Chapter 293: Dog Bite Dog

“Senior brother, how long more before we arrive?” Tian Xing was very nervous. He kept on praying that the Palace they were visiting was going to be the Death Shrine.

“Soon. The reaction of the keys had already become very intense.” Cheng Yu was very excited. He believed the puzzle within him was about to be uncovered.

“It’s here!” Half an hour later, Cheng Yu turned delighted. He swirled up the four keys that were hovering above the skies, bringing Tian Xue duo out.

Whoosh! The trio appeared with the four keys soaring up to the sky. Flickering in four different colors made it seem very glaring. Followingly, the four keys started rotating.

Cheng Yu cut open a wound on his hand impatiently, dripping a few drops of blood on the ground.

Whoosh! All of a sudden, the central area of the four keys lighted up in green, forming a light pillar soaring up the sky. Furthermore, the rotation speed was very fast. After Cheng Yu trio was covered in the green ray, they only feel their mind turning dizzy and their vision turned black before they disappeared.

“Look! What an intense treasure light! Chase after it!” Those few several Golden Core cultivators who had been following the Jewel Cauldron saw an enormous green light pillar soaring before them. Their heart clenched in excitement and anxiousness. Without any hesitation, they pushed their speed to the maximum, chasing towards it.

At the same time, the large light pillar was like a glaring pillar within the horizon. Numerous cultivators who had charged into the central region all saw the phenomenal scene.

“Move quickly! The Death Shrine have appeared, we mustn’t let anyone snatch it before us!” This was everyone’s response to the situation. A moment later, the experts in the central region charged towards the location of the light pillar like a tidal wave.

Among those experts, a group of them was from Huaxian Valley and they were Ning Yan’s group. However, because their strength wasn’t very strong, their advancement speed was a lot slower compared to the others.

“Senior sister, don’t you find this scene very familiar?” The moment Ning Xue saw the light pillar, she spoke to Ning Yan.

“You are saying…… Cheng Yu?” Ning Yan frowned.

“That’s right! Didn’t we meet him in such a situation also?” Although the light pillar this time was a lot more dazzling, the situation is almost the same.

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“However, this pillar is so far away from us. How could Cheng Yu have been in front of us?” They had been separated from Cheng Yu for almost a month. Furthermore, the pillar appeared within the depths of the forest.

“What’s so strange about it. Didn’t we just meet Ling Hai recently? Furthermore, there’s only three of them right now. With Cheng Yu’s ability, he could roam around this forest however he wants. And since we have to part our ways for so long, it’s not strange for him to have reached the depths.” Ning Xue said.

“You really think very highly of him. If it’s like you said, doesn’t that mean we no longer stand a chance? For what should we rush there then?” Ning Yan smiled.

“How can we? It’s just my speculation. This treasure light might not necessarily be because of Cheng Yu as well.” Ning Xue was able to tell Ning Yan was teasing her. Hence, she blushed.

Ever since they left from Cheng Yu, their journey was filled with dangers. They were even attacked by those imbecile animals a few times. When they realized these animals actually possessed the strength of a Golden Core Realm cultivator, they were terrified. Fortunately, they had Ning Yan around.

Compared to the days they were with Cheng Yu, it was of extreme opposites. During then, they had no worries. There was no need for them to worry about food and still have piping hot roast meat to feast for dinner. Those days were truly very comfortable.

Now that they might be able to bump into Cheng Yu, Ning Xue no longer wished to head anywhere else.

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“Enough. I know what you are thinking. There’s no need to further explain to me. I can feel that big sister and second sister are heading there as well. Regardless of what this light pillar signify, we still have to make our way there.” Ning Yan smiled.


Meanwhile, at the source of the green ray.

“Senior brother Wuyong, we have obviously chased after the green light to this spot. How come it had disappeared?” By the time Wuxing and the others arrived, the pillar had already disappeared. They searched for the location and was unable to find anything. They were puzzled.

“Could it be someone have arrived before us and snatched the treasure away?” Wufang spoke.
“Oh! I know. It must have been the master of the cauldron. It must have been him who has taken away the treasure!” Wuyuan cried out.

“But we couldn’t even find him now. So what if he had taken away the treasure?” Wufang sighed in regret.

“Senior brother, what should we do? Should we search for the cauldron?” Wuyuan enquired.

“Seems like we can only search for the cauldron!” Wuyong scanned his surroundings. Sensing no abnormality around them, he felt that the treasure must have been taken away by the cauldron master.

“Want to leave? Leave the treasure behind then!” Just when the few of them were about to go ahead and search for the cauldron, an intense sword qi flew out from the forest. Followingly, eight Golden Core cultivators flew out, encircling around them.

Clang! Wuyong brandished the sword on hand, facing the attack head-on.

With a move, he destroyed his opponent’s sword qi.

