Chapter 292: There’s A Reaction!

“Senior brother, is massage very popular in the secular world?” Tian Xing enquired.

“Of course. However, the most important aspect of a massage is not the massage but the masseur.” Cheng Yu smiled.

“Masseur? What do you mean?” Tian Xing was puzzled.

“Think about it, a pretty and alluring woman that was dressed up seductively is to give you a massage. What would you feel about it?” Cheng Yu smiled.

“How does that work? Men and women should not randomly touch each other. What if she demands to marry you?” Tian Xing was stirred.

“Pedantic! That’s why I say the cultivation world is no fun! In the current era, it was very common to see men and women hugging each other around the street.” Cheng Yu sat up.

“How are these women going to get married…” Tian Xing shook his head.

“I’m too lazy to be bothered with you. When you go over to the secular world in the future, you will understand what I mean. The women over there are pretty!” Cheng Yu felt that he shouldn’t be the bad guy and corrupt such a pure and honest young man. It was better for him to go and experience it himself!

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“Senior brother, isn’t my senior sister pretty?”

“Your senior sister? En, she’s quite pretty. Just that her style of dressing is a bit off.” Cheng Yu smiled.

In fact, the cultivation world clothes weren’t that bad. It suits those women in the cultivation world very well, making them look a lot more fairy-like.

But compared to modern apparel, each had their own beauty. The modern apparel focused more on sex appeal while ancient apparel focused more on freshness.

As for Tian Xue’s dressing, it was very ordinary. Perhaps, it might be because she was heading towards the Death Forest to gain experience, hence she dressed up this way.

“Senior brother, could it be because of this that’s why you aren’t willing to accept my sister feelings?” Tian Xing truly hoped that her senior sister could be together with Cheng Yu.

“Of course not! Adult matters, what can a kid as you know?” Cheng Yu did not wish to discuss on this topic as he chased Tian Xing away.

“Senior brother……” Tian Xing did not give up and hopes to persuade Cheng Yu.

“Gogogo!” Cheng Yu beckoned him away.

Time passed by very quickly. Day after day past just like this as Cheng Yu got more and more anxious. It was already 20 over days past the deadline. However, even after traveling for so long, the four keys still yet to have any reaction.

“Senior brother, the one-month deadline is about to arrive. You truly intend to return after this?” Tian Xing sat aside as he enquired with both expectant and disappointment.

“……” Cheng Yu didn’t reply. He was also pondering over the problem. Should he continue searching or to depart.

According to Cheng Yu’s speculation, the Death Shrine should be located at the core of the core. However, because no one had ever reached this region before, hence no one knew how big was the core region.

Cheng Yu also have no idea if he was about to reach the center of the core yet. If he couldn’t locate it at the center area, how long would he need to search the whole forest again?

If the one-month deadline were up and he has still yet to locate it, should he continue searching for it? But if he were to not do so, he felt unreconciled. He had already located 4 of the 5 Palaces, only lacking one more.

“Cheng Yu, if you are to depart like this, don’t you find it a pity? We have already searched for so long, perhaps, you might discover it soon. Besides, you have already postponed your return for a month, postponing it even further wouldn’t make a difference as well!” As Cheng Yu didn’t choose to reply, Tian Xue grew anxious. She was afraid Cheng Yu decide to leave immediately.

“……” Cheng Yu still didn’t reply. How could it not be a pity? But having postponing his return for a month had already caused Cheng Yu to feel very burdened. Every day, if he were not to return, his family would be drowned in worries for another day.

There was not much difference between a month and over a month. But what about two, three or four months. What if after one year and he still has yet to discover it? Wouldn’t his family thought of him as a dead man? Perhaps, they might have already set-up a memorial tablet of his.

However, the fifth palace was too important to Cheng Yu. Excluding the wealth hidden within, the secret concealed in the Death Forest made Cheng Yu determined to locate it.

“Damn it. The deadline had passed for so long. When I return, I will have to truly apologize to them.” Cheng Yu scolded in his mind. The fifth palace was too important. No matter what, he mustn’t return empty-handed.

Just when the trio was dispirited, the four keys unexpectedly had a reaction.

Whoosh! The four keys flew out on their own initiative, hovering up in the sky. They were emitting purple, white, red and blue radiance respectively.

“Senior brother! What’s going on? Could it be…… could it be there’s information about the location you are searching for?!” Watching the abnormal situation, Tian Xing grew excited.

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“That’s right.” Cheng Yu spoke excitedly as well. He inserted a huge amount of spiritual qi into the Jewel Cauldron as he increased it’s flying speed by several times.

Whoosh~ Whoosh~ Whoosh! While the Jewel Cauldron was speeding its way through, Cheng Yu was burning in anxiousness.

