Chapter 169: Victory!

Li Fei Fei and Zhou Yu Hui’s had already entered the stands, and Li Ling Zhen, who considered everyone beneath her, just casually found a seat.

The two men brought by Zuo Ming Ming were also friends of Li Fei Fei.

However, remembering her previously cold attitude, they simply greeted her before leaving.

As soon as Li Fei Fei heard the roar of the engines, her heartbeat was frantic as she involuntarily grabbed Zhou Yu Hui’s little hand.

However, she did not realize that her palms were equally wet.

Zhou Yu Hui had a better understanding of cars than Li Fei Fei, or else she would not have been able to borrow a GTR, nor would she understand the power of an Audi R8.

Her eyes were glued to the signal lights and her heart was in her throat.  


Although she had a certain understanding of Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s skill, he didn’t actually have a car, so she didn’t know if he would be able to handle such a scene.

Also, the Audi R8 uses the Lamborghini engine; a V8 direct-injection engine.

It could be told by the sound of the engine that the GTR she borrowed was more inferior.  

The roar of the two sports cars continued to increase in volume.

As the light finally reached its peak, the two cars sped away at the same time.

Once the red GTR sped away, Zhou Yu Hui finally breathed out normally with a “Hu!”

The stressful situation just now nearly made her choke.

Only after the distance between the two cars increased by two car lengths did she turn to look at Li Fei Fei.


“How is it?” Li Fei Fei’s small face was white, and she had been biting her lips all this time, so there was a bloody print on them.

Zhou Yu Hui wiped the sweat from her brow as she quietly said, “Su Ke’s skill level should be higher than Zuo Ming Ming by quite a bit! At the start, Su Ke won beautifully, so now we just wait for the final results!”

However, Zhou Yu Hui did not tell Li Fei Fei the gap between the two cars.

In fact, she had noticed from the beginning that the Audi R8 had been modified, so she was afraid that the performance would improve quite a lot.

Zuo Ming Ming’s eyes were bright red. He didn’t expect that he would have fallen behind by so much when they started together. He borrowed this Audi R8 after calling in favors and spending a lot of effort. Plus, he heard that Li Ling Long had just completed a modification in Macau.

The red GTR was getting further and further ahead as he pondered.

His expression became malevolent as he slammed on the accelerator without care.


Like a cheetah running on the grassland, his line of sight opened widely.

All the things he saw were quickly flying by, forming a vague shadow.

Su Ke slowly began to relax and adjust to a more comfortable sitting position.

The sound of the engine was like the rhythm of a battlefield, inspiring people.

The left turn, changing directions, the brakes, and the throttle were all like flowing water.

His turns were very smooth with no sloppiness.

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Only then did Su Ke remember to look at Zuo Ming Ming.

In the rearview mirror, Zuo Ming Ming’s Audi R8 just appeared from the corner, the speed had dropped significantly, and even the body had some sense of sway.

He seemed to be using a lot of effort to control the car.


Su Ke’s mouth was slightly upturned into a smile. Without hesitation, he stepped on the accelerator again, instantly pulling further away from Zuo Ming Ming.

Driving through a turn and strongly pushing forward; the engine’s howling, the vibration of the tire, the constantly rising tachometer, it all caused Su Ke’s blood to boil, giving him an unparalleled smoothness.

All of his movements were done naturally. The more he did it, the more comfortable he was.

Su Ke had long thrown the competition aside, thoroughly enjoying the thrill of speed.


“Su Ke seems to be winning!” In the stands, although the two cars had long become small, the red GTR and the blue R8 could still be clearly identified, causing Zhou Yu Hui to become excited when he heard her words.

She then grabbed Li Fei Fei’s arm and pointed at the little red dot far away.

“Fei Fei, you see, Su Ke is at least one kilometer ahead of Zuo Ming Ming!”

In Li Fei Fei’s eyes, the red dot was like an erratic firefly, flying freely along the road.

Every corner was easy to pass. Compared to that, the blue R8 seemed like a cumbersome old-fashioned ox cart. It was more like a drunken savage, and it was getting slower and slower.


The two girls held hands and stood side by side, their faces full of joyful smiles as they exclaimed, “Su Ke is going reach the end!”  

Li Ling Long couldn’t sit still from all the anxiety, so she stood up.

The arrogant expression on her face disappeared and was replaced with a more solemn one.  

She chewed on her gum even faster, her gaze following Su Ke with a trace of heat in her eyes.

Li Fei Fei looked at the red GTR quickly breaking through the finish line, so she quickly asked, “Hey! How did Su Ke finish?”

Just as she was about to cheer, she realized that Su Ke had no intention of stopping at all.

He hurtled past them and turned into a silhouette in a blink of an eye.


Everyone was shocked, but it was Zhou Yu Hui who exclaimed, “Who knows!”

However, the results of the competition will eventually appear.

Who won and who lost was obvious, so the two girls relaxed.

Uncaringly, they sat down to enjoy this.  

Zuo Ming Ming entered a right corner and hurriedly stepped on the brakes, punching the steering wheel as he yelled, “F*ck!” The car suddenly seemed to be out of control, and it scared him out of his wits. He slammed on the brakes, but he didn’t expect to stop in his original position.

His whole body had been soaked in sweat for a long time. After watching Su Ke’s silhouette quickly disappear, the confidence in his driving skills and the confidence in the R8 had fallen to the bottom. Flustered, he had to start the car twice before the engine finally started.


However, before he could relax, he suddenly found a red GTR in his rearview mirror.

While he was still in shock, the other car had suddenly brushed past.

“F*ck, that’s the second time!”

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Only then did Su Ke discover that he had already surpassed Zuo Ming Ming by a whole lap.

It seemed that he had just driven very happily, to the point where he forgot about the competition. Su Ke shook his head as he thought, ‘since it’s already come to this, let’s go!’


As time went by, Su Ke’s manipulation of the GTR had already reached the point of being controlled by his arms. Similarly, as time passed, he finally broke through the finish line again. However, this time, he slowed down before parking and getting out.

He then suddenly saw Li Fei Fei jump towards him and yell, “You won! Su Ke, you won!”

Su Ke looked at Li Fei Fei that was rushing towards him and naturally opened his arms. Suddenly, he could feel two pieces of meat push against his chest, causing him to nearly stumble.


Editor Note: The real title is “Victory over the R8”. I censored it so it wouldn’t give anything away and to make it more exciting. 

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