Book I – Legend, Finale – The night that the Sky Fell

— Trilleck Villa, Event Hall

Osiris Trilleck was dressed in the House battle armor, red and white caped armor with a black crescent moon crest on the shoulder. The cape represented a specific realm of strength, whereas the black crescent moon represented the House Lord, but they were both the same color.

Lord Osiris was standing with his hands behind his back on a balcony overlooking the entire Villa. His face was stoic and emotionless, and there was a formless pressure coming from his body. The two elders with him had to leave the balcony to re-enter the building due to the weight of this pressure. It was truly overbearing! They had felt like their bones were beginning to creak.


Suddenly, right before the two elder’s eyes, a shadow walked out of the Lord’s own shadow before a tall butler appeared. He had waist length dreads that were long and white and had little silver bells tied to the end. In fact, the elder’s only noticed the man due to the presence of these bells.

“Urgent update from elder Fontaine, my lord,” said Ke Si handing over a golden wolf head token to Osiris Trilleck.

House Lord Osiris injected his true essence into the token, and his stoic face changed to one of shock and worry, “How could this be…did he deploy a second team that even the first didn’t expect? How can this plan be elaborate to such a degree?”

“My lord, at this rate we may lose our only chance to…hm? Oh!” Ke Si stopped mid-sentence let out a startled shout. He just noticed four shadows rapidly approaching his own Shadow Avatar. Two seconds later, Jodye Trill walked out of his father’s shadow with his mother in his embrace. Lord Osiris was absolutely dumbfounded. Not 30 seconds after he received the report about a missing Isis, she was emerging from his own shadow, successfully rescued by his son.

“Dad help me, ma’s hurt!” shouted Jodye as soon as he appeared. House Lord Osiris quickly sobered up and took his wife in his arms before vanishing without even acknowledging his son. Jodye frowned and looked at the startled head butler, “Ke Si, please, I need you to take me to my parents!”

Ke Si glanced at this unfathomable youth with appreciation evident on his face. However, his face quickly changed to indifference, “Young master, you have done an excellent job. However, my current primary objective is to send you to safety. Previously, you disappeared. Now, we must leave.”

“Ke Si… take me to my mother.” Jodye Trill’s voice was suddenly cold. Ke Si raised his brow as a dark energy mist begin to rise from his body.

“I apologize, master Joseph, but you will accompany me to safety. Come this way, young master. Sek Si, you will remain here,” as Ke Si’s words finished he sealed Sek Si’s avatar within his own, and vanished from where he stood. The next instant he appeared behind Jodye and placed his hand on his shoulder.

Jodye was enraged as he swatted at Ke Si’s gorilla gripped hand to no avail, before being instantly dragged into the darkness! All nine of Jodye’s emptied astral points suddenly burst to life! He quickly turned his perception inward. To his absolute shock, his origin energy was mysteriously and rapidly being drawn into his spiritual meridians, and back out through his astral pathways.

His energy was converting directly into astral force!


Sylvester and Xavier were secretly shocked as they witnessed this phenomenon from the host space.

“How…is he able to do that?” asked Xavier Tricko in utter confusion.

“Absolutely incredible…this law formula seems to truly turn the boy’s rage into power. Indeed worthy of the infamous Titan clan of the Heavenly Slaughter race. I suppose this should be a unique application of slaughter force,” Sylvester Tricko’s tail was wagging in appreciation.

“Are you sure it is merely the Titanic Rage Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi..? You don’t usually seem so stupid. Such a thing is impossible even for a Titan, otherwise, would they have been so easy for the Sky Nova to eliminate? I think it’s him. Do you think it’s limited to just the conversion of astral might? How about the reverse? What if it also worked for true essence? Then he would truly be a beast,” Xavier was growing intrigued with the mysteries of the Titan clan, but he didn’t believe this was directly related to them. It should only be because this technique was being utilized by this freak of nature Jodye, he must be creating something unique.

“Hmm, it should be that, but there should be a limit as well. However, whose to say its not also possible to surpass this limit?” Sylvester was once again indifferent since he was unable to fool his brother. “At any rate, we must first keep him alive until he can discover these things for himself.”

“Indeed,” said Xavier with a nod. “He clearly doesn’t intend to go with this bellhop.”

Meanwhile, Jodye was currently unaware of this conversation taking place in his head since his fusion soul was still in hibernation.


The [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire] appeared in a flash of purple light, wrapping Jodye Trill in a purple light barrier that knocked away the butler’s hand, and sent him tumbling through the pitch black darkness. Xavier once told Jodye that heavenly grimoires have a natural origin barrier that protects the host to a certain degree, so he had taken a gamble!

