Chapter 584: Seeking revenge for the smallest grievance (Part 2)

(Part 2)

“That depends on whether you have the ability!” Aluosi gnashed his teeth and said. Although he knew that this kid was completely different from before, how could he ruin the reputation of a dragon elder?

“You will see right away whether I do,” Long Yi said coldly. With a thought, a silverish purple radiance flashed out from his glabella, and lightning streaked across the clear and sunny sky. Now, Long Yi’s entire body was shrouded in purple light. The Lightning God armor appeared on his body first, then the Lightning God arm guard and the Lightning God war boots. Finally, the Lightning God helmet appeared, and lightning bolts hit his right hand as he summoned Lightning God Hammer.

Long Yi uttered a long, loud cry, and the pressure of the Main God made everyone retreat several steps back. The thick and heavy Lightning God suit of armor made people feel fear in their hearts.

“Heaven Shocking Mad Lightning Dragon!” Long Yi gave a loud shout, and the Lightning God Hammer in his hand became huge. Carrying a might capable of annihilating life, it smashed towards Elder Aluosi.

Although Long Yi had yet to completely inherit the power of the Lightning God, it was not difficult to take care of this Aluosi. Even against the dragon that had reached the Dragon God realm, he had had the strength to fight. If he truly inherited the complete power of the Lightning God, then even the Dragon God with Devouring Dragon Physique would not be his opponent. That would be the might of one of the seven Main Gods.

The huge Lightning God Hammer continuously followed the figure of Aluosi as if a maggot attached to the bones. The surrounding space was completely filled with crackling electric currents.


Aluosi gave out a horrible shriek as the Lightning God Hammer smashed into his arm, sending him flying while vomiting blood along his arc, before slamming against the nearby mountain. Now, a powerful electric current flowed around his body, and his burned black beard and hair stood erect.

The other six dragon elders, upon seeing that this situation was anything but reassuring, simultaneously stepped in front of Aluosi and faced Long Yi’s might while gritting their teeth.

At that time, Niur who Liuli had been holding felt irritated for some unknown reason. She struggled free from Liuli’s bosom and transformed into a twenty or so meter-long black dragon. The golden Dragon God’s heart hanging from her dragon neck shone brightly under the sunlight.

Then, Niur issued a dragon roar and opened her dragon mouth wide. A huge suction force shrouded the seven dragon elders. In her heart, all those who hostile to Long Yi were bad fellows. In the past, Long Yi didn’t allow her to make a move, so she had obediently stayed still, but today, she had decided to make a move for an unknown reason.

“Devouring Dragon Physique!” The elders exclaimed. They cooperated to resist the powerful suction force from Niur, but their energy was still leaking out little by little.

Although Niur had the Devouring Dragon Physique, she was still in her growth period. She couldn’t display even one-tenth of her true power; therefore, if these seven elders cooperated, Niur wouldn’t be able to absorb their energy. However, in the Dragon God’s heart she wore was the entire essence, qi and spirit of that guardian Dragon God. Under its stimulation, her suction power was suddenly strengthened a lot.

“Stop!” At that time, a dazzling golden light streak across the sky, and a powerful dragon power cut off Niur’s sucking. The Dragon King in his huge dragon form appeared in the sky. As a dragon that was about to breakthrough to Dragon God realm, his strength was unfathomable.

“Niur, return.” Long Yi put away the Lightning God suit of armor and called back Niur.

Upon hearing Long Yi, Niur stopped attacking and observed the Dragon King in the sky for a bit. She rushed into Long Yi’s bosom after transforming into her humanoid form.

After seeing both sides had stopped, the Dragon King also transformed into a mighty middle-aged man wearing golden armor.

“Father emperor!” Seeing the Dragon King, Midi’er and Leguxiya knew that they couldn’t hide nor run, so they toughened their scalps and greeted him with forced happiness.

Dragon King, however, just waved his hand. He didn’t scold them as they had imagined.

“Lightning God inheritor, you took advantage of the time when I was in seclusion to steal my Dragon King Seal and many treasures of my collection. I will not look into it for the time being. Merely, can you tell me what the guardian Dragon God told you in his last moments? I don’t believe that you alone were able to break the Divine Slaying Array of our Dragon Clan’s forbidden land.” Dragon King calmly asked while watching Long Yi. But he still unintentionally emitted that invisible might.

“Then I thank you Dragon King for being magnanimous.” Long Yi meaningfully looked at Dragon King and smiled. Now, he was clear that Dragon King had intentionally let him steal Dragon King Seal but not those treasures. Still, it was impossible to make Long Yi spit out what he had already eaten.

“Indeed, the Divine Slaying Array laid down by that guardian Dragon God was not something I could easily crack. Look at this Dragon God’s heart on Niur’s neck, I think you should understand its meaning. He gave over half his power to her.” Long Yi said while fiddling with that heart-shaped pendant shining with golden light on Niur’s neck.

