Chapter 245: Unseen Struggle

Next to them, Secretary Wu, who was preparing to leave with Uncle Gen and Company Commander Yue, whispered a gentle reminder. “Mayor Ye signed the papers so unwillingly. It’s obvious that he’s quite displeased with the idea of migrating student Ye Jian out of his registered household. In the future,… the school will definitely the need support and cooperation of the local government. I’m afraid that based on your actions today, Mayor Ye will probably hold a grudge for it.”

Although the school and government seemed to be unconnected, in reality they were deeply associated with each other. For example, when the school applied for budgets for new buildings and facilities, all of them needed to be approved by the government.

In the future, if Fu Jun Middle School needed funds from the government, the first stakeholder involved in the approval process was the local government. Which is why Secretary Wu’s worries weren’t without cause.

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It was a kind reminder to Principal Chen to be prepared.

However, Principal Chen wouldn’t have shamed Ye Zifanif so much if he hadn’t had some sort of back up plan. When he heard his words, he laughed,  “Secretary Wu, rest assured. Our school has some ties with the troops. The times when Mayor Ye screws up, the troops can also handle it for us.”

That’s why any attempt at making their lives harder never worried Principal Chen.

Migrating little lass Ye out of her registered household was far more important than the school’s building fund. Now, they just had to wait for Mayor Ye to send her household register into Uncle Gen’s hands and settle this by today.

For Sun Dongqing, migrating Ye Jian from her current household register was definitely something to celebrate about.

She was so excited that she stopped acting like she had a headache and started searching for Ye Jian’s household register book. But when Ye Zifan took out the aged jade, Sun Dongqing refused to comply.

Because that jade… was worth a ton! It was worth two hundred thousand dollars a decade ago!

Now that a decade has passed, how much money would it be worth?

Taking that jade away was like taking away her life! Her voice soared into a new octave as she screeched, “You agreed? Did you agree to give it back to them? Ye Zifan! Do you even have a brain! Don’t you know how much that jade costs? You want to give it to her? That will never happen!”

Facing his wife’s mindless interrogation, Ye Zifan lost all his strength to argue, “I’m going to find a jade shop in the city this afternoon. Give me the jade, now!”

“Ma, give dad the jade!” Listening in on the commotion, Ye Ying left her room and stood at the doorway of the master bedroom. She furrowed her brows and spoke impatiently, “Didn’t you hear that Daddy’s going to a jade shop? Since we have the real jade, can’t we just get a fake one from somewhere!”

It was just one sentence, but Ye Ying immediately knew what Ye Zifan was planning to do.

This one sentence immediately put a smile on Sun Dongqing’s face.

“I’m going to the city with Uncle Gen to process some paperwork, I’ll also finish this up then. And Ying Ying, don’t go to school for a few days, Ye Jian has a lot of momentum right now, you’re not her opponent.” Ye Zifan didn’t plan on transferring his daughter to a school in the city. Instead, like last time, he decided to wait for the waves to calm down before allowing his daughter to return to school.

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Ye Ying’s gaze dimmed slightly, after a moment of silence, she said, “If I really were to leave, they’ll think I’m afraid of Ye Jian! Why not just stay in school, then we’ll see how great she truly is! I refuse to believe that I am not as good as her in every aspect.”

“And dad, can you get me an English tutor in the city, I’ll go to the city every Friday and come back on Sundays!”

It was things like this that Ye Zifan would naturally agree to. At the same time, he was delighted by Ye Ying’s mental fortitude and her willing to face trouble head-on. Naturally his daughter should act this way! Avoidance wasn’t a foolproof plan. In the end, the best plan was to face things head on and prove with her actions that she was in fact better than everyone else.

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