Unfortunately, now Jodye felt like he was falling aimlessly through the darkness for the absolute longest time. After ten minutes he took out a mid-grade origin stone and begin recovering his energy. However, after awhile later he suddenly crashed onto the ground harshly. His grimoire floated next to him and flashed open to the first page.

[Status: 72% Health, 1:57 am]

“Ow! S***! Wait, what!? F#&K, and it’s already been an hour?” Jodye Trill stood up and brushed himself off. He was low on energy before, but his astral might was suddenly replenished to 60% by draining his origin energy, which he had just recovered to 70% in the last hour. Looking around himself, Jodye paled.

He was standing on top of the heavily battle worn stone stage of a coliseum in the center of the Villa. Half of the Coliseum was missing, and there were blood and bodies all over the place. On the stage around Jodye were a few dead kids, presumably participants of the Young Wolf Celebration Dinner.

“This…” Jodye Trill honestly didn’t know what to say while witnessing this sight. He just climbed out of the hole in the Coliseum walls. This was just too gruesome and terrible. How could things have gotten so bad, so quick? It was no wonder Ke Si was adamant about removing himself from the scene, it was far too dangerous.

The Coliseum stood on a hill that overlooked the majority of the surrounding Villa grounds. Standing on the broken coliseum walls, Jodye Trill could see it all. There were several damaged buildings, and there were fights all over the place. Jodye saw strange monsters, dark elf knights, and even some familiar faces from the Frozen Night militia. The force fluctuations in the air were fierce and beyond terrifying. In the night skies above the Villa, there was an enormous white castle. There were hundreds of small black horned creatures falling down from the castle. They looked like evil little demons.

“What the hell…” at this point, Jodye was no longer calm. This was like a doomsday movie. What in Gaea were those menacing looking black things?

“Fiends. Creatures born of evil intention and dark energies. They feed off the power of dark thoughts like resentment, or terror. But the main thing that feeds them is death. These are low-level gremlins, but there are hundreds of them.” Sylvester informed Jodye via telepathy. Jodye was enlightened and creeped out. Sylvester continued his observation, “I can even sense the presence of high-level ghouls. This is something you cannot possibly handle. I would suggest you don’t move about randomly.”


The ground vibrated fiercely as something crashed heavily onto the stage behind Jodye, almost tossing him of the Coliseum walls.

“What was that?” With a thought, the blue and gold [Pharaoh’s Law] materialized on Jodye’s head, and he sent a strand of spiritual awareness to investigate the scene. Inside a dust-filled crater was a heavily bloodied and battered Hughes Song. Jodye was briefly excited that Hughes had made it out of the forest alive before he recalled that Hughes was currently trashed and his opponent was likely not far away. Anyone who could trash Hughes like this was definitely an existence that he would be powerless against! Jodye quickly jumped down and ran over to the crater, sliding down to Hughes.

“What are you doing, you idiot, you need to hide!” berated Sylvester harshly. Jodye ignored this and proceeded to shake the mountain-like elf.

“Hughes wake up, don’t die on me big guy!”

“Young…young master!? No, no you can’t be here!” Hughes struggled to sit up.

Merely, his words had startled Jodye, “What do you mean by this, Hughes?”

“Hahaha, is this where the trash bitch ended up? My, my, you flew so far from a mere love tap. You damned insect. To think it was you who first deflowered my muse,” This was the first time that Jodye Trill heard an arrogant and sinisterly cold voice that he would remember for the rest of his life. “Oh? What’s this?”

Floating down from the hole in the still standing portion of the coliseum’s roof was a tall, robust middle-aged man. His skin was the darkest brown, and his face was exceptionally angular and handsome. His head was bald with blue flood dragon tattoos on each side. His brown eyes had an eerie purple glow.

He wore white robes that had golden-purple snake hieroglyphs made up of runic markings. The snake hieroglyphs moved around on their own. In his embrace was a spectacular looking woman wearing a beautiful white dress, while totally bound by curse seals. This gave her the look of a stolen beauty, and was surprisingly first lady Isis Trilleck! In the lady’s embrace was also an unconscious Kamila Trilleck!

“F***!” Hughes Song stood up high, stepping in front of Jodye. He swore and raised up his combat gear, a huge golden glaive. Hughes looked like a wild savage as he bellowed, “RELEASE HER!”

Jodye snapped, titanic rage force erupting from his body as he dashed directly at Basalt, “Let my mother go you bald piece of s***!”

