Book II – Bandit, Chapter 3 – Spirit Source, Divine Sense

“Uhm… right. So then, Mr. Mighty, how exactly will you become the savior of this world again?” Asked Wyven sarcastically. Who did this brat think he was, a Pharaoh? Surely not even Pharaohs were arrogant to such a degree, right?

“This…” Jupiter was slightly taken aback. In spite of his raging confidence, he honestly had no way of doing this currently. This would have to be done step by step. Dismissing the old man, he walked over to stand directly in front of Dessa Chimes. His little brother was inadvertently swaggering in her face, which was now so red it looked as if blood would soon leak from her pores. Wyven jumped to his feet in caution.

Oblivious to her embarrassment, and Wyven’s aggressive reaction, Jupiter bowed deeply in front of Dessa, speaking solemnly, “It appears I owe you a great favor. Not just anyone who found me unconscious would have been so nice as to aid in my recovery. For your pure heart and selfless actions, I owe you a favor worth a lifetime!”

Dessa’s nose bled a bit, and she was on the verge of passing out. While it was true she had seen these parts on a man before, and Jodye’s young body wasn’t so impressive, she still found this whole thing somehow too exhilarating.

“Young man, I may not know where you are from, but on this planet, you are far too indecent!” Wyven Chimes stood protectively in front of his niece upon noticing her condition. Until this moment he had believed her purity to be steam in the wind. She was a mere slave, after all, what could he do about this matter? However, her current actions were clearly that of one inexperienced in the dao of lust. In Wyven’s opinion, there was only one reasonable explanation for this, and it filled the old man’s heart with rage.

Oblivious to the old man’s thoughts, Jupiter glanced down at himself while awkwardly scratching his nose, “My apologies. I am not certain where my clothes have gone. At any rate, I am a child. Aren’t you the ones who are a little too indecent here?”

Both the old man and the young girl were shocked. This was the second time this boy had said this. Could it really be true?

One had to know that great Sages who broke through to the Void Door would be able to retain the appearance they had when they first reached that level. Not only that, this Jupiter behaved as if he was a grown man!

“Are you certain that is your true age? Besides, do you not have more clothes?” asked the old man, motioning at the ring on Jodye’s finger with his eyes. This ring had a small and unique black gemstone covered in space runes. Wyven had never seen any spatial artifact like this! A covetous glint secretly flashed in his eyes.

If he had the chance, Wyven would certainly snatch that ring.

Merely, who was Jodye Trill to give him such a chance? Even if his memory was currently jacked up, would the mighty Jupiter be unable to see the greed in this man’s eyes? However, he paid no heed to this as he had indeed not realized he was wearing a spatial artifact. He was instantly distracted! This spatial artifact was quite the decent one at that! Sinking his perception into the ring, Jupiter was inwardly shocked by what he found! He couldn’t help but be speechless.

The ring was divided into five square cubbies separated by barriers of spatial force. In the first square, there was almost every type of article necessary for living. There were even some pieces of equipment here and there. The only thing missing was a bed! On the second cubby, there was a big bookshelf, with seemingly every kind of book. There was also what seemed to be a mid-sized cultivation platform! The third square cubby had various spirit materials and some spiritual herbs and ores. Besides, there were still two empty squares, and these five squares added together gave 80 cubic meters of space!

Since the current Jodye was entirely in sync with the memories he inherited from Jupiter, he found this to be rather extravagant. Usually, in the lower realms, the common spatial artifacts had only 3 or 4 cubic meters of space inside them. Even the highest ranking spatial objects would definitely have less than 10 cubic meters of space inside of them. Or had the lower realms become so advanced these days?

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“Five mid-grade origin stones, two superior-grade serenity crystals, not bad,” Thought Jupiter to himself. He took pairs of white pants and black boots out of the space ring and wore them, totally neglecting the need for a shirt. “That glaive looks rather impressive as well. Hmm, I should make it a point to investigate this ring soon.”

In Wyven’s view, this little brown-skinned boy was indeed behaving like an innocent tyke. He started to silently believe what the boy had been saying about his age. If this was the case, maybe he could handle this boy after all. How strong could a five-year-old be? No matter where he was from, Wyven thought it would be impossible for this kid to have more experience than him at the wee age of five, even if he was an alien.

