Chapter 294: The Mysterious Heavenly God Palace

“It’s just dog biting dogs!” One of them laughed.

The experts who had rushed over weren’t only the ten great sects. Some of them were from either smaller sects or loose cultivators. However, the majority of them had formed their own alliance.

All of them either roped in each other or excluded certain people. It was especially so for Kunlun and Shushan. A lot of them was displeased with them. It was because of how overbearing they were and that they would always pick on the weak. They often used their ten great sect reputation to oppress other cultivators.

Furthermore, the majority of the time, Shushan Sect and Kunlun Sect would collude together and shame others.

Now that the spectators saw both of them fighting each other, it was naturally a good show for them.

“I think the reason they are fighting is because of the treasure.” A person laughed.

“En. Very likely. Kunlun seems to have a lot more people. Most likely because Kunlun has gotten a bigger portion causing Shushan people to feel unsatisfied.” Everyone started to have their own speculations.

However, a lot of them was waiting idly for opportunities, preparing to fish what’s leftover after their internal dispute.

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“This time, Shushan will be at a disadvantage.”

“Haha. If words are to be transmitted out, Shushan will lose all its face. Perhaps, they might even fall out with Kunlun?” When they saw Shushan had already fallen into a disadvantaged position, they felt very happy and delighted.

“Aish. What kind of treasure do you think they found? It seems like the treasure isn’t simple. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have fallen out so quickly.” When they saw how intense the battle was, a lot of them started to guess what kind of treasure was it.

“In my opinion, this treasure is definitely not simple. Looking back at that intense treasure light, I have never once seen such a majestic aura from a treasure light.” One of them spoke expectantly.

“Truly hope they will both sustain heavy injuries. I believe a lot of us here is willing to go up and further inflict more damages onto them. When the time comes, we can just snatch the treasure away!” Another one laughed.

“Tian Xuan, what’s your opinion on this?” One of them arrival group was Tianshan Sect’s Tian Xuan and Cangling Sect’s Ling Feng. They watched the intense battle from afar.

“What are you pointing at? Their battle or the mysterious treasure?” Tian Xuan stared at the battle attentively.

“The treasure of course! Do you think that they have really found the treasure?” Ling Feng questioned.

“I feel that this matter isn’t so simple. Perhaps, this might be the doing of that person.” Ling Feng frowned.

“You are saying that mysterious person?” Tian Xuan frowned as well.

“That’s right. This was the 3rd time we heard of the treasure light. Furthermore, both times we also bumped into that person. This time, I am quite certain it’s also the doing of that person.” Ling Feng analyzed.

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After all, the incidents were too coincidental. Every time the treasure light appeared, Cheng Yu would appear as well. Now that the treasure light appeared again, it was hard for him to not relate it to Cheng Yu.

“This matter is indeed fishy.” Tian Xuan nodded.

“Aren’t you able to sense if there’s any living existence underground? Try again, perhaps you might locate him.” Ling Feng said.

He felt that if there was a treasury underground the Death Forest, Cheng Yu must have discovered it. Previously, it might be because Cheng Yu had left, hence Tian Xuan couldn’t sense it. But this time, Cheng Yu might still be in him. This way, they might very likely locate his tracks.

“What you said is very reasonable. Let me try again!” Tian Xuan also noticed the key point in the situation. Arriving at a concealed spot, he flew up the sky before charging down to the ground.

All his qi was infused into the sword blade. Followingly, relying on the sword blade, his qi spread out underground as he sensed if there was any living being underground.

A quarter hour later, Tian Xuan plucked out his sword with his forehead full of sweat. He walked towards Ling Feng and shook his head.

“None? Could he have left already?” Ling Feng spoke in surprise.

“Not sure. Perhaps, it was too deep. But I wasn’t able to locate any space distortion.” Tian Xuan was very helpless to the situation. Cheng Yu was just too mysterious.


Cheng Yu trio has no idea that because of them, an intense battle was happening on the surface. If Cheng Yu were to know that both sides were Kunlun and Shushan respectively, he would certainly cheer on them!

“Heavenly God Palace! This is the Heavenly God Palace!” Cheng Yu murmured.

This palace was clearly larger than the four palaces by a lot more. Standing in the main hall made them look extremely puny. The enormous obelisk was like a tree. Furthermore, it seemed as if every obelisk was extending itself towards heaven. Everywhere was carved with drawings. In every painting, there was an incomparable large tree extending itself towards the sky.

Below the tree was filled with people. There were elderly, kids, woman, cultivators. It seemed as if there were all kinds of people there. But every one of them kneels in front of the tree sincerely as if they were praying or paying respect to it.

