Book II – Bandit, Chapter 1 – Crisis averted? To wish upon a fallen star!

— The Chaotic Space Basin

Deep within the eighth layer of the sky, there was a zone that was the source of all spatial laws. If the laws of space were likened to a chain, this zone would be where every single chain met up, before entangling themselves and leaving through the other side. This chaotic space was full of unstable forces powerful enough slice a moon into fragmented particles and beautiful seven-colored light that cascaded and radiated in a mysterious natural formation. It was indeed as beautiful as it was deadly.

At this moment in this lifeless hell zone, there was a boy-sized green flame covered meteor slowly floating along like a rowboat. Within those intense green flames was a cocoon of black fire. No one who saw this would be able to recognize this as anything other than a meteor. However, inside the envelope of flames, wrapped securely, was a brown-skinned young man whose body was continually being cooked and slowly recovering.

“How long can we do this Sly?” Xavier Tricko was completely panicked in the Host Space, he had been here for at least two months while Sylvester sat on Jodye’s head on the host seat. However, Jodye’s eyes were shut entirely, he was like a statue. The two of them were shrouded in green and black flames that nearly blocked them from view. “He can’t withstand the nirvana flame forever and we can’t afford to turn does the heat.”

“My Sky Fall Flame43Sky Fall Flamethe nirvanic flame of Sylvester Tricko, inherited from his mother who is an Infinity Black Phoenix. This nirvana flame has perfect yin and yang harmony and is fused with Sylvester's soul. is the only thing keeping us alive,” Sylvester Tricko was utterly exhausted. If the nirvana flame weren’t one with his soul, he would have no way to maintain this output. Luckily, since his soul was bound to the [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire], he was able to pull in the chaotic forces surrounding them bit by bit to maintain this usage.

However, his spirit was nearing its limit.

“The only way for us to escape this is for the boy to awaken!” said Sylvester through gritted teeth. “As long as he is unconscious, I cannot guide the teleportation.”

Previously, during the incident at the Trilleck Villa, Basalt Congo invaded with his dark forces started a massacre. The vicious army of fiends murdered people in droves. In fact, Sylvester knew that these people were not only killed by the fiends, but they were surely defiled repeatedly. This was a fiend’s nature, after all. In the act of what Sylvester could only describe as well acted heroism, the kid’s father seems to have taken a fatal blow. His dying words to his son, this main soul Joseph Goldwolf, were to take care of his mother.

How drab.

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There was no way to take care of himself, yet this buffoon tells his mighty heir to protect the woman already in captivity? Isn’t this telling them to throw their lives away? Did he think Jodye would be better off sliced to pieces rather than ending up in that voodoo priest’s hands?

“This can be considered mercy,” Sylvester was convinced his conjecture was accurate. He didn’t buy this Osiris Trilleck’s heroic act for a second. Something was suspicious. However, what could one achieve by throwing themselves on a sword?


“Well, less of that…” Sylvester Tricko chose to think about this later. Due to Jodye’s stupidity, Sylvester was forced to seize control of Jodye’s body in the final moments, or Basalt would have gutted them like so many fish. He over-drafted their soul force by using his lifeblood powers to initiate a teleport spell. However, the backlash was swifter and harsher than Sylvester imagined. He was unable to finish the spell. Of course, the alternative was uncertain death, and inevitable torture, so this didn’t seem so bad by comparison.

Two more months passed.

Although he was deep roasting Joseph’s body severely due to his nirvana flames protection, he also couldn’t help but do so. If he relented, they would be torn to shreds. The boy’s body wasn’t strong enough to handle this. However, as if he was an immortal phoenix, the flames would not melt him totally. At one point he was nearly a skeleton, and even Sylvester had to second guess his decision. However, with time his heart started to pump insanely vigorous lifeforce, and his flesh slowly regenerated. This startled the two princes, and neither of them could understand the reason.

“Is it…nirvana? Or is he… self-healing?” Xavier Tricko asked in total puzzlement.

“The nirvana flame is in both offensive and defensive mode running at my full capacity. I can not spare any focus into regeneration as it consumes far too much energy. More than either of these combined.” Sylvester was ruminating, “No… I believe it is Jodye’s soul that is activating the healing properties of the flames already in his flesh on is own and converting it into lifeforce as it passed through his heart.”