Of course, Wyven didn’t know that he was only half right. Even if one were to combine both of his lives, Jodye indeed had less experience then Wyven, but not less strength. Not to mention that with his mind now perfectly synced with the ancient Titan’s memories, their levels of experience couldn’t be compared.

Looking at the old man and young lady again Jupiter smiled and slightly bent his body towards Dessa once more, “Proper introductions should be in order, yes? My name is Jupiter.”

“Well met, Jupiter boy.” Wyven spoke in a haughty manner, “I am Wyven Marcellis Chimes, and this is my niece Dessa Priscilla Chimes. When you crash landed, she bravely hid you away from the prying eyes of others, and escorted from the fields to the west all the down here to my home.”

When Wyven saw how shocked Jupiter looked he felt he had successfully taken the first step in winning over this foreigners gratitude and service. Maybe he could even find a chance to snatch that ring…of course, when remembered that terrifying pale gold light that eroded his soul force he lost a bit of confidence. ‘What in Gaea was that crazy force anyway?’

Unfortunately, to Wyven’s shock and disappointment, Jodye casually responded, “I say, old man, you mean you actually LIVE here in this dump? This is hardly even a shack, it’s merely a room! There’s just a door, four walls, this cot, and a bench. Can you even stretch in here? Don’t you s*** outside? No wonder she is in rags, so your Chimes family is actually this destitute. This is unacceptable for the savior of the young I. Come Dessa, we must find you a better home.”

As Jupiter finished speaking, he confidently strolled out of the door. Stepping outside he was greeted with the smell of fresh flowers and spring water. Surrounding the shack was what appeared to be the edge of a vast forest, in a clearing with a small lake. The sun was shining down through the trees, giving everything a vibrant green glow. Jupiter opened his arms and basked in the sunlight. The yang force radiating from it was drawn into his body as he silently circulated the Titanic Rage Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi.. converting the yang forces directly into astral force. It was quite a relaxing view. Turning his head back he called out, “At least the view is decent.”

After Jupiter walked out, Dessa giggled at the dumb look on her uncle’s face and ran out after him, “Young master, where did you want to go?

The handsome boy stopped walking and glanced at Dessa, who also stayed. Raising a brow, he said, “I owe you a great favor Dessa, don’t be so distant. You may simply call me Jupiter, there is no need to be so polite.”

However, Dessa shook her head vehemently, “No! Young master has saved this lowly slave from a world without light! A nightmare that threatened to never end, until yesterday when you fell through the skies and banished them into the darkness. In exchange, I almost dared to profane your body. This lowly slave was simply repaying the young master’s divine favor!”

Jupiter was stunned. This harlot dared profane the sacred temple that was his body?! She had indeed sinned significantly, this couldn’t just be overlooked right? However, since she admitted it so openly, Jupiter felt he could forgive her this time. He suddenly realized that he hadn’t honestly gotten any information on the current state of things.

He swiftly concluded that he must still be a bit muddleheaded. What was going on here, exactly? After thinking for a moment, he said, “So…wait. Dessa, I need you to tell me everything that happened that night.”

After listening to Dessa reiterate the previous night’s experiences, Jupiter only felt extreme pity for her. This innocent field girl had been prayed upon by these two creeps for only god knows how long. He knew the truth about what methods they were employing against the girl. The mighty Jupiter had long been famed as the most talented alchemist to appear in the clan in five centuries. He was a B class Divine Alchemist by the age of 250!

For the heavenly slaughter race, this was the equivalent to a 25 years old human mortal. Therefore although he was aware of what kind of dastardly potion they were ingesting, he knew that the power it granted them was glamour! Glamour force was the divine energy produced by Charm Laws. It had many utilities, including hypnotism and mind manipulation! Merely, Jupiter could not think of any ingredients that would provide the level of charm laws necessary to create an evil potion capable of letting those who ingest it use a low-level glamour curse. He couldn’t help but think that heroes were indeed the most despicable race next to the devil race to be capable of such a science.

“Did your uncle not say that this estate belongs to the Chimes Family? Are you not surnamed Chimes? How is it that you came to be a slave?” This was the part the Jupiter couldn’t understand.

