Chapter 8 – Nightwalker Bats

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In his previous life, Yang Tian was in F City which was also under attack. The number of mutated beasts and otherworld creatures within the city was much more than the countryside. To begin with, just the number of rats within the sewers were countless. After the rats mutated, they turned into a terrifying force.

Yang Tian remembered that a Rank 6 Rat King had appeared from the sewers of F City, controlling many mutated rats. It not only targeted humans but also otherworld creatures as well. However, the Rat King did not die because of humans, but from offending a Lord Rank Steel Wing Bug. The Steel Wing Bug King controlled all the insects within F city and sent them underground to wipe out all the mutated rats living there. The Rat King also turned into food for the Steel Wing Bug King in the end.

For people like Hu Jun and his classmate that had just awakened their abilities, they were classified as Rank 1 Lifeforms. After that was Rank 2, Rank 3… to Rank 7. After Rank 7, was Lord Rank, Epic Rank, Legendary Rank, God Rank.

Yang Tian was a Legendary Rank Beast Tamer in his previous life and was also the number one Beast Tamer of the Celestial Empire. In terms of global ranking, Yang Tian could also be placed in the top three.

However, no one would have expected that a Legendary Beast Tamer, would die inside a dark mountain cave.

Yang Tian relied on a Rank 3 Beast Tamer’s inheritance to step by step clawed his way up before he obtained the power of a Legendary Beast Tamer. However, what exactly did he experienced and went through in between, no one knew.

By the time everyone saw Yang Tian again, he was already a Legendary Beast Tamer. Under him, was the powerful Bone Dragon, terrifying Death Knight, huge Sky Reacher Bear, strange Six-Wing Devil Snake… and all sorts of other powerful monsters. When everyone thought that a messiah had appeared, he raised his butcher knife and destroyed one city after the other. No matter if they were human or otherworld lifeforms, they would all be massacred by Yang Tian.

Within a day, Yang Tian extinguished five cities. From then onwards, all human forces viewed Yang Tian as a poisonous tumor which they constantly wanted to eliminate. The otherworld lifeforms as well, have blacklisted Yang Tian, placing him under the list of Must-Kill individuals.

However, being a Legendary Beast Tamer, how were they able to easily kill Yang Tian? Simply the creatures that he has tamed was enough to deter anyone from thinking of finding trouble with Yang Tian.

The humans knew that Yang Tian started a massacre, yet no one knew why he did that.

In this life, I will kill everyone who had harmed me.

Night descends, the dangers during the night was also much higher than in the day, many creatures would only start their activity at night. During the night, Yang Tian was also more cautious than usual.

Yang Tian first kept the meat that he sundried in the day, most creatures that forage at night have a keen sense of smell. Meat jerkies would emit some amount of fragrance, so to be safe, it was best that he stores them away.

Food was indispensable during the Post-Apocalyptic Era and Yang Tian had only eaten a bit of bug meat the entire day. He had consumed quite a bit of stamina during the fight with the Acid Bugs. Therefore, while keeping the meat jerkies, Yang Tian also ate a few pork jerkies to replenish his stamina.

During the night, the mutated pig was also on full alert. Animals possessed the ability to sense danger and the mutated pig knew the dangers of the night. It kept itself on peak condition in preparation to face any dangers that might appear.

The manor has a five-meter wall surrounding it, in the later part, this wall would certainly not be enough to block the attacks of otherworld creatures. After he becomes a Beast Tamer, he needs to tame a powerful Vine-Type plant and use it to protect the manor.

He could also… borrow the power of the manor.

Yang Tian’s manor was not an ordinary one during the Post-Apocalyptic Era. Not only will humans obtained abilities after interacting with the blood rain that would fall on the third day of the Post-Apocalyptic Era. Some famous landmarks and structures would also experience a change. The Pigeon Nest of B City, for example, will turn into an assembly point for flying creatures. One of these creatures was the Purple Crystal Winged Insect. Despite being an entity from the Insect World, the Purple Crystal Winged Insect was not controlled by it.

Otherworld creatures would normally be under the control of the world they came from. However, otherworld creatures that appeared in these special places would not be affected by their homeworlds, let alone following their commands.

And Yang Tian’s manor belonged to such a type of special construct, the manor in his previous life had turned into an assembly point for plant creatures. The one that occupied the manor was an ordinary Rank 3 Creeper Plant, but after it occupied the manor, it managed to reach Epic Rank within a short period. The manor also became the only assembly point for plant creatures and one of the peak forces during the Post-Apocalyptic Era.

After Yang Tian became a Legendary Beast Tamer in his previous life, he managed to attack and occupy an assembly point as well. That assembly point was able to summon creatures, turning him into a type of summoner, all creatures that were summoned through that assembly point would be under his control. The strength of the beings summoned would be based on the mental power of the summoner.

Yang Tian had tried summoning but found out that the assembly point was only able to summon up to Epic Rank creatures. In the end, Yang Tian gave up on summoning creatures. He had wanted to recapture his manor, but human forces and otherworld lifeforms have started to restrict all of Yang Tian’s progress.

In the end, Yang Tian gave up on the assembly point as well.

After being the public enemy of the Celestial Empire, he would become an easy target whenever he settled at one place. Compared to defending the Assembly Point, he would rather roam around the land alone.

However, in this life, Yang Tian urgently requires the assistance of the manor. He was no longer a Legendary Beast Tamer, he needs the manor’s ability to strengthen himself.

Flap Flap Flap

A series of flapping sounds were heard coming from the sky.

Nightwalker Bat

A creature that lives in groups and mutated from bats of Earth. During the day they would hide inside their cave, only coming out at night to forage food. Their favorite food was human flesh and blood. Therefore, humans were always their first choice when they were out foraging.

Nightwalker bats are Rank 1 mutated beasts, their attacking skill is Disorienting Soundwave. Once struck by a Disorienting Soundwave, you will experience a long period of disorientation, easily becoming food for the Nightwalker Bat. Also, as they move in a group, even Rank 3 creatures would not dare to clash with them.

Yang Tian immediately retrieved a bottle of coke and poured it over himself. Coke was very effective at hiding the scent of the body, just that this method was slightly too extravagant.

Only allowed on

The Nightwalker Bats flew passed the manor, heading towards another place. Yang Tian sighed in relief, with his current abilities, only death awaits him if he got entangled with those Nightwalker Bats.

Just as Yang Tian sighed, a scream was heard outside the manor.


Yang Tian was able to notice who they were. It was the students from earlier on, they did not leave but hid somewhere near the manor instead.

They originally did leave, but when they saw the terrifying creatures roaming outside, they shrunk back and returned. Even though Hu Jun and Lee Si Kai have awoken abilities, they still did not dare to face those huge creatures.

They had always assumed that the school would send rescue once they noticed that they were missing. However, they did not know that the school’s current situation was likely even worse than them.

The Nightwalker bats became reapers that harvest their lives, their blood-curdling screams could even reach Yang Tian who was inside the manor.

Not even a ripple appeared within Yang Tian’s heart, this situation was simply too common during the Post-Apocalyptic Era.

[Translated by Cuppa]

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