Book I – Legend, Chapter 57 – To rescue a Damsel

Isis Trilleck was in a daze as she leaned injured against the ancient tree. Her man-slaying face was pale to the extreme, and her honey brown skin looked nearly green, unlike her usual satiny complexion. Her black armor was broken and tattered, with one of her celestial mountains exposed to the world. Isis’ face was constantly wincing in pain. Her wounds were so severe as her arms laid limply on her sides.

“In the zone, must remain…unshackled potential must freeze…guarded lust still need…” Lady Isis was muttering incoherently to herself as she struggled to maintain her consciousness.

She felt like she had just seen her son in the distance, and even tried to send him a true essence sound transmission. She also thought at the time that he made eye contact with her as a result of this. However, after considering it, she believed all of this was unlikely to be real. In her heart, she knew this was probably the effects of the poison. She could barely even control her energy, and it took all her concentration to suppress the impact of the lunar venom.

Lunar venom was a mid-grade poison. It was deadly in that it absorbed serene power to strengthen itself, and corroded origin energy. Any great sage with serenity force in their bloodline, such as Isis Trilleck, would surely suffer unimaginable pain as the poison wreaked havoc on their veins.

“However, the worst part isn’t even the lunar venom!” Isis thought to herself during a rare moment of clarity, “The worst is that f****** rampant rodent Rotimi’s fusion soul ability, Gu Birth. Thanks to this ability the bastard’s venom continuously gives birth to little tiny Gurantula spiders in my blood.”

The torment was thus maximized.

In front of Isis were two Dark Elf knights, equipped with piked battle spears, standing straight up like hills, entirely on their guard. There was a slight force momentum radiating off their bodies. These warriors were not very powerful to Isis Trilleck, as their cultivation base was only at the initial Killer Essence rank of the True Saint Realm. However, a savage killing formation that was powerful enough to eliminate low-level mages without much trouble was directly in front of these guards. Rotimi Black laid this out in preparation for the unexpected.

Unexpectedly, in the middle of Isis’ thoughts, directly in front of her face appeared a pair of large, phoenix shaped eyes, pitch black like the darkest night. The face attached to these eyes was hidden, covered like a ninja or assassin staring at back her.

Sek Si?

Lady Isis cocked her head to the side in confusion without making a sound. Her heart was beginning to panic. Glancing at her left side, she saw a handsome little boy with jackal ears covered in red fur. He was holding his little hand over a gash on her long thigh. Black light glowed on his hand, and silver vapor was rising from her wound. Isis thought she was somehow losing her mind.

What was all this now?

However, right at that moment a piece of violet colored clothing floated down and blocked her sight before gently covering her chest. Isis Trilleck looked up and saw a tiny but slightly broad back standing in front of her. He was adorned with a familiar crowned headdress. Two parts of the cloth hang downwards alongside the ears on the front side of the shoulders, and on the backside, the fabric was tied together in a braid and provided with golden rings covered in fate runes. At the top of the headdress sat a golden-winged uraeus and a platinum jackal head.

However, instead of royal blue and gold stripes, the headdress was red and black. The red was crimson like blood, and the black had mystical lights like stars in a dark sky. If this wasn’t [Pharaoh’s Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi..], then what was it? In his hands was a majestic golden heavy sword with a red hot blade. Unfortunately, as soon as Isis Trilleck was able to process all of this, her surroundings melted into the darkness, and she saw the boy getting further away.

“No… NO… Jodye!! Jodye stop no!” Isis Trilleck tried to scream but couldn’t. Not only were those high-level saints likely to hurt her son, even if he somehow managed to fight them the killing formation would easily slaughter him. Merely, what could she do? The gu spiders inside her bloodstream were constantly draining her strength. She would probably die if she weren’t vigilant!

Jodye Trill lurked in the shadows behind the two dark elf knights. He knew the moment Sek Si disappeared, his aura would be revealed. He tightened his grip on Fenrir and allowed his rage to take over his mind. Jodye’s eyes flashed with an utterly savage light. This time Jodye Trill was truly enraged! His nine astral points burst to life as his muscles and veins tensed to the extreme! Titanic rage force exploded from his body as he circulated the titanic rage law to use the Fist of Might in both his hands!

“The path of slaughter, slaughter force!” His anger bubbled and astral might circulated crazily through his spiritual pathways until it suddenly synced with his spiritual meridians! Jodye felt his origin energy resonate with Fenrir as a violent sword force erupted to life along with a newly awakened force that poured strength into his muscles. His astral might unexpectedly began to pour into Fenrir from the astral points in his hands.

