Book I – Legend, Chapter 52 – Little Handsome

Jodye Trill landed on the ground behind the spasming Earth Spirit Bear as it collapsed. The void above him rippled, and a black sky wolf puppy emerged and fell on his head. After swatting at the air, Jodye looked at his fists reminiscing over that previous feeling. While Sylvester, on the other hand, casually flew over to the dying Earth Spirit Bear and unleashed a golden atmosphere again as he spat out more sky fall flames. It was a far more wondrous sight watching this little puppy spit out a pillar of fire with the same force as when he was big.


The Earth Spirit Bear let out a series of pathetic and heartbreaking sounds as it burned alive. Sylvester Tricko remained indifferent towards this and flew off to the steaming chunk of carcass a few meters in the distance, incinerating this as well. This seemed cruel and unnecessary in Hughes’ eyes, but the utility of this combat soul had currently startled and horrified him. He wondered what kind of monster this kid was growing up to be.

Although this was just a level 1 vicious beast, even Jodye thought this was a bit over the top, so he spoke to Sylvester via telepathy, “Why do you burn them?”

“I am refining them. Vicious beasts begin absorbing the forces of the heavens and the earth from conception. Their bodies are far tougher than heroes, especially those of the earth and metal elements. With the Sky Fall flames, I can extract the energy in their body for you to refine and improve your physique.” Sylvester flew back over and landed on Jodye’s head again, stretching out and laying down. This time, Jodye was a lot less bothered by this suddenly adorable puppy on his head. He indeed needed to improve his body’s foundation! “This may greatly assist you in your body transformation path, you don’t even understand the secrets of lifeblood. Strengthing your own will only benefit you, believe me. If old knife ears over there plans on showing you the fundamentals of Saint cultivation, its that better you solidify your foundation in the Titanic Rage Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi.. first.”

“No way Sly, are you serious? You’ve just got to be shitting me. You can help me improve my physique as well? Are you kidding? That’s super lit, why didn’t you say that before? We could’ve long since been slaughtering these level one vicious beast!” Jodye Trill grew incredibly excited at this sudden news. Jodye honestly had no fear of any beast under level two.

However, once it was level 2 or above that would be another story altogether. Unless, of course, he could achieve a breakthrough in the Titanic Rage Law! He had to reach the limit of the human body before advancing to the next stage, or he was insulting his own destiny! To be a Hero who is more powerful than the Heaven Slaughterers, that currently remained Jodye’s most fervent desire.

“I have no idea what you’ve just said to me. What a barbaric era you must have grown up in.” Sylvester’s sneer came across crystal clear. He spoke haughtily via telepathy, “Furthermore, you are far too weak to facilitate my abilities, I can do a lot more than what the current you would imagine being possible. Besides, this is not something we can do in excess or you will contaminate your source. Even now you must go through a round of cleansing before I would allow it to happen again. I would suggest we specify our targets in the future. If the target is fitting to your own bloodline, this contamination will not happen. Consider these Earth Spirit Bears as my gift to you.”

The state of Jodye’s current physical strength was only equal to a little less than 33 points of battle power, or 33 bp. However, once he activated his astral points, each point would explode with astral might! The first rage battle skill of the Titanic Rage Law, the Fist of Might, allowed Jodye to circulate all his astral might and direct it to explode from a single point!

Through this point, he could blast out with titanic rage force containing the full brunt of his strength comparable to 57 bp! Level 1 vicious beasts only had 20 bp, plus the advantage of any concepts they had inherited from the heaven and earth. This was the reason Sylvester was able to instantly slaughter the first Earth Spirit Bear, he had attacked before the opponent could even react and draw strength from its concept! Even the remaining Earth Spirit Bear possessed around 45 bp because of the power of its perfect level nascent force concept.

Unfortunately, this was not enough to stop Jodye from slaughtering it.