Dragon King sighed softly and said, “It turns out it was like that. There is ancestral teaching held by the Dragon Race: once the Devouring Dragon Physique appears in the world, he or she will become the leader of the entire Dragon Race. Guardian Dragon God must also meant this; thus, my Divine Dragon Clan will comply with it.” After speaking, he turned to the seven elders and said, “I wonder if you elders have any objections.”

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“We have no objections, we will comply with our ancestral teachings,” The seven elders respectfully said. They were obstinate because they adhered to the past practices, and they would meticulously carry out the clan rules. Therefore, they had no objections to this ancestral teaching. Moreover, Long Yi who terrified them because he was the inheritor of the Lightning God. This meant that he would become one of the seven Main Gods in the future, having supreme authority within the Divine Realm.

“Actually, Demonic Dragon Clan is also counted as a part of the Dragon Race. Do they also comply with this ancestral teaching?” Long Yi suddenly asked. He had not expected that the Devouring Dragon Physique of Niur would bring such a benefit. If he had known earlier, he would have just brought her along with them from the beginning and paved the way in this way. There had been no need to intrude upon the forbidden land of the Dragon Clan. But, thinking about it, everything was destined. Without intruding upon the forbidden land of the Dragon Clan, how could they have met that guardian Dragon God and experience the might of the Divine Slaying Array? In addition, he also wouldn’t have known the self-sacrifice made by that great leader of the Dragon Clan. This had truly been a precious experience.

“Demonic Dragon Clan are the members of the Dragon Clan that abandoned the  Light God and wallowed in degeneration. We haven’t acknowledged them as the same race as us since long ago,” The fat Elder Feili harrumphed.

“Whether you acknowledge the truth or not means nothing. The sun does not rise in the night by your say. They are a part of the Dragon Race as long as you all follow the same leader and have the same goal. In the world, the greatest thing is not exclusion but integration.” Long Yi indifferently said looking at Elder Feili. If he could use the prestige of Niur’s Devouring Dragon Physique in the Dragon Race to integrate both the Divine Dragon Clan and Demonic Dragon Clan, that would be the best because the guardian Dragon God had said that the appearance of the Devouring Dragon Physique was a herald of the beginning of calamity. And thinking about the bad end of the seven Main Gods, that calamity would not be an ordinary calamity. Besides having more strength was always better.

“You are right. In this world, the greatest thing is not exclusion but integration. The Demonic Dragon Clan and our Divine Dragon Clan were spawned with the same veins. Although their beliefs are different, they are also a part of our Dragon Race, and we will both be under the same leader,” Dragon King said after Long Yi. A hint of interest flashed through his golden pupils.

Long Yi looked at Dragon King and said with a smile, “Since we have already reached a consensus, there is no need to accuse these two innocent dragons as sinners. Moreover, it just so happened that the so-called sinners have given birth to your Dragon Race’s leader with the Devouring Dragon Physique. Now, shouldn’t Dragon King release Fandi and Sa Lianya?”

Dragon King made the seriously injured Aluosi return to heal his injuries. He, along with the remaining six elders, walked in front of Fandi and Salianya.

“Little sister, you have suffered.” Dragon King’s emotions suddenly fluctuated abnormally. He walked to the front of the unconscious Salianya and sighed, caressing her dragon head. Unexpectedly, his eyes were somewhat wet. Ever since his own biological younger sister had been imprisoned in the forbidden land and tortured, he often felt pain as if his heart had been cut. He always felt sorry for her because he was unable to protect her. In the past when Dragon Race had been tracking them, he had secretly let them run away several times, but the elders had still found them in the end.

“At that time, the soul of the guardian Dragon God had personally used these black iron chains to imprison them here. We simply don’t know how to free them,” Elder Feili admitted to Long Yi.

The corners of Long Yi’s mouth twitched. If even Dragon King didn’t know how to undo these black iron chains, he could only use the method he had come up with and take the risk. If by any chance something happened, how could he explain it to Liuxu and Niur? In all these years, Liuxu had been cultivating strenuously for revenge, but later, hearing her parents from Midi’er that her parents were actually still alive, she had gained great hope. If by chance they died, then that would be the cruelest thing in the world for her. The damage would be a lot worse than before. Perhaps, she would go mad, or perhaps, she might sink into self-torturing herself for the rest of her life.

“Elder Feili is right. I wonder whether you have any way to undo these black iron chains without injuring them.” Dragon King looked at Long Yi with a gaze full of expectation.

Long Yi told his previous method to Dragon King along with the possible risks.

Dragon King remained silent for a long time, and his expression changed countless times. Finally, he sighed softly, “The only way is to leave their life and death to Heaven’s will.”

At that time, Liuli jerked Long Yi’s sleeve and said softly, “Young Master, we should bring big sister Liuxu here. If I was her, I would rather stay here to see my parents; otherwise, I would regret it for the rest of my life.”

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Having heard what was said, Long Yi nodded his head. If by any chance something unexpected happened, Liuxu would never be able to see her parents even during their final moments. In addition, with Niur and her here, Fandi and Salianya might hold on because of their familial love.

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