“Well, young master, er…Mr. Jupiter,” Dessa Chimes quickly changed her manner of address once he saw a sharp golden light flashed across this Mr. Jupiter’s royal blue eyes, that looked clear as gemstones, “Mr. Jupiter this slave was born into slavery. My uncle says that my mother was once a favored concubine of the old boss. However, my uncle on my father’s side plotted against the old boss, and he was killed on an expedition. Uncle Wyven is certain it was the boss that did it. My mother was then forced into slavery by the boss’s wife, in spite of her being pregnant with me. They even forced her to be a pleasure girl.”

“So you mean, you were originally supposed to be the young miss of this estate? Instead, you are a mere slave?” Dessa’s voice was so indifferent, Jodye would’ve thought she was speaking about someone else’s life if he came into the story late. ‘What a hard life for this little hero girl. Truly tragic,” thought Jupiter silently.

“That is what my uncle has told this lowly one, young mas…Mr. Jupiter. However, before I met uncle Dessa was always a slave,” said Dessa Chimes as if things could only be this way. “Uncle says our original family name is Barong, but we were the outcasts of the Barong Family.”

“Hey old man, how long you plan on listening from behind the wall?” Jupiter suddenly asked the open doorway of the shack a few meters away.

“cough cough, Ahem,” this startled Wyven Chimes, who had indeed been secretly eavesdropping, as he cleared his throat. His face was a little pink as he stepped out of the shack, “I was merely straightening the room. Hmm, but yes this is indeed our situation. As you can see, we receive no advantage from the Chimes Family anymore. In fact, Dessa will likely have to remain behind now, they will surely punish her if she turns up now. There’s also the two missing field workers who were last seen near Dessa. Someone will have to be held responsible, and Dessa is a mere slave in their eyes…”

“Despicable hero trash. Tell me, how strong is the boss of this estate?” asked Jupiter imperiously. He had already investigated the current state of this body and discovered it was actually heaven-defying! Not only had he reached the peak of the Wimpy Man realm, but he had also surpassed it! What kind of concept was this? Not only that but after probing his body, he knew two more spiritual points had yet to have been remodeled with astral might. There was still room to grow! He also noticed his fully mapped origin veins and origin pool.

‘How scary…we must definitely suppress this hero race one day,’ thought Jupiter to himself. It was a wonder what Jodye would feel if he knew that he was insulting his own race, and he wasn’t ‘Jupiter’ at all.

“The boss? Desmond Chimes is the Big Boss of the Chimes Family Estate, and he has allied us with a dark house. He has a True Saint realm cultivation base,” explained Wyven Chimes. Wyven couldn’t imagine why the boy would even have such concerns as to how strong the lord was. What did it matter to a foreign child?

“A True Saint huh? This means that the worst case scenario is that his strength could reach a max of 500 bp. That may be a bit of a problem,” although Jupiter Titan didn’t know much about the hero race in his early life, he had at least heard many strength comparisons between the different races.

A perfected True Saint was the equivalent to a warrior in the middle of the Puny Mortal realm of the Titanic Rage Law. As the inheritor of these memories, Jodye did not currently possess such strength. In spite of being more powerful then anyone else at the top of the Wimpy Man realm, he did not have the power required to challenge the next realm, much less the middling levels of the next realm.


Wyven Chimes spat on the ground, before berating Jodye, “You do not even have any force fluctuations coming from you. Are you a sage? Are you even a saint? How could you possibly know how scary the big boss is.”

Jodye paid absolutely no attention to the ranting old man, as he silently mused on what his next move should be. Upon noticing this Wyven grew even more irate, continuing to fuss about how intimidating Desmond Chimes, the big boss, was.

“This man is a beast! He reached the Perfected Essence Formation rank of the True Saint realm before the age of 150! That’s a lot better then Dessa’s father. You can’t imagine how horrible his strength his. The aura of his minor pure force concept, on top of his cultivation base, would crush you into a pulp!

Wyven was shocked to see the boy with a completely dull look as he listened.

None of this mattered to Jupiter, he was only concerned about Dessa who had helped him. Besides, Perfected Essence Formation rank? That was the lower rank of the True Saint realm. Jupiter no longer felt so pressured. Honestly, one could argue that Dessa and himself no longer have any debts with each other. However, he also knew it remained true that Dessa saved him and helped nurse him back to health. How could the mighty Jupiter allow his savior to stay in slavery? What kind of man would he be if he did? What type of dao would he establish as such a coward?