“Trippy,” said Xavier in awe.

“I’m sorry?” Sylvester had never heard his younger brother speak in this manner.

“It’s what Jodye says whenever he learns something unexpected,” Xavier shrugged.

“Ah.” Sylvester seemed to realize that this was true, “Then it is trippy, indeed.”

“How long can you keep this up?”

“Six hours,” responded Sylvester indifferently.

“What?!” Xavier felt like he was going to go crazy. How was this bastard so calm? “What are we going to do?”

“Sigh…” Sylvester looked down at the statue like 20-year old in the throne below him, “Perhaps, it is up to fate.”

— Pangaea, South Ward.

An evening glow shined auburn from behind the clouds as the world became mild and dim. The South Ward of Pangaea was a dangerous and nearly lawless territory full of bandit lords, and pirate kings. Voodoo Priests were the Pharaoh of this land. It was one of the two Voodoo States that made Pangaea so infamous throughout the nations.

In a secluded region surrounded by forests and valleys, there was a patch of land that covered nearly 40 kilometers. Hundreds of farm animals roosted as hundreds of more slaves worked late into the night. Three silhouettes could be seen in the southeast corner of the herb fields of the small estate.

“Silly little slave, this time we’re going to have a perfect time,” said a middle-aged, ugly, heavyset man in plain clothes. The unkempt appearance of his hands and clothes showed that he worked in the fields.

“Mister Tenmen no, you can’t, I belong to the boss…he’ll not be satisfied if I were to tell,” came the soft a timid voice of a stunning red-haired girl dressed in rags. This girl was five feet tall looked to be 14 or 15. She had her back against a tree with terror and disgust in her big lake-like azure eyes.

“Shut up, bitch! Tell, tell what? Did you tell any other time? Haha, do you even remember the other times? Besides, what are you but a pretty field girl that the little boss likes to play with! Marco quick, do the thing!” The ugly heavy set man, Tenmen, used the back of his hand to tap the lanky, dark-skinned man next to him. This man had the appearance of a 30-year-old with excessively crooked teeth and looked ruthless and dumb.

The red-haired girl in rags looked up at the auburn sky and saw a shooting star. The old maid use to tell her stories about magical creatures of the stars who grant wishes to those with significant destinies on their shoulders. All they would have to do and wish on a shooting star. Even though she knew this was a story for children, she closed her eyes and desperately made a wish.

“Dis wan hurt uh bit luv. Chin up,” Marco chugged down a spherical bottle full of swirling liquid that sparkled like it was full of glitter. The fluid had swirls of green, white, and pink. Marco forcibly grabbed the girl’s chin, and his eyes emitted a very soft whitish pink light. The girl struggled with her eyes tightly shut, but Tenmen punched her in the gut. This punch made her poor eyes uncontrollably pop open.

“NO! I..uhn…” unable to tear her eyes away from that whitish pink glow the red-haired girl tried to struggle in vain before her eyes glazed over, and she released a radiant but dazed smile, gently caressing Marco’s ugly face in her hand.

“It worked Ten! It worked, it worked! Hot s***, I should be a magey or sumn,” the lanky Marco jumped and hopped around like a child.

“Yeah, that guy definitely has the goods, hehe. Okay fool, lets play scissors, paper, rock! I want the first round with her,” Tenmen rolled up his sleeves and walked out like he was about to face a great opponent.

“Oh yeah! Let’s go!” Marco was giddy as he dropped the red-haired girl’s chin and turned to step out. The girl simply swayed a bit and stood there with a dumb look on her face.

However, on the inside, she had in fact always partially retained consciousness. It felt like she was trapped in a black space watching herself pleasure these animals. After all was said and done, once the evil spell finally wore off she would be totally unable to speak of any of this! This was the curse power of the white light. Whenever she tried, it literally felt like she was dying!

Her life force would be forcibly corroded. This pain was severe, so she had long since fallen into despair. However, she was a mere slave, what could she do? In spite of her threats, she was totally helpless, as she watched these two idiots gamble with each other over her sanity.

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“HA! Da champion is me again. Das how it is, dun be too sour Ten,” Marco spoke in his broken grammar while jumping up and down, and even did a backflip in excitement.