“Fenrir can use Xavier’s sword force without him? It can even take in my astral force? So this is a natal weapon!” Jodye didn’t have time to dwell on this, however, as he slashed out with all his might, “Endless Carnage!”

“Catastrophic Hack!”



“My force sea! My pure force no!”

A devastating black sword light ripped directly through the two dark elf knight’s suits of armor. Fenrir came crashing down on them, tearing the first one straight in half in a mess of blue blood and spraying guts. The blade beam continued leaving a bloody gash halfway into the abdomen of the second knight, who landed with a thud on the ground.

The magic mirror on the second knight’s hip skated away from him in the dirt. The dark elf knight hurried to struggle crawl to it, but he accidentally triggered the killing formation! Savage demonic sickles rose rapidly from the curse marks on the ground like giant shark fins, and sliced off the dark elf knight’s outstretched arm, while another snatched his head off his shoulders from the opposite direction.

Jodye Trill was stunned as he collapsed to his knees, then rapidly crawled backward while dragging the oh so heavy Fenrir. He paled as he looked at the glowing curse seals arranged on the ground covered in blue blood before they slowly faded away as if they weren’t there.

“What in the bloody hell was that?” He had indeed summoned every once of his power to deliver that strike. But still, how f****** mighty was that? This Fenrir augmented his power dramatically! Not only that be he seemed to reach a new threshold in his body’s transformation!

“You finally activated the combat seed, albeit unconsciously,” Sylvester told Jodye via telepathy. “Not only that but you somehow used slaughter force with astral might as the base. Good show.”

“Combat seeds? What is that?” asked Jodye Trill as he suddenly felt a soft hand wrap around his own as he melted into the darkness. He felt his body jerk then accelerate like on a go-cart.

“Remember the when we first met in this life? I said I would give you a gift. This gift was the combat seals of myself and my brother, I imprinted it on your force genesis early, forcing your body to enter the awakening state.” Sylvester replied matter-of-factly.

“You…forced me into the awakening state? Couldn’t that damage my potential!?” shouted Jodye, suddenly vexed.

“Yes,” responded Sylvester indifferently, “This is why I took advantage of your weakened consciousness to slowly cook you with the Sky Fall flame, further reinforcing and refining your physique. You currently have the nascent Sky Fall Physique. Of course, to do this, I had to take control of the Main Soul.”

“You can do that?”

“But of course. Who is it that gave you control in the first place?”

“This is true. Combat seed though?”

“The combat seed is the link between your force genesis and the essence of our soul flames. Through it, we may share with your strength as you grow. In exchange, you must facilitate our growth as well.” Sylvester’s ever cold and indifferent voice rang truth.

“So then I also have the dragon’s combat seed?” discovered Jodye Trill. “I get it! Mother taught me that combat souls are able to augment our strength, and the level of augmentation depends on our realm and the grade of the combat soul.”

“See? With just a bit of thinking would you always need to ask these useless questions?” quipped Sylvester. Jodye instantly cut his link with Sylvester in frustration. Nonetheless, he was a bit excited.

His origin energy was far stronger then what he had previously believed! Had he not broken through to the ninth level of the Wimpy Man realm, his physical strength wouldn’t necessarily be better than his energy. Even though it didn’t help much with his attack, it allowed him to resonate with Fenrir, which added extra sword force to his strike! Although he wasn’t sure exactly how much power was in that strike, he knew it was well above his current level of strength.

Those knights must have been stronger than he initially thought!

Sweat appeared on Jodye’s back as he realized how lucky he had gotten.

“It is good that you realize now how reckless you are,” Sylvester said to himself in the Host Space, as he glanced at that huge Volos egg. “Maybe in the future, you will be more cautious.”

Jodye Trill emerged from within the shadows in the tree hollow, which was rather dark in general. Even more so this late at night. However, Jodye was a Sage and could see in the dark to some extent. Not to mention that his right eye had a fair amount of concentrated divine source.

In the tree hollow, he could see his mother was currently unconscious. Xavier slowly extracted a silvery liquid into a magical black light surrounding his left palm and refined the poison inside of her into a black blob of energy that was floating above his other palm. The energy blob was the size of a fist and slowly increasing in mass.

“There are a bunch of tiny spiders inside of her blood, this could take forever if I have to do it alone. We can ask Sly to burn all these bugs in her bloodstream, that way they stop releasing venom. Then I can refine the remaining venom and get it out of her,” Xavier’s voice sounded anxious which kind of warmed Jodye’s heart.

