Chapter 246: Deathless Situation

But as for what happened today… mark his words, Principal Chen of the town middle school, he’ll definitely remember this!

The people who’ll remember this incident wasn’t restricted to Ye Zifan alone. Everyone who witnessed this dramatic scene first hand would definitely remember, and definitely wouldn’t forget for a very long time.

Fiery sun in June, flowing heat in July (T/N: Two idioms here, first part means that June is when Summer is the hottest, second part means that the hottest time has passed during July, and the surroundings is losing heat). Ye Jian —who had finally migrated her household register—  had received royal attention for around twenty days. Her days that had finally settled down, was interrupted by Ye Ying’s appearance at the classroom’s doorway. Now, a new wave of royal attention was once again about to come her way.

One was sitting down with a good complexion, the other had a pale complexion and stood at the doorway. The instant their eyes met, the gaze from the pale-faced Ye Ying became much chillier.

Faced with it, Ye Jian responded with a slight curve her lips, giving her a faint smile in return.

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Ye Ying, noticed it and gently moved her feet as everyone in the class gazed at her. She moved directly towards Ye Jian, and did something that was so surprising that it almost caused An Jiaxin’s jaw to drop to the floor.

“Ye Jian, I’m really sorry.” She walked over, and actually… apologized with a honest look on her face, “My mom can sometimes act irresponsibly, she does anything she wants. I’ve wanted to apologize all this time, but because of my health issues I only got discharged from the hospital last night.”

“I’m really sorry that I didn’t give you an apology in time.” Not only did she say her apology, she also expressed it with a forward bow.

Ye Jian stood up leisurely. By the time she stood up straight, her smiling gaze had fixated itself on Ye Ying, who was getting better at holding herself back. “I hope that by next year, we will be able to get along peacefully, I also hope the Mayoress will think twice before doing such a thing again. Since she’s an officer’s wife, I believe that our Mayor and his family wouldn’t like the city’s disciplinary inspectors to hear of some random rumors.”

Disciplinary inspectors, d*mned lass! She’s hiding threat behind in her words!

“Naturally, I too hope that we can get along peacefully from now on, also, thank you for your reminder, I will inform my mother to be more cautious.” Ye Ying smiled while gritting her teeth in the inside. Her gaze made it look like she had a relaxed smile, but was actually ice cold.

An Jiaxin, who was staring dumbfounded at them with widened eyes, didn’t even come back to her senses even after Ye Ying had left.

It wasn’t just her. The other students in the class had no idea about how to react. Only Ye Jian, who had clashed in secret with Ye Ying uncountable times before, was able to easily anger Ye Ying easily again, all with a leisurely smile on her face.

In the following days, Ye Ying was constantly subjected to unpleasant words about herself, but no matter how bad it got, she rigidly put up with them.

Ye Jian could faintly see the shadows of the Ye Ying of her past life in the way Ye Ying was acting right now.

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On September 30th, the students only had classes for half the day, they were like runaway horses after school ended early. Each and every one of them left without looking back.

Ye Jian and Principal Chen also did not look back while leaving the school. They were in a rush to board the bus heading from the town to the city by 12.30 p.m..

Tonight, they had to board a train heading towards the province, in order to reach the Provincial Great Hall of the People the next day by 9 a.m for Ye Jian to accept the commendation from the province. Time was pressing, so they couldn’t afford even a seconds delay.

After boarding the bus, Ye Ying, who was headed towards the city to study English, noticed Ye Jian climbing on board while holding onto the railings. Her hands that were at rest on her kneecaps clenched tightly as a sliver of chilliness flashed across her eyes.

“Ying Ying, pay attention, the bus is about to move.” Ye Zifan, who also noticed they, said gently. After reminding his daughter, he greeted Principal Chen who boarded the bus after Ye Jian with a smile. Not even a sliver of abnormality could be seen from him.

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