Chapter 247: Clues

This type of Ye Zifan was the version Ye Jian was most familiar with: A facade of friendliness that hid his backstabbing intentions, all the while maintaining a gentle smile and a kind attitude.

Everyone aboard knew Ye Zifan. and was already chatting along passionately. Ye Jian, who was sitting behind, whispered to Principal Chen, “Please have a rest first, five hours worth of travelling must be pretty far. Don’t overwork yourself, we still have a train to catch tonight, your body won’t be able to handle it. If we’re early for the 8pm train tonight, we’ll still have enough time to find somewhere to rest for a while.”

Last time, Xia Jinyuan had set out at 6 in the evening, and was only able to reach the city at 11 in the night.

While getting on board, she noticed Principal Chen rubbing his left shoulder in the darkness. Taking into consideration the sultry weather… along with the scorching July climate and the added moisture from the rains, it was no surprise that Principal Chen’s shoulder, which had been shot by a gun, started to hurt.

Ahead of them, Ye Zifan turned his head and looked across the seat and spoke to Principal Chen, “Principal Chen, we’re also taking the 8pm train, why don’t we make our way over to the train station together?”

What a coincidence!

Only allowed on

Taking the same car, and then the same train to the city, this couldn’t be a mere coincidence, could it?

After five and a half hours of travelling in order to reach the city, they arrived at the train station. What really was coincidental was they were even in the same sleeping carriage.

Standing in the dark, Ye Ying stared at Ye Jian, who had once again appeared right before her. Her expression was shrouded fury as she stared daggers at Ye Jian who was boarding the train.

While boarding the train, Ye Jian suddenly turned her head as though she had sensed something, before gently turning back.

The string of hatred was so strong that not only were they in the same train they even shared the same carriage. Both of them were in carriage #8.

“Oi, are you gonna move? Or else, don’t block the way.” A man barked. Seeing none of the people in front moving, he lugged his dull luggage forward and brutally pushed ahead. The luggage smacked right into Ye Jian as the man squeezed Ye Jian to a side in order to be the first aboard the train.

The luggage was full of hard objects, and while it caused Ye Jian’s shoulder pain terribly when it hit her, it also allowed her to hear the sounds of metal tubes crashing against one another.

Train 95 did not have security checks as strict as the trains in the future. Items like metal tubes were all allowed aboard the train, Ye Jian wouldn’t have normally paid any extra attention, but sensing the viciousness of the burly man, Ye Jian pursed her lips tightly.

Principal Chen, who was shielded by Ye Jian while getting aboard the train, saw everything that had happened. He waited for her to get on and asked seriously, “Even your eyebrows were raised, did it hurt a lot?”

“Mmhmm, that man’s luggage had some sort of metal poles in it, plus he gave off… a really uncomfortable vibe.” Ye Jian didn’t hide it from Principal Chen, and gently continued, “I thought of the story you told me last time we were returning to the province.”

Principal Chen didn’t take what Ye Jian said lightly, as if it was just some kid overthinking; he whispered, “Let’s have a look, we’ve got the upper bunk, so we’ll keep an eye out for anything.”

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Train 95 wasn’t that peaceful; there were many cases of pickpocketing. At night, amongst the sound of crying, cash would sometimes be stolen, and at other times, items too would become lost.  

This especially happens at around 2 to 3am when everyone was deeply in sleep, it’s around then when the pickpockets are at their most active.

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