Chapter 168: GTR vs R8

Pegasus Racing Track, one of the most professional racing tracks in China.

They had gotten the approval of the International Federation of Automobile Sports as well.

This track had fulfilled the international safety precautions, and it had hosted the Formula One Racing and MotoGP, car championships, and other important domestic and international events.

As one of the few racing tracks in the North, it had long become a place for people to come, have fun, and race. It was also a test driving center.

It had become the highlight of Wei Hai City’s tourism.


Su Ke2Su KeMain Character grabbed the leather steering wheel with both hands, feeling a comfortable and stable vibration. On the center of the steering wheel was the English letters ‘GTR’.

Even though it was rather slow, the strength of the engine had already let the body of the car vibrate.

A good car is different!

Zhou Yu Hui was immensely pleased with herself as she leaned against the back seat and said, “How is it? Even though this GTR is the ‘98 model, it’s genuine goods and it’s well-maintained. However, the car that girls drive has not been modified a lot, if not it would be able to kill all enemies! If it wasn’t for the fact that I came out myself, normal people wouldn’t be able to come across such a gem!”


Even though the back seat of the GTR wasn’t spacious, but for two girls, it was more than enough. Su Ke’s eyes were on the front, looking at the approaching Pegasus Racing Track before nodding his head slightly.

“Fei Fei, do you hear what I’m saying!? Zuo Ming Ming, that brat, would definitely find a good car.”

Right after saying that, Zhou Yu Hui suddenly saw two cars parked right outside of the Pegasus Racing Track; a white and a blue Audi.

Zuo Ming Ming was standing in front of the white Audi talking with two other people.

Su Ke followed Zhou Yu Hai’s line of sight to the blue car; it was very lustrous and sparkling. Just the paint job alone made the car look superior and ostentatious, very aggressive.

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“Fei Fei, you’re here!” Zuo Ming Ming saw Su Ke and his group alighting from the car and quickly walked over. He was wearing a red racing uniform, looking neat and tidy, like a professional. In his arms was a helmet.

Comparatively, Su Ke was in a T-shirt and shorts, which was obviously one step lower.

“En!” Originally, Li Fei Fei didn’t have any good impression of him.

However, their families were long-time friends, so it couldn’t be helped.

She just nodded her head coldly and silently to his greeting.


Zuo Ming Ming glanced at Su Ke, the fear from the previous humiliation still lingered as he said, “Why don’t we go in first? I’ve already booked the track!”

Even though he didn’t dare to carelessly provoke him, but the resentment in his eyes was rather obvious. Zuo Ming Ming and his two friends then got into the Audi.

Following the movement of the car, the blue R8 also followed along unhurriedly.


After going in, his line of sight was wide open as he looked around the room and saw a row of screens neatly arranged on the sides. Every big-named car brand had set up a shop here. It was unexpectedly noisy so early in the morning. He didn’t know whether it was because there was a meeting, or if there was a test-drive going on, but there were quite a few cars.

It was only then that the door of the blue R8 opened for the first time. From the inside, a young woman came out. She looked like she was in her early 20s, her skin was slightly tanned, and her hair was in cornrows. She had phoenix eyes, a sharp chin, and her gaze held some arrogance.

Zuo Ming Ming saw the girl alight, so he quickly introduced her, “Fei Fei, this is a senior from our country’s largest race club, Li Ling Long. Sister Ling Long, this is my good friend, Li Fei Fei. The other two are Zhou Yu Hui, and this, this is Su Ke!”

When he spoke to the end, Zuo Ming Ming was still pointing at Su Ke.


Li Ling Long had no interest in the two girls at all as she stepped forward and tilted her head at him before asking, “You’re Su Ke?”

“I am!”

Unexpectedly, this girl actually stood in front of him; he couldn’t help but inspect her from top to bottom. Cornrows and a white t-shirt that had a fluorescent green skull printed on it.

For her bottom, she was wearing grey skateboard shorts. Her whole being gave off a leisurely hip-hop feeling.

“I heard from Zuo Ming Ming that you’re very good!” When Li Ling Long spoke, she was naturally hugging her shoulders, chewing gum.

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Once she finished, the corner of her lips slowly lifted up into a smile as she lightly laughed.


He rubbed his nose and asked, “Any advice?!”

Since the woman alighted, until now, she had always given off the feeling of an overbearing bully, making Su Ke dislike her.

“Hmph! Wait until you beat Zuo Ming Ming!”

After she finished speaking, she tossed the keys over in a parabola, directly dropping them into Zuo Ming Ming’s hands.

Only after he got the keys to the R8 did Zuo Ming Ming have a bit of confidence as he exclaimed, “Thank you, Sister Ling Long!”

He then raised a provocative eyebrow at Su Ke before pointing at one of the screens.


After handling the temporary site insurance and signing a non-liability contract, the workers told Su Ke and Zuo Ming Ming some things they should pay attention to.

However, since they both brought their own cars, they could just skip that step.

“Race a section? Or a circle?”

Zuo Ming Ming’s fingers kept playing with the car keys, his calm and composed demeanor was like he had victory in his grasp.

Su Ke shrugged his shoulders as he exclaimed, “Anything!”

Just by the feeling when he drove the GTR just now, he was also full of confidence.

On the drive here, Zhou Yu Hui had briefly explained what the competition would be about.

The overall length of the Pegasus Racing Track is 545 kilometers with seven left turns and six right turns.

If one section was going to take 25 minutes, it would be unknown how long they would take to finish the whole track.


Zuo Ming Ming’s mouth curved aggressively as he spoke, “If you want to compete, let’s make it clean; one round will decide our victory or defeat!”

There wasn’t the imagined sexy girl holding the black and white flag, nor was there a girl throwing her bra as the signal for the start of the race.

The blue Audi R8 and the red GTR both entered the runway.

At the starting point, the huge light signal lit up.

Both of them grasped their steering wheels, their gazes straight ahead.

Su Ke started to adjust his breathing as he stepped on the gas pedal and clutch.

The roar of the engine was louder than a wave, like the howling of a beast.

As the car vibrated, the blood in his body boiled.


The first row of yellow lights lit up.

Su Ke stretched his neck and his eyes narrowed as he readied himself.

Two rows of green lights lit up.

Two rows of yellow lights lit up.

The driving skill reward sent Su Ke into a strange state as he stared ahead.

It was completely instinctive as he stepped on the accelerator and brakes at the same time before loosening. The car didn’t move a single inch, but the tires rotated frantically, like a powerful arrow that could cut through the sky.


Once all the red lights had lit up, Su Ke felt his entire body tense up as he pressed on the accelerator as hard as he could.

The speed of rotation of the wheels had exceeded 5000.

Suddenly, all of the lights were extinguished, so he quickly relaxed on the brakes and slammed down on the gas pedal,

The red GTR was like a flame as it quickly powered out of the starting line.


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