Chapter 99: Rumors

The things in the village, Ning Meng Yao had no plan of caring about it. The people who believed in her would not need her explaining while the people who did not trust her, anything she said would be useless.

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Having such time, it was better to discuss with Qiao Tian Chang the things they were going to do.

A few days ago, Xiao Qi Tian sent some people to bring apricot flowers over to her, saying that he would continue sending more later. At the same time, he also let people asked her when would the apricot wine be ready for consumption.

Toward this, Ning Meng Yao thought that she really had many things to do.

Aside from Qiao Qi Tian’s side, Qiao Tian Chang’s side also produced many apricot flowers from who knew where.

Seeing the humongous pile of apricot flowers coming into the workshop before it was closed off, Ning Meng Yao could mentally see the huge amount of money flying her way.

When all the things were ready, Ning Meng Yao started to give instructions to the people to make the apricot wine. Of course, the most important parts were done by Qing Xue and the others, the villagers could not interfere.

During this time, the rumors became even more heated. They said that Yang Le Le received benefit from Ning Meng Yao so she naturally helped Ning Meng Yao, when the truth was that Yang Le Le became a concubine to a big family.

Ning Meng Yao did not know this rumor since she was very busy. But even if she did not know, it did not mean that Yang Le Le did not know. This was a rumor related to her reputation after all.

So one by one, people came to ask her then found out that it was the rumor spread by Yang Xiu Er’s mother, Madam Luo.

Madam Luo spread it, meaning that this had something to do with Yang Xiu Er too.

Yang Le Le walked into Yang Xiu Er’s house and coldly looked at Yang Xiu Er who seemed to have changed somewhat. Her gaze was cold as she said, “Yang Xiu Er, what are you trying to do?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Yang Xiu Er’s eyes flashed briefly and lowered her head while answering Yang Le Le.

Heaven knew at the moment she saw how much Yang Le Le changed, the jealousy in her heart was great. Before, Yang Le Le was just an ordinary village girl. Now, if someone said that Yang Le Le was the daughter of a rich man, then there would be people who believed.

Based on what? Based on what the things she, Yang Xiu Er, could not have, Yang Le Le have?

“Yang Xiu Er, you really would not cry if you don’t see the coffin. Do you dare say that the rumor circulating was not spread by you?” Yang Le Le coldly smiled.

Yang Xiu Er finally raised her head to meet Yang Le Le’s, her eyes carried indifference: “So what if it is? So what if it isn’t? What can you do?”

“There is indeed nothing I could do. I only want to remind you that this kind of thing should be done little, so you don’t get enmeshed in your own web of spinning.” Yao Yao had no time to care for her, so she really thought that Yao Yao was scared of her. She really was ridiculous.

Someone who used to feel inferior every time they met, based on what did she interrogate her with high foot and high air?

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Seeing Yang Le Le like that, Yang Xiu Er wanted to ruin her temptress face.

“Yang Le Le, who do you think you are? Do you really think that climbing to Ning Meng Yao makes you great? Sooner or later, those rumors would be your end.” Yang Xiu Er saw Yang Le Le leaving and suddenly opened her mouth.

Yang Le Le’s footsteps halted. She turned her head to stare at Yang Xiu Er’s distorted face: “That is my own thing, it has nothing to do with you. And shall I remind you that when you want to do something, remember what happened to your mother?” After saying this, she did not care what kind of expression was on Yang Xiu Er and Madam Luo’s face as she turned to leave.

Coming out from Yang Xiu Er’s house, Yang Le Le’s face slowly turned dark.

She was now sure that the reason Yang Xiu Er spread those rumors was because of her.

From Yang Xiu Er’s eyes, she could see jealousy, hate, and another emotion that she could not make out.

She thought that maybe it was because Yao Yao sent her to the outside that made Yang Xiu Er’s heart unsettled.

Even without asking Ning Meng Yao, Yang Le Le’s guess was not far off.

Yang Le Le then went back home a while before going to where Ning Meng Yao was.

Right now, there was nobody at home. Yang Zhi had gone to the private school while the rest had gone to Ning Meng Yao to work. A day’s work could earn not little money.

“Yao Yao, did Yang Xiu Er came for you before?” When Yang Le Le found Ning Meng Yao, she did not beat around the bust and asked straightforwardly.

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