Xavier honestly treated him like they were brothers and this was his mother as well. Then again, upon further thought, Jodye realized this was just as much their life as it was his own. This behavior was rather appropriate in that case. Sylvester, on the other hand, was just an asshole. However, Jodye didn’t dislike him at all. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

“Sek Si, can you check the perimeter?” Thanks to Sylvester’s earlier warnings, Jodye Trill was afraid to use his spiritual awareness right now if he had another option. He wasn’t sure how easily it could be detected by others. Sek Si nodded, then disappeared into the dark. In the meantime, Jodye took out a mid-grade origin stone to restore some of his energy. A strange devouring power suddenly activated in his palm, and Jodye knew Sylvester was silently assisting him. His energy quickly replenished.

“Jo…dy…” a tiny voice like the softest bell chime reached Jodye’s ear, and he whipped his head around to see his mother, whose eyes were barely open and dazed. As Jodye leaned in close to her, she silently slid a golden crystal ring onto the middle finger of his left hand, then used her remaining strength to mumble an incantation before Jodye could react.

Jodye was startled, “Mom no, relax! What are you doing?”

“I love….much…ba…by…” as the incantation finished the golden ring emitted a bright light. When Jodye could see again, the ring had disappeared and in its place was tattoo spelling the name “Rah” in an ancient script Jodye was surprised he could read.

“Ma what…Ma? Mom?! Mother wake up!” When Jodye looked back up, his mother was unconscious again, and she didn’t respond no matter how she called to her.

Three minutes later, Sek Si had returned, “Reporting to the young master, the enemy knows that Lady Isis has been removed and his subordinates killed! Apparently, he can sense when the killing formation is activated.”

“However, elder Slaughter also noticed what happened when she sensed your aura and the Five Element Wolf pack started using terrifying attacks and spells! I underestimated them, their only a bit weak. They have successfully tied down the big dark elf and his forces. I estimate we should leave in the next five to ten minutes, or leaving will become impossible once the big baddie catches up,” Sek Si looked Jodye dead in his ocean deep eyes without blinking as she spoke.

Jodye Trill pushed his other thoughts away and immediately summoned the [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire]. Although he wasn’t able to recover a lot, it was enough to facilitate him summoning of a combat guardian. Sylvester was summoned in puppy form in a blaze of emerald black sky fall flames. Jodye was beginning to notice that Sylvester seemed to be capable of transforming his shape at will. The information in Jodye’s mind updated itself.

Only allowed on
[Name: Joseph Goldwolf] [Age: 5 years, 5 months.] [Status: 93% Health, 12:15 am] [Guardian 1: Cosmos Devouring Sky Wolf47Cosmos Devouring Sky WolfCombat soul of Jodye Trill. True soul of Sylvester Sylknarius Tricko, heir to the great Sephiroth of Anubis Great World. Consciousness and true form unlocked.]‘Compatibility rating: 51%.’
‘Tier 1 abilities unlocked.’
‘Summon time: 1 hour left.’

[Guardian 2: Mighty God Sky Jackal]
‘Compatibility rating: 22%.’
‘Tier 1 abilities unlocked.’
‘Summon time: 2 hours left.’

Without speaking the little winged puppy floated over to lady Isis and spat out of a couple of swaths of flame, which he let engulf her before inhaling them again two minutes later. Sylvester landed on Xavier’s head, and the black blob of energy begin to rapidly inflate like a balloon. Three minutes later, once the black blob of power was the size of two watermelons, Sylvester turned into a purple beam of light that flew into Jodye’s glabella, returning to the host space on his own initiative.

“Show off,” Jodye grumbled. Notwithstanding this, he was truly grateful. Sylvester had single-handedly streamlined this process, then returned on his own to the host space, which he discovered conserved summon time and energy. “Truly convenient. X, can you come back the same way too?”

“Don’t know how,” shrugged Xavier Tricko, completely nonchalant. Jodye simply didn’t believe this puppy at all. Xavier’s ears suddenly twitched a bit, before he continued, “Oh, so that it. Okay, watch this.”

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Xavier turned into a beam of crimson light that also shot into Jodye’s glabella.

After Sylvester and Xavier Tricko returned to the host space, Jodye Trill put his arm around his injured mother before turning to look at Sek Si, “Let’s go, mate. Back to the Villa!”

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