Chapter 585: Difficult rescue

(Part 1)

At that time, another two golden lights shot over from beyond the horizon. These two, however, were Teresa and Xingxing. They landed outside the valley.

“Big brother Long!” Xingxing looked around, and when her gaze fell upon Long Yi, she suddenly burst into a happy smile.

The Dragon King and the elders looked at Teresa in surprise. Her dragon power had been sealed. How had she resolved it?

“Teresa greets Dragon King and elders.” Teresa ignored their gazes and calmly greeted. She had been continuously paying close attention to the situation within the forbidden area, so she had naturally noticed such a big activity. Seeing that there had been no movement within the transmission array located at her house and that the seven elders and the Dragon King had rushed over here in succession, she was worried about the safety of Long Yi’s group; therefore, she had gritted her teeth and also rushed over with Xingxing, thinking that if they were in danger, she would try her best to protect them no matter what had occurred.

Long Yi walked over while holding Niur. In his heart, he knew very well why Teresa had come over. He softly said, “Thank you. Sorry for making you worry.”

“It was all Xingxing. This girl was so noisy, saying she wanted to see you. I, however, just brought her here. Don’t think too much about it.” Teresa warmly smiled and cleverly pushed the reason to her daughter. She believed that Long Yi would understand. Sometimes, cumbersome words of gratefulness were not needed when actions were taken out of concern for a friend.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and smiled. He carried Little Xingxing in his bosom along with Niur, one on the left and one on the right. Both of them were very cute. With gentle Teresa standing beside Long Yi, they looked just like a warm family.

“Niur, she is younger sister, Xingxing. Quickly introduce yourself,” Long Yi said with a smile. Actually, Niur appeared somewhat younger than Xingxing. If Niur hadn’t absorbed the energy of the guardian Dragon God in the forbidden land of the Dragon Clan and grown up a little, she would have appeared much younger. This might also be because of her special physique.

Niur watched Xingxing for a while. She had never met anyone who was similar in size to her. At this moment, she was very happy and happily said in her immature voice, “Younger sister Xingxing, my name is Niur. Hereafter, call me big sister; I will protect you.”

Xingxing was also happy. She was not unwilling to call Niur “Big Sister” even though Niur appeared somewhat younger than herself. In the Divine Dragon Archipelago, she had been too lonely. And at this time, upon meeting a big sister who was about the same age as her, how could she not be happy? The two little girls immediately snuggled close together within the bosom of Long Yi.

Long Yi turned his head to look at Dragon King and said, “Dragon King, I request you to look after Fandi and Salianya for the time being. I will go and bring your other niece. In any case, we have to reunite their whole family before we decide on a treatment.”

“That’s natural…” Dragon King nodded his head and said. Then, he looked at his cousin Teresa and appeared as if he wanted to say something but stopped. He wanted to ask how she had gotten rid of the seal, but after thinking about it, he didn’t need to ask. Just looking at how close Long Yi and this pair of mother and daughter were, everything was clear. Since this kid has such great capabilities, I hope he can save my younger sister too.

“Barbarian Bull, Li Qing, let’s go,” Long Yi said and disappeared in front of everyone along with the two little girls he had been holding.


In the imperial palace of the Nalan Empire, Liuxu was sitting in the viewing platform with a restless heart. The roaring sea waves were slamming against the cliff, creating water splashes that glimmered under the sunlight. However, she had no time to appreciate this scene. She felt very nervous in her heart and greatly agitated.

“Big sister Liu, come and eat something!” Nalan Ruyue, carrying a tray, walked over. These days, Liuxu had always been so restless, merely staring across the ocean. Nalan Ruyue was very worried looking at her frail body, so whenever she had spare time, she would come over to chat to loosen her feelings.

Liuxu didn’t refuse Nalan Ruyue’s good intentions and sat together with her on a bench. These days, she was very grateful to Nalan Ruyue for worrying about her. She indeed needed a company to comfort her pent-up emotions.

“Big sister Liu, can you guess where Mother and Sisters are now?” Nalan Ruyue deliberately avoided talking about Long Yi. She talked about Dongfang Wan and Nangong Xinagyun and their other sisters. This big group of women had gone to Icy Wind City after strolling around the Nalan Empire.

“I heard Mea Principality has also built a transfer magic array. I think they will absolutely go there to join in the fun.” Liuxu followed the topic of Nalan Ruyue. Such light chatter truly eased her mood.

