Book II – Bandit, Chapter 2 – The advent of Jupiter, the forgetful star!

Meanwhile, in Jodye Trill’s head…

“Idiots, dumbasses, foolish mutts, ah!” Xavier Tricko was highly stressed. Inside Jodye Trill’s host space, the scenery of everything was cracked like a broken mirror. Small pieces kept falling off into the void, with Xavier unaware of whether they could ever be recovered. “Does this mean that Jodye’s consciousness is in danger of being completely shattered? S***! What am I supposed to do now that Sly’s knocked out too?”

Because of Jodye’s recklessness, the evil madman Basalt had managed to use some kind of soul curse on Jodye! At that moment, the consciousness of Jodye Trill was dispersed and had yet to gather again! Xavier knew this was also due to Sylvester making the rash decision to force his powers which far exceeded Jodye’s realm at the moment they were almost doomed for good. As a result, he paid an equally colossal price to finish teleportation! If it weren’t for the protection of the nirvana flames, Jodye’s body would have long since been ripped to pieces in the chaotic streams of space.

Unfortunately, now Sylvester had already been forced to return to the heavenly grimoire, and said grimoire was cracked like everything else! However, the young pup knew he had to keep a cool head at this time. Xavier was the only thing in the entire host space that wasn’t on the verge of collapse, and he had no idea how long this place would last now that the sky fall flame had disappeared! Xavier knew that time was of the essence, he had to do something and fast! Merely, with the host soul dispersed, what could be done? He wasn’t even sure if ‘Jodye Trill’ was still alive.

“S***, s***, s***! I should’ve known it would always fall back on me. Time for my destiny. The true host of souls has arrived!” Xavier spoke big, but actually had no confidence in resolving this matter whatsoever. He spoke gently to himself as he tried not to panic.

“Come on X, think, think,” Xavier tapped his head as he pondered on the best solution. After about a minute he sighed heavily, “I guess I can only force it, like Sly. Merely, I don’t have near enough compatibility to pull this off safely. Ugh… however, if I hold back, we’ll all die for sure. Tsk, as the true host of the souls I, suppose this is my duty.”

Xavier’s body emits a pale gold glow that rapidly expanded and covered Jodye’s entire body. However, right as Xavier was about to assume control over Jodye’s body, he felt some sort of resistance come out of nowhere. A wave of the dragon might spread through Jodye’s body, utterly startling Xavier who was ready to risk it all. The cracked space begin to rapidly heal itself, as everything vanished and images of T’Zhane’s memories started playing at a rapid pace, endlessly in a loop. However, every time it played it would be a bit longer than before.

“Talk about dodging a bullet,” sighed Xavier after a long while, as he quoted one of his favorite lines from Jodye. However, his face changed as he came to a terrible recognition. His link with the heavenly grimoire, the [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire], had been severed! He couldn’t feel any soul fluctuations from his brother, the egg, or even Jodye! “What has happened? Oh boy, this is bad, this is bad. Is it because of this film roll that’s stuck on repeat?”

Xavier could do nothing as he floated through the vast memories of the ancient Titan, Jupiter the T’Zhane.


Outside of the host space, Jodye’s body was laying under a blanket on an old mat on the floor of a tiny wooden shack. This shack sat next to a lake, a stream of which led back to the herb fields. Beside the mat was an old man in hemp clothing with liver spots all over his bald head, and a beautiful red-haired girl in rags.

“This boy’s blood vitality is amazing! He must be either a young sage or saint. Probably a mixed blood from a prestigious family as well. He’s obviously negus. However, his consciousness is in shambles, and there is significant damage done to his soul. Dessa, you say this child fell out of a crack in the sky? What does that even mean? Don’t embarrass your mother in heaven by lying to this old uncle, you may tell me anything,” the old man was holding Jodye’s wrist as he examined the boy’s condition with true essence. Turning his head, he demanded a response from the red-haired girl.

“It’s true, Uncle Wyven, I saw it myself. The sky broke, and then this boy crash-landed like a meteor!” This red-haired girl was named Dessa Chimes, and she was a field girl of the Chimes family. Dessa was basically a slave and had been that since her birth. She knew only of this kind of life.

The old man next to her was her only relative in the world and was once an expert at the peak of the Saint realm, the Great Saint Wyven Chimes. He was also the one who taught Dessa her name and heritage. However, because he had injuries from a terrible battle, he was powerless to change Dessa’s fate. When the girl recovered her sanity last night and remembered that this unconscious boy was her savior, she immediate dragged his heavy body to the stream nearby. She then threw him in the water as she jumped in behind him, and they floated to the lake, before arriving next to this shack where her uncle lived.

“Fine, my girl, fine. You go back to the manor before the sun rises in the sky, or I’m sure there will be trouble. I’d rather not have to risk my life to take you away, today, don’t start too much trouble,” Wyven Chimes waved Dessa off while reassuring her, “Do not worry, he will still be alive when you come to visit tomorrow night. He will not die that easily, with such powerful lifeblood. Not to mention I just fed him a B grade soul recovery pill. This is his reward from me for saving your life. It is enough…hm?”

Jodye’s body suddenly emitted a pale gold glow for an instant, before it was rapidly withdrawn within his body again. To Wyven Chimes utter terror he felt nearly half of his soul force get instantly eroded by the light! Though Wyven was shocked, his face remained unperturbed as he withdrew all his soul force and the true essence that carried it, releasing the child…

Dessa Chimes was oblivious to this as she curtsied deeply in her rags, “Thank you, uncle. Take care of yourself, okay? I’ll take my leave now.”