“Ah, whatever, now that we’re plugged in with that goon from White Serpent Cove we can get as many of these Cursed Lover potions as we need. There’s no rush at all,” Though he said that, Tenmen was somewhat vexed that this big oaf was always so lucky at the paper, scissors, rock.

“Hey here’s an idea buddy. Let’s go in at the same time! Huh, huh? Buddy?…what in Gaea,” when Tenmen turned back around to look at his companion he saw him suspended in a mid-backflip, his tongue flopping goofy smile still stuck on his face.

There were spatial fluctuations that were growing more apparent and more chaotic.

“Ah s***, Marco get out of that thing!” Tenmen ran forward and tried to grab Marco arm to drag him down.

Usually, Tenmen would have long since run away like the true coward he is! However, he had just remembered that Marco was the one with the goods! He may be a retard, but his parents were well off! That was why Marco had a spatial artifact. Why should Tenmen carry anything if he had this oaf to lug it all around? Even all the spirit herbs they had stolen, ahem! The excess resources he had requisitioned were all inside that magic pouch tied on this dummy’s arm!

However, unexpected by Tenmen, as soon as he managed to snatch the magic pouch, the spatial fluctuations rapidly became powerfully chaotic. Tenmen was knocked into the air by a shockwave of spatial force, and then he too was frozen in space a mere two meters away from Marco before he could even panic. In front of the tree, the red-haired girl just stared at all of this in a daze, and she dropped down to sit on her bum. That long crimson hair swaying as she hummed a song.

The void above to two suspended fools suddenly cracked like glass as they were sucked into the endlessly dark chaotic space of the vacuum. At the same time, an explosion of green and black fired landed on the grassy area directly in front of the girl. After a few seconds the spatial fluctuations begin to fade away, and then the void suddenly healed itself in nearly an instant.

“Pretty, pretty fire,” said the red-haired girl like a sweet little girl. She was staring at the green and black flames which were actually growing ever smaller until they revealed a naked boy with a bald head and flawlessly smooth skin. He was curled in fetal position, but after the flames disappeared his muscular body seemed to stretch out instinctively. The red-haired girl covered her mouth and exclaimed, “Pretty, pretty boy!”

The sun seemed to have finished its journey to the other side of the world as the dark of night slowly swept over everything in sight. The red-haired girl’s body heats up as she felt uncontrollably aroused. She felt like she was about to explode if she didn’t have someone inside her, it was maddening. As a result, she incomprehensibly removed all of her clothes and laid on the top of the naked bald boy who was about her own height. It was as if she was driven by instinct to move toward him. Upon coming into contact with him, she realized that the boy’s body was somehow ice cold. This was in spite of the vibrant blood apparent in his muscles and veins. This imperturbable coolness somehow soothed the red-haired girl hot body, and she quickly calmed down.

“Hmm, comfy, more comfortable,” the red-haired girl slowly fell asleep on this strange boy in this lonely corner of the herb field. The two people who were most likely to witness this scene at this hour had disappeared in the chaotic space of the void, certainly torn to shreds in an instant.

Hours passed…

Eight hours later, the red-haired girl woke up in a daze. She felt dizzy, and the world was spinning. After resting with her eyes closed until her memory returned as she usually did, she realized she didn’t have any soul cleansing to venture today. She also noticed the familiar but unfamiliar feeling of herself pressed against a man’s body. She jolted up in horror, her growing flower buds bouncing and waving. When she saw the handsome sleeping boy totally naked under her, she questioned herself for a moment.

What was this now?

She quickly scrambled off the boy and grabbed the rags she considered her outfit, draping them back over her shoulder. She was about to run back to the manor and pray no one had noticed her absence! However, after a couple of steps, she stopped and held her head. This was the part she hated the most. After finally regaining control of her body, hazy memories of the incidents that took place would flood her mind. However, as she processed these memories, she grew more and more shocked!

Startled, the red-haired girl whipped her head back at the naked boy on the ground. She noticed that indeed there was no longer any vegetation for about 6 meters around him. All the grasses and herbs within 4-6 meters away from him, and perhaps even the insects, had been incinerated. However, everything within three meters of himself was frozen solid in blue ice.

“Who…is he?”

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