Hughes lightly landed on the ground next to Jodye, ready to caution this young master not to be too ruthless or cold-hearted. He feared the boy took pleasure in tormenting others. However, before he could speak, green and black flames erupted to life from the maw of the sky wolf puppy on the young master’s head. The puppy and its owner were then shrouded within the fire. Without wasting time or words with Hughes, Jodye Trill immediately sat down and entered his host space, before activating his mind’s eye technique which was augmented into Mind’s Lamp due to [Pharaoh’s Law]. Circulating the Titanic Rage Force, the mantra echoed throughout his host space.

“The night is long and dark, though my heart is darker.”

“The river is endlessly dropping, unaware of stopping.”

“The light gives us life, and the dao creates the heart.”

“The Heaven’s call to the sky, if they fall it was mercy’s fault…”

Jodye focused as he used his mind’s lamp gather astral might from the surrounding spiritual energies, refining the spirit points in the balls of both his feet! Meanwhile, rage runes were being produced from the mantra in his host space. These runes slowly gathered and glowed with crimson light as they condensed into hieroglyphs that disappeared into Jodye’s body, merging with his flesh.

Since Sly had found a way to help him, he was going to try and make two astral points at once! Meanwhile, Sylvester defied gravity and expanded back into his child form, turning into a mystical looking five-meter tall sky wolf. He opened his huge mouth and inhaled, causing all the sky fall flames in the area to be sucked into his belly. The only thing that remained in the area where the beast corpses had been before was small patches of purple and pink ice.

Sylvester turned into a purple light and zoomed into Jodye Trill’s glabella.

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In the host space, the [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire] emitted a dazzling purple light before the five-meter tall Sylvester flew out and over to Jodye Trill’s condo, sitting aloof next to his host seal. Instantly, Jodye felt a massive influx of spiritual energy course into his body, invigorating his blood and organs, assimilating with his flesh! In this process, they begin to fuse with the raging force to enhance his entire being.

“Woah…this is amazing,” Jodye exclaimed in pure ecstasy at the marvelous feeling, but he swiftly regained focus. He felt his body growing stronger on a fundamental level, this was an improvement of his body’s overall potential! It was only a slight improvement this time, but what if they kept fighting stronger vicious beasts? Or even stronger than that? Jodye realized that he had indeed been short-sighted before.

Who could know Sylvester would be this useful for his cultivation? This was likely only the tip of the iceberg, as the disdain in Sylvester’s voice had yet to ease in the slightest.

Anyway, due to this improvement, Jodye Trill suddenly felt like it was surprisingly more comfortable to clear these two spirit points. However, he could barely appreciate this under the insane pain. He felt like he was taking a jackhammer to his soul. It almost drove him nuts, and he had to fight hallucinations of massacring masses of people with his bare hands like a psychopath. These hallucinations were terribly vivid and were beginning to leave a deep imprint on Jodye as they persisted.

“Endless Carnage… the path of slaughter!”

Meanwhile, an hour later red trails of steam begin to rise from Jodye’s body as he cultivated next to Hughes and three other nobles in the middle of the forest. Hughes had a big headache when this kid decided to suddenly close himself off from the world, but as he was the young master, there was nothing Hughes could do but call for back up to ensure the brat’s safety. This back up arrived in the form of one handsome and elegantly dressed brown-skinned male who looked to be around 20 years old, and two pretty fairy-like twin little girls, with creamy white jade-like skin, pointed ears, and emerald green eyes and hair, who looked around 11-years-old.

One had on a fashionable blue dress, and the other had on an elegant green dress, but they both wore the Frozen Night division badge on their shoulders. If Jodye were currently paying attention to his surroundings, he would recognize this brown-skinned young man to be the Rondo whom he had once seen in a battle above the clouds!

“Hughes, I see you broke through once again. Perfected Gold Mage rank, truly impressive,” said Kold Rondo motioning to pat Hughes on the shoulder. Merely, Rondo’s hand only landed a bit above his elbow as Hughes’ frame was simply too massive, “You can be promoted to an honored elder if you wanted! What a pity…”

“My loyalty is to the Frozen Night master, not merely the House Trilleck,” Hughes admitted directly.