“Heavenly God Palace? Senior brother, you are saying this palace is called Heavenly God Palace? How come you will know of its name?” Tian Xing heard Cheng Yu’s murmured as he questioned curiously.

Cheng Yu didn’t speak as he walked towards the throne. Similar to the other four palaces, a huge green key was hovering above the throne. However, the key looked like the tree within the painting.

Swoosh~ Swoosh~ Swoosh~ Swoosh! The four keys on Cheng Yu flew own on their own initiative. They hovered around the green key as they shone in radiance. However, the four keys were hovering slightly lower than the green key, as if they were protecting it.

Cheng Yu followed similar steps, dripping his blood onto the green key. The green key shone in dazzling green rays, lighting up the palace in green. The trio immediately felt their mind turning refresh. It was as if it brought forth life and hoped to personal life.

Five keys flew above Cheng Yu as it rotated in lightning speed. Moments later, five of it dissolved themselves into Cheng Yu’s body.
A scene immediately appeared in his mind. In the scene, within a big forest, every spot of it was covered in exquisite buildings. The place was filled with people as the commoners lived their lives in peace. Every one of their faces was brimming in happiness making it seem like a beautiful, rich and illustrious location.

Above the city forest, there were five majestic and imposing palace hovering.

What worth exclaiming in admiration was that at the center of the five palaces, there was an incomparable enormous erect tree.

The scene was very similar to the picture. At the huge plaza, a lot of people kneeled down while both their hands were placed onto the ground with their forehead slightly touching it. Everyone seemed very sincere.

However, the tree suddenly jolted, causing the palaces to sway intensively. Cracks started to appear on the ground as dark clouds started to cover the skies. Thunder resonated from the cloud as if the whole sky was about to collapse down. All those people’s faces were filled with terror as they escaped.

The sky turned pitch-black as countless miserable scream resounded in all directions.

Continuing on, the sky returned back normal but the beautiful buildings had all disappeared. The peaceful city forest became ruins. Other than crumbling fences and dilapidated walls, the remaining ones were those victims who had survived from the disasters that were filled with injuries.

The tree that was guarded by those palaces had also disappeared while the five palaces were all crushed as they sunk down. Ultimately, all of them suck deep into the ground.

The originally a happy and blessed city had instantly disappeared, leaving behind ruins and also a countless number of corpses.

“Senior brother! Senior brother! ……” Just when the scene had finished playing, a voice was transmitted over to Cheng Yu’s ear.

“Ah? What’s wrong?” Cheng Yu woke up. His mind was in a miss. Could that be how the Death Forest was supposed to look like? But why? Why would it bring forth a disaster?

Cheng Yu tried his best to submerge himself back into the drawing, hoping to get more information. However, his brain had as if been swiped clean. Not a scene appeared as he wished to.

Cheng Yu took out the five keys, infusing qi into them. However, none of them responded.
“Senior brother, what’s wrong with you? Why have you blanked out? Are you alright?” When Tian Xing saw the five keys dissolving into Cheng Yu’s body, Cheng Yu had blanked out immediately. He thought something had happened to Cheng Yu.

“Nothing much. Just remembered something.” Cheng Yu was still half-minded in a confusion state. Originally, he thought that by entering the Heavenly God Palace, he would be able to solve the puzzle of this Death Forest. But after watching the scene, more missing puzzles appeared within his mind.

“That’s better. Senior brother, then we are going to search if this palace has any god water first.” Tian Xing spoke expectantly.

“En. Sure. You can take a look around the outer area first.” Unable to find any clues, Cheng Yu could only look for the clues at another location.

“Wa! What a beautiful garden!” Passing through the main hall, they arrived before a huge land of a garden. Tian Xue immediately grew excited.

A large lake was positioned in the middle with a pavilion above it.

The lake was filled in greenery and petals, making it extremely beautiful. Regretfully, a lot of places had been destroyed.

In Cheng Yu’s opinion, this was simply too extravagant and a wonder. According to Cheng Yu’s conjecture, this garden should be at least a few kilometers long!

“Senior sister, senior brother! Come over and have a look! There’s actually fishes inside this lake!” Tian Xing squatted beside the lake as he cried out in excitement.

“……” Cheng Yu came over to the lakeside. Unexpectedly, there were fishes in the lake! Cheng Yu was thoroughly dumbfounded by the situation.

According to the information, Cheng Yu got from the scenes, this palace had submerged into the ground for countless years. Perhaps even ten thousand over years. Although lots of their buildings had been destroyed, for a lifeform to survive until now, this was truly unexpected.

Seem like lots of secrets were being concealed within this Heavenly God Palace.

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