“So it’s Shushan Sect Senior Brother Wuyong. No wonder the swordsman skill was so exquisite. Truly lucky to have met you. May I enquire what treasure did the senior brother Wuyong found? Can you let the few junior brothers here have a look?” Their eyes immediately coagulated when they saw the identity of the five.

“Kunlun Yunzhong? What’s the meaning of this? Could it be that you are forcing us to stay behind?” Wuyong frowned.

Unexpectedly, the Kunlun sect had actually sent out so many Golden Cores cultivator to charge into the Death Forest. Could it be that they already knew that a treasure would arise from here?”

“Haha. Senior brother Wuyong is being too serious. Where will we have the ability to force senior brother Wuyong to stay? We just wanna have a look at what the treasure is. Hope you can lend it to us. Not sure if senior brother Wuyong is willing to?” The struggle between each respective sect had never once stopped.

For two sect to bump into each other in such a particular place, it was very easy for sparks to happen between them. Besides, Kunlun side had eight golden core cultivators and five of them was actually in the late stage while their opponent only has two. Why would Kunlun Sect let go of such a good opportunity?

It would be best if they could kill the five from the Shushan Sect. Then their names could increase further in the Golden Core Realm rankings.

“We didn’t get any treasure. When we arrived, the place had already returned tranquil.” Facing the pressure of so many of them, Wuyong had to be careful of what he spoke.

“Oh? Seems like Senior brother Wuyong isn’t as generous as I thought to be.” Wuzhong laughed.

“We really didn’t find any treasures. Regardless if you believe us or not, I hope junior brother Yunzhong would not block our way.” Wuyong looked at Yunzhong.

“Of course I can let you leave. I said before. As long as you leave behind what we are looking for, I will certainly let you go.” Yunzhong smiled. However, there were traces of menace in the tone.

If you hand over the treasure, I wouldn’t do anything to you. Else, don’t blame me.

“You…… Yunzhong. Don’t be too much. I told you that we don’t have any treasures!” Wuyong was angered. Usually, Wuyong would never place Yunzhong in his eyes. But being stuck in his current situation, he was in a disadvantage. He had no choice but to suffer in silence.

“Hehe, but your words seem not too convincing. Even I believe you, would my junior brothers here believe you? Do you guys believe him?” Looked at his junior brothers and asked.

“Of course not. Else, why would you be leaving in a hurry!” Yunqing answered.

“You people are the first to arrive. If you don’t have it, are you telling me that the treasure had run away itself?” Yunyi laughed.

“We are not the first to arrive. Before we arrive, a big cauldron arrived before us!” Wuyuan shouted.

“Big cauldron! Haha! Are you trying to tell us that the treasure was taken away by the big cauldron? Do you take us for fools?” Yunqing smiled.

“It’s as you said. We were about to chase after the cauldron before you arrive. It’s you people who have held us back.” Wufang spoke unhappily.

“Senior brother Wuyong, are you treating us as fools?” Yunzhong smiled.

“They aren’t lying. That big cauldron is a soul artifact and the master of it is hiding in it. It’s very normal for the treasure to be taken away by them.” Wuyong replied.

“I said before. It’s very hard for us to be convinced.”

“Then what do you want?” Wuyong narrowed his eyes.

“Very simple. Hand over your storage pouch and let us have a look at it. If there aren’t any treasures inside, we will believe you.” Yunzhong smiled indifferently.

“You! …… You are clearly looking for trouble!” Wufang was truly angered.

Storage pouch was every cultivator’s lifeblood. How could they let anyone probe it so casually? Not only were they handing over their wealth to the other party, but it was also an insult to them.

“We also don’t wish to do it. But we have no choice but to do it if you truly want us to believe your words.”

Yunzhong spoke casually.

“So you are saying there’s no space for negotiation? The way Kunlun handle matters is getting more and more overbearing. Are you trying to break the close ties between Kunlun and Shushan?” Wuyong spoke gloomily.

“Haha. Senior brother is exaggerating. Aren’t I speaking according to facts? If you are the one standing in my position, you also wouldn’t let us leave right?” Yunzhong spoke unconcernedly.

“Good! Since it’s so, then I wanna see if you have the ability to! Brothers, let’s have a taste of the strength of these brute disciples from Kunlun!” Wuyong knew that the matter could no longer be settled peacefully. Since it was so, there was no longer a need for any talks as he initiated the attack.

“Just nice, I also wish to have a taste of the skills of a Shushan expert!” Yunzhong sword brandished out, being the first one to counter back.

“Shushan sect and Kunlun sect? What’s going on? Aren’t they very close to each other? Why are they fighting each other?” Just when Shushan and Kunlun sect started to fight against each other, a lot of experts arrived from all direction as they looked at the scene before them in confusion.

“Should be dog biting dog!” One of them spoke.

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