“I also think so. Big sister Sui Ruoyan and Linna, however, are from Mea Principality. Moreover, Eleven Forest is also nearby, they will definitely take a stop to Elven Forest to meet Luxiya. And as luck would have it, Elven Forest truly is very beautiful…” Nalan Ruyue smiled and said while thinking about the day when the Nalan Empire would completely merge with Violent Dragon Empire. She would give up power then and be free from her position. Like that, she would also be able to freely stroll around everywhere together with her other sisters. And if Long Yi also joined the group, that would be very wonderful.

Liuxu didn’t reply. Her beautiful pupils were also somewhat blurred like Nalan Ruyue’s, recalling those days when she had happily lived with her parents in Illusory Forest.

“What are you two chatting about? Looking at your smitten appearances, were you two thinking about me?” A familiar voice suddenly resounded in the ears of the two women.

Liuxu and Nalan Ruyue immediately turned their heads and saw a man with a beautiful smile reclining on the windowsill of the viewing platform who was watching them with a warm gaze.

“My husband, you came back!” Nalan Ruyue excitedly jumped up like a little girl and rushed towards Long Yi. In any case, there were no outsiders here, so no one else could see the hidden womanly side of this famous empress.

Long Yi pulled Nalan Ruyue into his bosom and kissed her. Then holding her waist, he spun around a few rounds.

Nalan Ruyue happily smiled. She affectionately nestled in Long Yi’s bosom for a while before gently pushing him away. Since Liuxu was alongside her, she didn’t want to occupy Long Yi for too long. She knew that the return of Long Yi definitely had something to do with the matters of Liuxu’s parents.

Long Yi walked over to Liuxu and saw that she was looking at him with expectation and also fear. He couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

“Long Yi, did you find my father and mother?” Liuxu was very nervous. She grabbed the warm big hand of Long Yi as if she wanted to draw some courage through his warmth.

Long Yi also held Liuxu’s little hands and gravely said, “I found them. Your father and mother are still alive, but… you need to be mentally prepared to hear this.”

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Originally, Liuxu was very happy hearing the first half, but hearing the other half, her heart sank. She bit her lower lip and said, “Take me to them now. I want to see them.”

Long Yi nodded his head and looked at Nalan Ruyue. But, she quickly said, “My husband, quickly go with big sister Liu! Furthermore, take good care of her.”

Long Yi felt warm in his heart. With such a wife, what more could a husband ask for?

Long Yi quickly returned to the Divine Dragon Archipelago with Liuxu using the transfer magic array.

“Father, mother…” When Liuxu saw the miserable conditions of her parents, she sadly cried and rushed toward them. She had always been tough and tensile. She had never shed tears, but now, tears freely flowed down her cheeks as she wailed. This scene was heartbreaking. Who would not feel as if a knife were being twisted into one’s heart upon seeing one’s close kin in such a miserable condition?

Although Niur had a child-like temperament in addition to lacking an impression of her parents, seeing her big sister cry so miserably, she also cried in the bosom of Long Yi. There was a certain feeling of pain, and she was merely following her feelings. She felt indescribably unwell and inexplicably wanted to cry. She also didn’t understand why her big sister was so sad, but seeing her grieved like this, she felt even sadder.

“Xu’er… don’t cry. Being able to see you again in this life, this father has no regrets.” Fandi comforted Liuxu in his hoarse voice. But, his ghastly hollow eyes made Liuxu feel even sadder.

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“It was because of you all! I will kill you all!” Liuxu could no longer control her emotions. She roared and transformed into an over hundred meter long dragon with a body that alternated black with golden streaks. Then, she released her dragon breath towards the Dragon King and the elders while swinging her huge dragon tail everywhere in grief and indignation.

Under the signal of Dragon King, the elders didn’t counterattack and merely dodged the attack of Liuxu. Although the current strength of Liuxu was pretty good, compared to Dragon King and the other elders of the Dragon Clan, there was still a sizable gap. Her crazy attacks only consumed her energy; moreover, with their strength, they could easily subdue her too if they so wished.

“Liuxu, enough, do you still want to save your parents or not?” Seeing Liuxu had nearly finished venting her emotions, Long Yi shouted to her.

Sure enough, hearing her parents could still be saved, Liuxu immediately calmed down and transformed back into her humanoid form. She landed beside Long Yi, then looked at him with tearful eyes.

Long Yi affectionately wiped her tears and gently pulled her into his bosom. Then patting her back, he said, “I am here. I will help you. For you, I would hold up the sky.”

Feeling Long Yi’s warmth, the panicked heart of Liuxu gradually calmed down, and she tightly hugged the waist of Long Yi. For the first time in her life, she felt that this man was indispensable to her.

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