“Look! What’s that? A cauldron?!” Just when the Jewel Cauldron was speeding its way through, a few Golden Core cultivators noticed its trail.

“Soul artifact! That’s a soul artifact! Quickly chase after it!” One of them saw the quality of the Jewel Cauldron. Immediately, his complexion changed as he quickly pursued it.

Cheng Yu had no mood to pay any attention to those mice chasing after him. His whole attention was placed towards the Heavenly God Palace.

“Great! Senior sister, we might be able to find our god water there.” Looking at the trees flashing by so quickly, Tian Xing got even more excited.

“Hopefully! Cheng Yu, if…… if your palace isn’t the Death Shrine, you truly aren’t willing to help us search for it? I really hope that you can help us.” Tian Xue was very nervous.

If would be the best if the palace Cheng Yu was searching for was also the Death Shrine. But if it wasn’t, then they would have to part ways with Cheng Yu. After much difficulty had they finally managed to reach here. She wasn’t willing to give up. Even if she had abandoned her life here, she must locate the god water.

“……” Cheng Yu didn’t reply. This had also turned into a problem for him. If he didn’t have such a complicated history and was alone, he could still stay behind to help Tian Xue. But now, the number of people worrying for him was way too many.

He couldn’t just care about himself but also the family member feelings. Even if he needs to stay behind, he has to at least let them know of his current situation! However, it was also because he couldn’t communicate with them. Thus, he couldn’t prolong his stay much longer.

“I understood!” Cheng Yu continued his silence. Tian Xue grew extremely sad but she didn’t cry. She knew that Cheng Yu had a kindhearted heart and would seldom reject people. The moment she started crying, he would be stuck in a very difficult situation. Hence this time, she didn’t wish to make things difficult for Cheng Yu.

“Senior brother……” It was supposed to be a happy event, yet it was turned into something very awkward. As Tian Xue’s companion, Tian Xing also hoped for Cheng Yu to remain behind to help them.

“A month! If the one we have located isn’t the Death Shrine, I only accompany you two for another month.” Cheng Yu contemplated before replying.

Having acquainted with both of them for so long, Cheng Yu had already treated both of them as their good friend. Although they didn’t help him much, both of them was someone who knew most of Cheng Yu’s secret.

He didn’t hope that the good friends of his were to die in this Death Forest. A month time, this was the maximum prolong period he could extend to.

“Real…… Really? You are really willing to stay behind to help us?” Tian Xue widens her eyes in excitement. She couldn’t believe that it was real. Unexpectedly, Cheng Yu had agreed to help them. Although it was just a month, their chances of locating it had increased by numerous times.

“Hold on. You must not misunderstand it. I’m not doing it for you. But from a friend standpoint, I don’t hope for you to die here. Otherwise, the resources I have given to you will all be wasted.” Cheng Yu didn’t want Tian Xue to misunderstand. Otherwise, she would think that he was doing it all for her.

“Got it. However, thank you!” Tian Xue didn’t refute Cheng Yu as she smiled genuinely.

“En. However, I must say your current smile is very pretty.” Having promised the two of them, the oppression within Cheng Yu had also been lifted up. At least he did what he hopes to. If a month later and they have yet to locate the Death Shrine, his departure wouldn’t be filled with any regrets.
“Senior brother Wuyong! Did you see it wrong? Why would a soul artifact run around in the forest randomly?” A distance behind the Jewel Cauldron, a few Golden Core cultivators were still desperately chasing after it. Because it was only seen by two people, the others couldn’t help but feel that it was a misconception of theirs.

“Impossible! I believe I saw a cauldron! What about you, senior brother.” The first golden core cultivator who discovered the cauldron enquired.

“Wuxing is right. I’m certain that it is a soul-grade cauldron!” Wuyong replied.

“But senior brother, why would the soul artifact run around without any reason? This seems very illogical!” Wufang enquired.

“Who told you that soul artifact couldn’t move around themselves. Besides, there’s a high chance that this soul artifact already has a master!” Wuyong replied in an ill-mannered way. An ownerless soul artifact would never run around without any reason. But if it would no longer be strange if there was a person controlling it.

“An artifact which already has a master? That’s to say there’s someone inside the cauldron?” Wuxing was shocked.

“Of course. Perhaps, this might be a storage-type treasure.” Jewel Cauldron was a storage-type treasure. Wuyong wasn’t able to tell if the owner was sitting within the Jewel Cauldron or something else. If it wasn’t inside the Jewel Cauldron, it meant that it was certainly a storage-type treasure.

“Senior brother, we should quickly chase after it!” Hearing Wuyong explanation, everyone immediately grew excited as their speed increased.

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