“Your…mother?” Basalt Congo’s eyes glowed purple as his attention now fully shifted onto Jodye. When their eyes made contact Jodye felt all the energy in his body become instantly suppressed! He tripped and skid on his face a couple meters across the stage. Basalt snorted then snickered as he spoke to Isis Trilleck, “You wench, see how this thing dares to appear in front of me? AHAHAHA, how utterly convenient. I can clean up this betrayal of yours now my dear. I say, come lick the underside of my sack. Do it well, and I may not kill your boy.”

“No! I’ll do whatever you want, just release him, let him leave!” begged Isis, “Let him, hmprf.”

“Release? Why that’s no fun at all. Shhh, don’t worry. I’ll cut that boy’s arms and legs off, and stuff them full of spirit cotton. Yes, then I’ll refine his corpse into a stuffed puppet, and put him in you, my latest wife’s, new bedchambers so he can always watch us unifying. Consummation is, of course, a holy crossing. A witness would surely make it more thrilling!” Said the terrifyingly calm but sinister voice of Basalt Congo. Isis Trilleck visibly cringed.

“Joseph stop, run go far away now!” screamed Hughes at Jodye. The boy had said the absolute worst possible words! Was this the price of keeping him in the dark all these years?

“As if a dead scourge could run,” Suddenly, Basalt was in the air three meters away, glancing down at Jodye with a colossal spear made up of pitch black fire in his hands. This spear looked so sinister and deadly that Jodye felt the taste of death along with the blood in his mouth. Without wasting time, Basalt launched out the dark flame spear, intent on reaping the little bastards life away!

“Jodye, quickly surrender your consciousness to me! We have to make a move now! I have to use our last ditch effort.” shouted Sylvester urgently, waking Jodye up from his apprehensive shock. “NOW, JODYE, NOW!!

Jodye Trill stood petrified and watched as he saw the spear of dark flames flying straight toward him, but he couldn’t react at all. He was pinned in place by the enormous pressure of this bald creep! He could barely even breathe. In the next second, he felt the heat and thought he was going to be melted alive.




In front of Jodye, the pressure binding him eased a little as there were terrifying sparks formed from the sharp collision of attacks in front of him. The shockwaves made Jodye was to puke blood.

“Die, you cursed mutt!”

“Yield, you old snake! You are unworthy of your bloodline!”

In the sky above Jodye, Osiris Trilleck looked like a brutal wolfman equipped with wolf armor and dual combat sabers. Incantation runes were constantly forming hundreds upon hundreds of wind blades and behind Osiris’ back were two crimson angel wings. The power symbols on these wings were radiating an eerie grey light as curse seals crawled out of those symbols, spilling into the void.

Opposite of Osiris, wearing a sinister face full of white scales and a now serpentine countenance was Basalt battling fiercely with a black halberd in hand. Floating in a violet energy bubble 100 meters behind Basalt were Isis and Kamila Trilleck. Osiris and Basalt seemed to clash hundreds of times, and Jodye was barely able to witness the fight through the blinding flashes of light. Curse seals spiraled in the air transforming into terrifying hurricanes. Incantation runes formed sparks of flame, and the hurricanes immediately became deadly flame tempests that were sent crashing into Basalt. Basalt sneered as curse seals flew out of snake symbols on his head, forming layer after layer of serene ice walls.

The flaming tempest slammed into the ice walls shattering them one by one. Osiris was just about to activate a forbidden spell when he heard and a terrified true essence sound wave that shook his soul.


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While Osiris was busy attacking Basalt’s main body, a curse clone was only a few meters away from Jodye Trill, a more powerful black flame spear in his hands as he suddenly stabbed forward. Force momentum erupted outward, and Jodye felt that he was about to actually die this time.




There was a terrible explosion as the dark flame spear ripped through flesh and collided with the other side of the Coliseum. Jodye’s eyes were wide open in horror as he fell to his knees. Tears begin to flow down his face, and when he glanced at his mother, she was emitting muffled screams and struggling fiercely. She seemed frantic like she was losing her mind.

Directly in front Jodye, having appeared at the last moment, was Osiris Trilleck standing tall and proud with his arms outstretched. Only now, there was a huge bloody hole in his chest, his body covered in black flames. No blood was leaking as the insides of Osiris Trilleck seemed charred to the max.

“Dad! Dad no!” Jodye Trill screamed in horror. Never had he imagined that his father would receive the attack on his behalf. Nor did he think that this attack was strong enough to slay his father in a single blow!

“My son…you must get away, you must… get… away… save your mother…save.” The House Lord’s weakened plea entered Jodye’s ears causing his chest to tighten terribly as he finally panicked.

