Book I – Legend, Chapter 53 – Dark Elves

Jodye realized with a start that there were the faces of two porcelain doll looking girls positioned directly in front of his own face. He could feel the wind of their breathing against his skin. He stared with a blank face for a full minute before reacting, “Um, hello. I’m Joseph Trilleck, son of Lord Osiris of the House Trilleck. Who are you pretty big sisters?”

When Jodye said ‘pretty big sisters,’ the two little girls looked at each other, and then giggled. The girl in the blue dress spoke up first in a sing-song voice, “Hi handsome little brother Jodye, I’m Sophie! This is my sister, Levi.”

“You’re too big to be a little brother though,” said Levi shyly from behind Sophie. This prompted Jodye to reflexively extend his spiritual sense outward out to observe himself and the area.


Shockingly, Jodye Trill’s height now solidly surpassed a meter reaching about 55 inches. He rubbed his nose embarrassedly at this discovery. The three-meter tall Hughes, the only one who Jodye felt should have been shocked that he just grew several inches in a day, just looked on nonchalantly. As a child, Hughes had many growth spurts as well, so this didn’t seem strange to him.

“Well… I’m only five this year… so. Hey! I know you!” It was at this moment that Jodye Trill noticed the well dressed young man next to Hughes with stars in his eyes. It was like he was meeting a famous celebrity from his old world. This man had left a deep impression on Jodye when he had first come to this crazy world! He could be said to be responsible for Jodye wanting to be a Sage. His mother had told him many things about this man, and even recruited him to her company after that day! He was an amazing sage who could defeat opponents in the next realm! He was also an Honored Elder and even had a title! “You’re the Inexhaustible Flame, Kold Rondo!”

“I knew I liked this kid,” said Kold Rondo to Hughes before walking over to Jodye Trill like a hero meeting a schoolboy, “Young noble Joseph, well met! Cleaned up some first level clones eh? Fine work lad, fine work, haha.”

Just like that Rondo and Jodye instantly hit it off, maintaining a steady flow of conversation as the five of them journeyed towards the secret Trilleck Villa. This was the location where the Young Wolf Celebration Dinner would be held in a week. During this week Jodye hunted four vicious level 1 and three vicious level 2 beasts while taking battle advice and cultivation tips from the four experts by his side.

“It’s an avian type beast, young Joe, you have to lure it down to your level! Reveal an opening in these situations, before turning the tides!” commented Rondo, as Jodye Trill activated his nine astral points and jumped off of a tree to catch a level 2 Fire Frenzy Bat in the air. His rage battle force surged as he exploded with the weight of 12,950 pounds, dropping into a spinning pile drive! The level 2 Frenzy Bat was flattened into bloody mush. Jodye, who disengaged right before impact, was left without a stain on his silver wolf armor and white raiment.

Rondo’s jaw hung briefly before he recovered, “Ahem, as I was saying. The previous strategy was of course aimed towards those without any aerial prowess. Those with such prowess should use the terrain to their advantage to strike the opponent off guard, hahaha, good job, good job.”

Jodye was speechless at how shameless this honored elder level character could be. Wouldn’t he make respected elders everywhere embarrassed?

“Little brother sure is strong. That’s the eighth level 2 vicious beast today,” marveled Sophie. Even her sister and herself weren’t so strong at the young master’s age.

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“Yeah, little handsome, you should be banned from the Young Wolf Celebration like us, no one in the Scholar Realm can match you,” said Levi scurried to hold on to the back of Jodye’s clothes. They had apparently already grown somewhat comfortable around this junior brother of theirs.

To Jodye’s complete surprise, Sophie and Levi were both already at the Mage rank. Despite their appearances, they were actually 29 years of age. This was only a bit of a relief to Jodye, as he felt he may be able to compare to these girls in a few years. He had thought they were like twelve or something with that cultivation! If it were like that, Jodye would’ve begun to wonder if he was truly as talented as he initially thought. Even he didn’t believe he would achieve the Mage rank by age twelve! That was really too monstrous. One had to know, it took Jodye nearly four years to advance one rank! Cultivation was indeed a time-consuming event.

Sophie and Levi were elves from Rodinia in the south. Their parents were killed by assassins, but they were rescued by the Frozen Night Master, and Jodye’s mother, Isis Trilleck. Since that day, they honored her as their master and learned the dao from her.

Two days before the Young Wolf Celebration Dinner, the team was about 300 meters away from the secret location of the Trilleck Villa. As they walked down a hidden forest path, Hughes was in the middle of lecturing Jodye about how he should stop provoking powerful beasts.