“You don’t think it is pitiful to work under one such as her for always…” said one of the pretty fairy-like twins, who had a vibrant and bubbly smile.

“…and forever?” finished the other twin who was shy and held on to the back of her sister’s arm at all times.

“It is nothing to be pitied. You should not question your master. Our destiny is not limited to this country,” Hughes was far more gentle when speaking to these two pretty elven girls. However, this was a point of view that Hughes had never once tried to conceal. In fact, many other elders of the house were quite discontent with this subtle giant, who always stood half a step behind the first lady of the house. Hughes stood imposingly overlooking the surroundings on full alert. Vicious beasts frequented this area, after all.

“No, it truly is a pity! As a newly promoted honored elder, I can not challenge a mere normal elder to a duel. It is beneath my status,” Kold Rondo beat his chest once before continuing, “Yes, it is very pitiful for me. I thought you might be a good warm-up for the Wolf King Tournament in three years.”

“You overestimate yourself,” snorted Hughes aggressively, as pale purple force momentum subtly built up around his steel like muscular body.

“Hey now, that’s no way to address this honored noble is it?” Rondo had his hands on his hips, and his head cocked to the side like a gangster.

“You overestimate yourself…your honor.” Hughes rolled his eyes and replied.

“Hahaha! Now there, buddy was that so hard!” Rondo patted Hughes back as the elven twin pain giggled at the friendship of these two warriors. ” All is well, all is well, haha!”

“So…,” asked Rondo, getting down to more important matters, “What’s the story with the kid? I thought you were escorting him on his pilgrimage to the Young Wolf Celebration Dinner.”

“Indeed, I am currently in the middle of that task. However, while taking some time out to train the young master, he unexpectedly demolished two Vicious Level 1 Earth Spirit Bears. After that, he seemed to have comprehended something from this experience. The brat is scary indeed.” Hughes snuck a glance at this curly headed young master of his who sat lotus style a few meters away.

“Oh my,” said the fairy-like twins in unison.

“Wow, so strong? That’s really not bad.” Rondo rubbed his chin in admiration, “Definitely the lord’s rumored prodigal son.”

Meanwhile, Jodye Trill was totally unaware that he was the topic of this conversation. He was sweating bullets, and his skin looked beet red as red steam shaped energy came from his body. Two hours later Jodye suddenly stood up and roared to the heavens as a dense pressure was released from his body, the wind causing a mild breeze to spread out. Jodye’s body had cooled off, and his skin now looked smooth and lustrous. His muscles were deeper and visibly more defined. With the thought, the [Cosmos Revealing Grimoire] appeared in a flash of purple light and flipped open to the first page.

[Name: Joseph Goldwolf] [Age: 5 years, 5 months.] [Status: 125% Health, 6:49 pm]

‘Sage Path: Scholar Realm, Basic Sophomore rank, 13 bp.’

‘Titanic Rage Path: Level 9 Wimpy Man Realm, 89 bp (+41).’

‘Guardian 1: Cosmos Devouring Sky Wolf47Cosmos Devouring Sky WolfCombat soul of Jodye Trill. True soul of Sylvester Sylknarius Tricko, heir to the great Sephiroth of Anubis Great World. Consciousness and true form unlocked., Compatibility rating: 64%.’
[Tier 1 abilities unlocked]

‘Guardian 2: Mighty God Sky Wolf, Compatibility rating: 22%. ‘
[Tier 1 abilities unlocked]

“Haha, awesome! It feels so great! This is definitely the best feeling,” Jodye Trill laughed boisterously, “Level 9 Wimpy Man Realm. I should be the first, haha!”

This was a great achievement! Forget level 2 vicious beasts, Jodye Trill currently felt like he could take out level 3 vicious beasts in just one blow! Of course, this was if the level 3 vicious beast was totally unguarded, and he used a well-timed Fist of Might. Otherwise, it was still impossible. However, Jodye felt he at least had some capital to protect himself in this these crazy wilds now.

“Wow, how handsome.”

“Hello, little handsome.”

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