without removing his hold. To Dessa, this smile was like the sun illuminating a dark night sky. However, to the posse of boys in front of them, this smile looked sinister and purely evil. The rage of the mighty Jupiter had been secretly building since the moment he saw Dessa cower behind him like she had seen the boogieman. His nine astral points were already engaged as battle force momentum slowly begin to build around his fist.

There was definite bloodlust coloring those deep blue eyes as he retorted, “I’m sorry, there is no slave of yours here. What else was that you were saying? Could it be that you want to fight?”

The youngest son of a Chimes family elder named Zeno Chimes was profoundly displeased as he opened his mouth to reprimand this punk negus in front of them, “Dumb negus bitch! Remove you filthy paws or else…ah!”




Before Zeno could finish his sentence, an anguished cry escaped his mouth. A pitiful wail was heard at the same instant as cracking sounds. This was the sound of Jodye Trill breaking Ricky Chimes’ arm in three places before kicking Zeno Chimes in the gut. Since he was truly angered, this kick was definitely not light at all. Zeno flew out and crashed through a small tree, tumbling through the dirt for several meters before coming to a stop. He was clutching his stomach with bulging eyes, as he threw up a mess of blood and guts. Zeno felt as if all of his internal organs were on the verge of rupturing.

He looked incomparably pathetic and ugly to the max as he laid in his own waste, weeping with a face full of snot and tears.

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