“I shall walk with you half of the way. It’s best that we mask your aura so no one can track us here.” Wyven Chimes slowly stood up and grabbed his nearby cane, wanting to temporarily distance himself from this strange child. The slightly nefarious thoughts he had previously were immediately canceled. Dessa and himself then left the shack.

At this moment, Jodye’s eyes begin to flicker like they were about to open. As he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was a beautiful young face, with a head full of long crimson hair, “Ugh…excuse me elegant young miss. Where is this? Where are we right now?”

Dessa Chimes was petrified in place. She never thought that when she came back to look for her field badge, she would be met with the awakened face of her mysterious savior. His sapphire blue eyes threatened to capture her soul and never return it, giving her a full pause as her mind went blank.

“Uh…Uhm…we’re…ah!” a few moments later Dessa suddenly screamed while turning and darting outside the open door, “Uncle~~~! Uncle, he’s awake, he’s awake!”

Jodye watched the girl run away speechlessly, “…”

Once the girl came back in again, she was following behind an ugly and bald old man. “Ah, young man your recovery speed has certainly impressed this old man! Tell me, how did you get here to this backwater place?”

“I am unaware. Tell me something, old hero,” said Jodye Trill, his voice full of majesty and volume.

‘What a loud talker,’ thought Dessa.

“Please tell this old man what you wish to know?” Wyven remained vigilant, even though the one he spoke with was just a boy. This boy was a negus, his background shouldn’t be dull.

“Where… are we?” asked Jodye Trill.

“You mean here? This is Mercy Forest, next to the Chimes Estate,” responded Wyven Chimes.

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“No. As in, do you know what level of Life Star is this? The energy here is so thin and pathetic.” said Jodye, his eyes roaming the walls of the room as if he could see through the walls and into the wilderness. He then looked down at himself before continuing, “Also, if could you possibly tell me something else as well… Who am I?”

The old man and young girl glanced at each other in complete confusion. What life star level? What thin and pathetic energy? It wasn’t until this moment that Wyven Chimes completely believed his niece’s story about this boy falling from the sky like an asteroid! This must be a being from the outer world!

The old man, Wyven, excitedly replied, “Young master, we do not have the pleasure of knowing your esteemed name. My little niece here found you after you crash landed on our planet, Gaea. Can you not remember anything?”

“Crash… landed? No that cannot be right. This is clearly the body of a hero born no more than five years ago…” Jodye Trill muttered to himself, turning his head away without responding as he stared at the wall. Dessa and her uncle looked at each other once more, before simultaneously sitting cross-legged before this mysterious alien.

Jodye, on the other hand, was totally unconcerned with their actions. He had a splitting headache, and his memory was densely foggy. The only thing he could remember with clarity: the tear-filled sapphire eyes of a woman who held a little girl while bound by curse seals. He couldn’t piece together the many fragments of this hero boy’s life, but he was able to fully remember what could only be his past life!

He knew this must be his past life because he remembered everything with such clarity! It was like watching a movie. He knew this was a technique he had created himself in the past, to provide himself with his own experiences in the event of soul damage! This ability was called the heavenly vision transfer! Although he knew that this ability could also be used to implant his memories on to someone else, why on earth would he bother to do that? In his past life, he was from a glorious and ancient land called the Heavenly Slaughter Star! In that life, he was the son of the Patriarch of the Ancient Titan clan, Rameses Titan.

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Jupiter Titan!

Only his memory stopped after 300 years. He was aware that he lived far longer than this.

‘This is probably the first level seal, as I have no memory of my demise! I wonder who could have slain the mighty I? It must have been a hero, for me to reincarnate as one. I can only hope that it is just I who has fallen, and the clan itself is okay,’ thought Jodye.

“Sir, could it be that you have amnesia? Can you not remember even your own name?” asked Dessa Chimes in a sweetly gentle but timid voice.

Unknown to herself, Dessa was actually entirely correct. Due to his fragmented memories, in combination with the presence of his inherited memories which remained fully intact, Jodye Trill had already misled himself to believe that he was somehow a reincarnated T’Zhane! He didn’t remember his own life or even his name! However, in a bout of pure luck, the imprint that T’Zhane had left for him prevented his soul flame from being snuffed out! After all, how could a mere Basalt compare with the mighty Titan? Merely, T’Zhane himself had probably never imagined such a situation would occur.

However, even with this protection, if it weren’t for his dragon soul, he would have surely collapsed!

‘Hmm, this hero boy had likely been killed, allowing my remnant soul to take over. Perhaps before I was merely this boy’s combat soul. Hmph, at least that means I should be able to practice the Titanic Rage Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi.. in this puny hero body,’ thought Jodye.

After a quick sweep of his body with his spiritual sense, Jodye was pleasantly surprised.

Since he didn’t remember the name of this hero boy, he might as well use his old name, Jupiter! He would let his legacy shine through another race in another world! He would subjugate every Hero in existence and submit them to the Heavenly Slaughter race. He would likely then be able to reclaim his hegemonic status, despite being a hero now!

Jodye Trill suddenly stood up straight and proud, the blanket sliding off and revealing his naked body. Dessa’s face turned red, as she covered her eyes with her hand and hurriedly turned away. Merely, she also parted her fingers to peak anyway.

“I had indeed forgotten. However, I remember it clearly now. My mission here is to save your world from destruction! I am this world’s destined savior and the only hope of its glory. I am the mighty hero Jupiter Titan!”

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