Chapter 244: Major Xia’s Arrangement (7)

Fighting alongside each other in night and in rain, drawing out firearms overseas with the intention to kill…, those memories that were filled with the smoke from the battlefield made up the excitement he had brought into her life.

In truth, she had wanted to question him about how he had handled the few dozen kilograms of drugs before she left Australia… and also about how he managed to smoothly settle the Interpol personnel who wore colored shades and looked down on the Chinese military, all the while treating them with disrespect.

However, based on his personality and the Chinese military blood flowing in his veins, he definitely wouldn’t have let those arrogant people who dared to look down on them off the hook easily.

“You don’t have to worry about the jade dragon pendant. It’s not something that can be explained in a short amount of time. Although it’s worth some money, it’s just a useless object even in your hands. If Ye Zifan’s family intends to hide it, then little lassie…you…”

Uncle Gen, who mentioned the jade dragon pendant out of nowhere, realized that the little lass had raised her head while he was mid-sentence. Her left hand was gently and subconsciously caressing the silver wire wrapped around her right arm, her gaze penetrating the mottled sunshine and the reflective leaves, and stared into space. She was most likely in a trance-like state right right now.

This little lass… how could she enter a trance when he was talking about something so important?

He called out to her twice. Ye Jian, whose head was filled with the memories of the battles she had fought alongside Xia Jinyuan, blinked. Her animated pupils that resembled obsidian still looked to be in a slight daze. Only after a short moment, did she purse her lips and lower her head in embarrassment, “I was lost in thought, Uncle Gen, I’m sorry that I didn’t pay attention to what you just said.”

Her hand that had been caressing the silver wire stopped and came to rest dangling by her side.

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Uncle Gen, who saw everything, started laughing, “I understand, you were just thinking about Major Xia.” Although he was old, he wasn’t blind.

After he finished laughing, a serious expression broke out on Uncle Gen’s old face, “However, little lass, no matter if that was your intention or not, you’re still quite young, there’s some stuff that shouldn’t be done based on feelings alone.”

“Putting aside what Major Xia thinks, you still need to properly take care of yourself.” A hint of sorrow appeared in Uncle Gen’s eyes, as if he was remembering something that caused him great sadness, “No matter how successful a girl is, circumstances will be unfavorable for them in love.”

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He then carefully sized up the little lass, who was wearing a neutral expression. Uncle Gen’s serious face immediately became one filled with smiles, “But, I don’t think you’re the type that would fall in love easily. If you did catch the attention of the lads outside, I’m afraid they’ll be tripping all over themselves.”

That was also why Uncle Gen didn’t do anything to interrupt or stop them despite noticing Xia Jinyuan treat Ye Jian differently.

“Uncle Gen, please rest assured. No matter how excellent Major Xia is, he’s still the Major Xia that belongs to other people, it has nothing to do with what I want.” Ye Jian was indeed positive. She had always been blasé. After experiencing so much, even going through so many near-death experiences, she wasn’t one to be moved so easily.

After laughing about it, she then asked about the jade dragon pendant, “I think Uncle Gen just mentioned the jade dragon pendant. Is there something about it that I don’t know about?”

“That piece of jade is worth a lot of money, but it’s not a good thing to hold onto. If Ye Zifan doesn’t give it to you, you shouldn’t request it. The main focus today is to migrate you from your registered household; non-personal belongings don’t matter.”

To Ye Jian, what Uncle Gen said was serious. As for the thing about Xia Jinyuan…, it didn’t matter much if it was just pushed to the side.

After hearing that, she smiled, “Alright.”

As to how much money the jade was worth, that wasn’t the focus of Ye Jian’s thoughts. The main point was that since it wasn’t a good thing to hold onto,  there was no need for her to get it back.

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