“For instance, that level 3 Death Hawk. You actually dared to jump on its back when it dived and missed its attack! This was truly foolish! What kind of idiot taught you that?” berated Hughes.

“Haha, ah calm down buddy. I mean, didn’t he end the fight in a glorious manner? Stomping the Death Hawk flat into lunch meat, bwahahaha,” laughed Rondo patting Hughes’ elbow repeatedly.

“Keep your bad habits to yourself, Kold. The young master practices the same path as our Frozen Night mistress,” replied Hughes. “He will one day shine resplendently.”

Merely, Jodye Trill wasn’t really listening to these two at this moment, he was anxiously focused on observing their surroundings. Earlier, while Jodye was surveying the surroundings with his spiritual sense, he had been noticing some slight movements right outside the range of his perception. It was as if several people were surrounding them under cover of shadows. After breaking through to the Sophomore rank, the scope of Jodye’s spiritual sense increased to 30 meters around himself.

With the augmentation effect of [Pharaoh’s Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi..], his spiritual force would temporarily reach level 3 which increased his perceptive range to 80 meters. The spiritual sense would also transform into spiritual awareness. This was a change in the quality and depth of perception. It was like going from two dimensional to three dimensional. However, Jodye felt that one of the experts accompanying him should be able to notice if something were amiss. Perhaps he was too paranoid… or so he thought until Sek Si had suddenly appeared in front of him!

Her voice was urgent and panicked, “Young master, we must hurry and escape!”

“Trippy!” with a thought, Jodye immediately activated his source artifact to check on his suspicions. He didn’t doubt Sek Si a bit, as he was already weary. Although Hughes and Rondo were oblivious and quipping with each other, these events didn’t go unnoticed by the twins Sophie and Levi. When Sophie saw someone dressed as an assassin appear in front of Jodye, she was poised to attack before realizing it was a child and thus converging her atmosphere that almost surged out. The Frozen Night Master had briefed them of a child assassin that was contracted to the young master.

Meanwhile, Levi felt the spiritual awareness fluctuations pass by her and was initially shocked before she glanced at Jodye and seem to come to a realization. She immediately sent out her own spiritual awareness.

After extending his spiritual awareness to around 40 meters, Jodye started to turn pale. Numerous dark shadows were dashing through the trees and in the bushes in the surroundings, following them and surrounding them from almost all sides. Only the path directly to the east wasn’t completely boxed in yet. Jodye didn’t feel like he had the time to explain, or even speak with Sek Si about the details.


The [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire ]appeared in front of Jodye Trill in a flash of purple light.

[Cosmos Revolving Grimoire]‘Ability 1: Summoner unlocked.’
‘ Seal 1: Refine unlocked.’
‘ Seal 2: Combat Mode unlocked.’

Jodye could currently keep his source artifacts active for around two hours if he was using them both, and for five if he only used one. However, in truth, he typically just kept the grimoire active if he needed to summon. Another seal of the first ability had been unlocked, called combat mode! This seal of the Summoner ability allowed the combat guardian to advance to its next form during battle! It also created a halo of protection around the host.

Sophomore rank Sage’s combat soul would be freshly awakened to the infant form. Infant form combat souls can only leave the body in astral form. They can’t attack, and can’t be seen by others. As they do not have physical forms, they can only absorb and distribute force. Combat souls usually just become visible if the source artifact is summoned. But Jodye’s source artifact allowed the combat soul to not only be visible, but it was already a real physical entity, a guardian!

Even though the grimoire had unlocked another part of the first seal and had some type of invisible natural barrier that could protect him from harm, Jodye didn’t feel challenged sitting back and watching his guardians do all the work. How could he ever be okay with that? This was called using the strength of others. Jodye wanted to conquer others with his own power. The grimoire flipped open to the second page, glowing resplendently.

[Guardian 1: Cosmos Devouring Sky Wolf47Cosmos Devouring Sky WolfCombat soul of Jodye Trill. True soul of Sylvester Sylknarius Tricko, heir to the great Sephiroth of Anubis Great World. Consciousness and true form unlocked.]‘Compatibility rating: 55%.’

‘Tier 1 Primary and Auxiliary abilities unlocked during combat mode.’
‘Summon time: Five hours’

A majestic black wolf with one wing emerged from a magic circle on the ground in a pillar of sky fall flames. Jodye Trill grabbed Sek Si in his arms and leaped onto Sylvester’s back, “Sly, why did our compatibility drop again?”

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“My spatial powers are above your realm, thus straining our souls. Merely, if I use my devouring powers to attack, then I may get carried away. I must wait until you are able to wield this power without me,” replied Sylvester indifferently, “Less of this. We’re surrounded.”