Unnoticed by Jodye, lady Isis sighed in relief when she saw the Osiris Trilleck was impaled instead of Jodye, ‘Thank Gaea, he made it in time.’

Jodye Trill, on the other hand, was distraught! Due to being young, he would lose control over his emotions when certain hormones influenced his judgment. After all, his dad was dying! Murdered in front of his face, all to rescue himself! Jodye was so touched, but it also hurt like hell.

How is this possibly the outcome of this event? Jodye Trill truly didn’t understand how the whole world had just flipped upside down in one day! Wasn’t everything fine before? The Young Wolf Celebration Dinner was supposed to be a magical event commemorating the progress of the House’s young nobles. Instead, it had turned into a slaughter, resulting in the unexpected death of the House Lord! Their enemies were this terrifying the whole time?


It was at this point that Jodye Trill totally lost his mind in rage. His body entered a unique state, as the surrounding heaven and earth forces were rapidly drawn into his body. The Titanic Rage Law circulated on its own, and Jodye looked to the sky and let out a roar that slightly shook the void. A pillar of black and green flames erupted into the atmosphere from his body. Both Basalt and his mother stared at the boy in complete shock.

What on earth was that force?

“This boy must be destroyed immediately,” Basalt’s face suddenly turned evil and solemn, his body releasing a full killing intent. His eyes lit up with an eerie greenish pink light and sent a shockwave of force that penetrated into the young boy’s eyes, making Jodye shriek in pain. It felt like his head was splitting open! His consciousness was almost ripped to shreds.

“This is bad!” Sylvester quickly became one with the Sky Fall flame, and the flame pillar reduced drastically, becoming a fiery atmosphere surrounding Jodye. Jodye suddenly stood up incomparably straight and stared at Basalt Congo with absolutely calm eyes that showed no emotion.

Basalt actually felt a tinge of apprehension at this moment. ‘Oh, the brat’s still alive? How? Something seems to be amiss.’

“What is your name?” asked Jodye Trill, in an emotionless voice filled with ice. Basalt could tell the current look in his eyes was absolutely not the same as when he first arrived. It was like an entirely different existence was speaking to her.

“I am the fallen god of nightmares, the vampiric liege lord of White Demon Castle, the legendary White Hydra, and I am here to take your little life, scourge.” Basalt licked his lips while condensing energy in his palms.

“Your name,” repeated Sylvester impatiently. Basalt frowned, before grinning evilly, “I am Basalt Congo. Remember my name in hell, brat…”

“Ten years from today. Thirteen at the most. This will be the anniversary of your death, Basalt Congo.” Jodye Trill’s suddenly frigid tone caused Basalt’s eye to twitch, and he hesitated briefly. A small serenity stone hanging on his hip lit up, and he reached down to receive the message. His face darkened and turned serious.

“Foolish welp, you will die today!” Basalt landed on the ground, shaking the entire stage and releasing his skyrocketing energy. The origin phenomena formed in the void. At the same time, the space around Jodye rippled uncontrollably.

[Warning! Compatibility severely impacted! Source spirit stability compromised.]

“Sly what are you doing!? You’re going to hurt yourself! Our souls can’t take that kind of strain in this state,” shouted Xavier via telepathy. However, Sylvester remained unperturbed.

“If I do not do this, we will surely die here. I suggest you do your best to help me. None of us will be in a great state once all is said and done. Figure out a way to wake up the kid, I will not be able to maintain us in that place indefinitely,” responded Sylvester indifferently. As the spatial fluctuations increased in intensity, Sylvester who was in control of Jodye’s body unblinkingly stared at Basalt Congo, his original killing intent not at all hidden in his calm gaze.

Basalt had never felt such scary intent to kill.

“Altis and Trevor should be unable to continue distracting that old wolf for very long. It is time to wrap things up. Kill!” Basalt shot forward with full momentum, his hand transforming into a big and vicious looking claw made of flaming dark energy. The claw slammed down at Jodye Trill in an attempt to reap his life and mince him into fragments.

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However, the claw was destined to hit nothing. Taking one final glance at this fearsome opponent and the 21 fist-sized red light spheres, Sylvester sneered. The spatial fluctuations rippled fiercely before the claw passed right through as if there was nothing there. In fact, in the next instant, there really wasn’t anything there!

The last things Jodye Trill saw were his mother’s incredulous expression, as tears of blood stained her face, Basalt’s nervous eyes when his attack landed on air, and the never-ending rain of fiends from the dark sky which made it look like the sky itself was falling.

[Warning! Compatibility is dangerously low! Source spirit damage eminent.]


Sky Fall Legend – End of Book I

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