Unfortunately, he knew the most that he could handle right now was a True Saint of the lower ranks. Unless of course, he was able to utilize soul force. Unfortunately, this required Jupiter being able to store the divine spirit source in his body.

“Hm? This is…” Jupiter was using his Mind’s Eye technique to examine his right eye and was pleased to discover it was already partially refined. A little more and his and soul will be able to utilize the powers of the divine spirit source! His spiritual force would become a divine source, and his host spirit would be able to transform into a divine host. This would be the beginning of his soul’s cultivation! After thinking to here, Jupiter sat down next to the lake in lotus position as he mumbled to himself, “If it’s like this then I can possibly save Dessa from slavery in a week.”

Jupiter revealed a warm smile as he looked up at Dessa in her azure eyes and said, “I will never allow you to remain a slave. Sit tight for a few days, I must cultivate my mind to understand our situation better. At that time, we will go back together!”

“Mr. Jupiter…” Dessa was at a loss for words. No one had ever spoken to her so gently, with a voice full of concern and confidence. She felt safe for the first time in her life as she stared dazedly into the sapphire eyes of this youth. For some reason, she believed his seemingly outrageous words. She sat down closed to Jodye and chose her words carefully, “Mr. Jupiter are you really… are you really only five years old?”

“Mn, this should be the case,” Jupiter scratched his nose, a bit embarrassed. Should he say that he had hundreds of years of experiences from a life that was not this one? Of course, he knew better than to be that blunt and honest. There was no benefit and only the potential for harm. “Ten days. No more than that, just sit tight.”

“Oh,” said Dessa Chimes playing with her crimson hair that hung down her back. She said nothing else as she stared into the lake silently, trying not to disturb this unfathomable existence next to herself.

Jupiter ignored everything else and closed his eyes, activating mind’s eye. Without wasting time, he used his spiritual sense to detect the spiritual energies in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, Jupiter couldn’t currently remember the reason why only half of one eye had been refined previously, so there was a lack of preparation. As he lured a strand of spirit source towards his right eye he had a surge of deja vu, before dozens of strands of spirit source suddenly drilled into his eye, rocking him like a sledgehammer to the face.

“HURGH!” Jupiter let a painful and heavy grunt but didn’t continue to make any sound. He just sat there allowing the spirit source to impact him as it surged crazily into his eye. It was uncertain why this strange occurrence was happening, and he had now realized it wasn’t the first time. However, how could this level of pain deter the mighty Jupiter? Jodye endured this torturous feeling with a grimaced face as many hours passed, without pause. Sweat poured out from his pores as he desperately refined the spirit source energies in his eye.

Black blood tears were running in a line down his right eye. Wyven Chimes would often leave to check on news within the estate grounds but was always shocked when he returned and found the boy in the same exact posture, with his niece tending too him by wiping his sweat. There were dozens of uneaten fruits and bread pieces scattered around the two kids. Had the boy seriously not ate in 2 days? Could he indeed be an expert? No mortal could remain so calm in such a condition. Plus could regular mortals access the space within a spatial artifact?

Wyven knew he had underestimated this foreigner. Luckily, he hadn’t been rash before.


Suddenly the sound of shattered glass came from his eyes, and source energies rushed into his consciousness making the handsome chocolate boy fall briefly into ecstasy. This feeling was better than anything he had ever felt in his life, it was warm, tingly, and made his mind feel like it was sparkling. Unexpectedly, at this moment Jupiter heard the voice of a young boy in his head. The sound was distant like it was someone calling out from the top of a mountain to someone at the bottom.

“Temp…host!…Jodye, can… you hear me?… Wake up!! …I knew I should’ve been…the…”

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Jupiter was baffled by this occurrence but it, vanished quicker then it appeared, along with the unusual sensation of his spirit being baptized by source energies. Jupiter had no idea how much time had passed, but he figured it should be less than his initial estimate. At any rate, he had successfully entered the first stage of the Cosmic Vision Scripture!

His spiritual sense had reached an entirely new level, transforming into divine sense!

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