“Not quite. Go 30 meters east, 2 minutes,” Jodye had his own thoughts in regards to Sylvester’s expenditure of power, but he became focused again after Sylvester’s reminder. He turned his head and called out to the still arguing Hughes and Rondo, “Hey guys there’s big trouble! We’re surrounded by someone, follow me!”

Sylvester heard Jodye had finished and took off to the east! The Sky Wolf had actually covered 30 meters in a mere few seconds of running before he galloped into the sky, defying gravity. However, Jodye noticed that his speed decreased substantially in the air. As they rose higher into the air Jodye’s face grew more and more solemn.

While Hughes and Rondo were initially dazed, Levi immediately followed Jodye without hesitation, prompting Sophie to do the same while calling back, “Guys lets go! The young master could face danger!”

Hughes and Rondo’s faces changed. They instantly recovered and rapidly shot past the girls and after Jodye. However, as soon as they started moving dark shadows started zeroing in from every direction. Sophie was already muttering an incantation with a violet aura surrounding her. Inside her atmosphere, the origin phenomenon was swiftly manifesting.

“Celestial Body!”

“Attack at full power!”

“Where is the boy! Find the boy! Killing the boy is priority major!”


Sinister voices were shouting in the surroundings. The sky was suddenly lit up with hundreds of terrifying forces and weapon lights flying toward the group of four rapidly at full speed! Milky white incantation runes continued to operate out of Sophie’s mouth as her violet atmosphere exploded outward. Thousands of different colored marble sized light spheres formed the shape of a fierce-looking shark constellation that swam around in Sophie’s aura.

The hundreds of attacks landed on them as Sophie screamed out, “Immortal Water Barrier!”

The incantation runes that Sophie produced scattered flew into the perimeter. At Sophie’s shout, water element started pouring out from the runes, and before long the four nobles were surrounded by a vast sphere of water. The attacks all crashed into this barrier terrifyingly, causing Jodye Trill who watched from above to shiver. He wasn’t sure whether or not those four could survive such an assault.

This was definitely bad. Even worse, these people seemed to be targeting him. Jodye thought this was bold until he realized that if they dared to sneak an attack on him, could it be they had a reason to not fear his mother’s retaliation?

Could something have happened to his mother?

Jodye Trill had a horrible feeling. It was like a dark cloud hanging in the skies that you couldn’t see the end of, and this made him nervous.

“Who the hell are these guys?” asked Jodye Trill as his rage started to slowly bubble.

“They smell like Dark Elves. Elven Saint warriors who can also practice dark power inheritance, like your shadow girl,” mumbled Sylvester out loud, completely scaring the s*** out of Sek Si.

“IT…It…it can speak!?” Sek Si’s mind short-circuited. She had never thought she would meet such a creature as Jodye in this small world. Even now, she still couldn’t believe it. His combat soul could talk! It was conscious!

“It’s he, not it. And yes he can, indeed. Less of that Sek, how long were we being followed?”Jodye Trill, of course, took note of Sek Si’s reaction. From it, he realized that he couldn’t easily share the fact that his combat souls possessed consciousness. However, telling Sek Si about this was honestly no different from telling himself, what did it matter?

“I don’t know, I was cultivating in my shadow space when I felt several powerful auras lock onto you remotely,” replied Sek Si with guilt in her beautiful eyes. “So I immediately scouted the surrounding shadows, and I saw many assassins in leather armor surrounding us.”

“You can sense when others have locked on to my aura? Wait people can lock on to aura?! Is there anything we can do?” Jodye asked Sylvester expectantly.

“There is simply no need for you to act. Have you not yet learned how to detect the spiritual sense of others? Are you seriously so ignorant? We are truly doomed,” Sylvester said indifferently. Jodye was speechless. He truly hadn’t ever learned to do such. In fact, he had never even thought about doing it. Sylvester spat, “Hughes, those other white elves, and the young noble, have already ascertained your location. This is because they saw me fly before, and knew where to look. I assume they’re buying you time by not attacking. Time which you waste by asking me questions.”

Jodye grimaced and firmed his mind, “Let’s go find my mother.”

Right as Sylvester turned to take off, Jodye heard the soft and sweet voice of Levi next to his ear, “Little brother, the Frozen Night Mistress gave you a serene sound mirror, right? Hurry and find the mistress!”

Jodye Trill was startled but quickly pulled out a serenity glass magic mirror from the inside of his space ring. Jodye poured origin energy into the magic mirror, and a panel lit up. He quickly sent a sound transmission to his mother as Sylvester took to the skies.

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