Book I – Legend, Chapter 54 – Living past today

— Trilleck Villa

Hidden in the center of Eastern Badlands was a gorgeous private resort land, closed off from the outside world by a powerful curse and illusion formation. The cursed illusion formation made this entire region appear to be a poisonous bog, full of high-level desolate beasts. Anyone who mistakenly wandered into this forbidden area would be cursed by one of the illusions they faced and have their life force slowly drawn away.

Behind this formation, the resort land covered a 30-mile radius with elegant buildings at the center. It was like seeing a small city in the middle of the barren woods. However, at this time there was a massive cloud that floated over the mountains towards the secret villa a few kilometers away. The cloud was full of intimidating explosions of energy from a myriad of terrifying forces. Beneath the cloud, a sinister looking black rain was pouring down in a heavy shower. It seemed to block out the entire sky as it approached the famed forbidden bog.

As this cloud approached, all the vicious and desolate beasts were almost climbing over each other to escape. Merely, due to the massacre carried out by the dark elves in the wilderness, none of these events had reached the house official’s ears.

Deep inside the cloud, in the center of a large and evil looking white castle, the White Demon Temple was radiating evil energy. In the main hall, Lord Basalt floated down from the flying cage of women as he formed a purple death cloak made of pure energy to cover his hunky physique. The various victims in the cage watched his tattoed frame disappear in that robe with faces full of fear, disgust, and even a bit of desire. Once seated in the highest throne, Basalt sat with his entire council that was receiving the many experts in white demon robes delivering various reports.

“Temple Lord Basalt, the emissary from the Oblivion God Cult, has arrived. Lord Basalt, the assassin you sent east assures us that Fort Master Geb Goldwolf will not be leaving his domain in the next few days,” Altis Major, the Left-Hand of Lord Basalt, stood in the air and announced their leader. His hood was down, revealing the features of a tall, middle-aged man with evil eyes and a devilishly handsome angular face. He was so attractive that he looked nearly feminine, “In addition, the forward team and the Dark Elves have all made it through the barricade and are advancing on their targets swiftly.”

“This bitch Enora has pleased me. That boy of yours has my blessing, Altis. As soon as the House Lord is in my hands, this will be my first gift to him hehe,” the serpentine voice of Basalt reverberated through the hall, and everyone immediately fell silent. “Rotimi sends word that he has located my baby mother. This is excellent. That piece of s*** mutt is holed up in his vacation home, utterly ignorant. My brat can do nothing but sit in the throne room under my influence. Now is the time we eradicate House Trilleck.”

Basalt looked to his right and spoke to the one seated in the next throne down, “Trevor, take Altis and corner that old wolf, Abercorn. Suppress him with the Evil Tri-Fang Mammoth Curse. This should give us the time to destroy the wolf pack and that wretch.”

“Yes, my liege.” Trevor rose and bowed, before vanishing to complete his mission. Altis Major’s face was stoic, as he too bowed and departed immediately.

“Helian, you will be responsible for capturing the wives of our targets. You may do as you please, just make sure that they live. This is not a buffet for you alone,” sneered Lord Basalt.

“Yes, my liege,” came the voice of the elder closest to Trevor’s seat.

“Punisher, your Myriad Fiend Army Curse Art seems to have reached great perfection? What is the strongest fiend in our current arsenal?” Lord Basalt then turned to the left to speak to the elder directly opposite of Helian.

“This humble one is able to command up to 10 Undead Kings. However, for every Undead King, this one would be able to command 20 Revenants,” replied Punisher.

“Good. Take three Undead Kings, and raise an army of no less than 500 Fiends with the rest of your power. This will be the vanguard of our next assault.”

After commanding the rest of his forces, Lord Basalt leaned back in his throne and mused silently, “Soon, Osiris. Soon I will reclaim what you have taken from me. Once I obtain the Lady of the Mist, then I will finally reach perfection. The old bastard wolf destroyed my life as a Pharaoh once. I will not be hindered again.”

Meanwhile, inside the Trilleck Villa…

In the most elegant mansion of the secret resort land, there was a grand banquet being held. All the famous elite from House Trilleck were present for the feast. Glorious decorations and banners from the different noble factions filled the ballroom. In the most elevated VIP section of the hall, the Lord of House Trilleck was entertaining all the essential elders. At the moment two tall elders who had similar appearances were discussing the ranking of the young geniuses with House Lord Osiris.

“Tell us, House Lord. Who is it that you favor in this year’s competition?” asked an elder in black robes with a Gold Wolf Head insignia present on the back. These were the robes of the honored elders! There were currently fifteen honored elders in House Trilleck, and the criteria to become an honored elder was to have a strength that exceeded the Gold Mage rank, and a certain amount of merit points within the House.

“Yes indeed, my lord! We have so many promising new Sage talents this year. It’s sure to be exciting,” said another honored elder.

“Hahaha, Elder Ah Meed, Elder Atah, your honors. I naturally have my eye on a few of the baby nobles, but my sight is mainly on the young wolves. I suppose you two have suggestions for me then?” Lord Osiris was wearing a vibrant red and silver raiment that exposed most of his muscular torso, with a necklace that looked 30% similar to Jodye’s Brave Fang Collar, and many other magical rings and accessories. His long dreads were braided to the back in a fashionable design. His voice was full of pride and majesty.

“Haha, just as well, just as well. This one does indeed have someone in mind.” The first elder to speak was honored elder Ah Meed, “My direct disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master., Victory Ridwan, is only eight this year but has already ascended to the Perfected Sophomore rank. I believe in 12 years he will make quite an impact at the following Wolf King Tournament. Even in the upcoming tournament a couple of years later, he should at least rank in the top 300, or maybe even the top 200!”

“Little Victory is indeed a great competitor, but he fails and falls short of comparison if one mentions my daughter,” replied honored elder Atah. “House Lord, you’ve met Sussan the day she was born, and I believe that grace had carried us down the path of glory! Sussan is a young wolf, with true Mage potential, and she will surpass this father of hers for sure. Perhaps she will be a part of the next generations wolf pack.”

“Oh please, Mavis! The child only has an A Grade combat soul, even the weakest member of the honored pack has a AA Grade combat soul, how could she possibly compare to them?” spat honored elder Ah Meed. “Victory is sure to be tonight’s champion, my lord, top of his rank, with the potential to fight in the next.”

“Gentlemen please, whether tonight will yield victories for Victory or builds suspense for Sussan, I’m sure we will see it for ourselves,” Ke Si poured Lord Osiris a glass of wine, which the lord then held up with a boisterous round of laughter, “There will, of course, be many fine young nobles and cadets who perform here tonight. However, let us not forget that the son of I, Osiris Trilleck, is on the way here from their trials. If one would like to talk about genius, then this child must be the focus.”

“My lord do you mean fourth young lord Jumoke? With all due respect, my lord, the boy is talented to be sure, but ultimately he is just too young,” said an honored elder from the side.

“No, he speaks not of the little fourth, but the little third. Little third was given a suitable mental cultivation method in time for him to partake in the pilgrimage,” Mercer Trilleck fondled his red beard as he mused out loud.

“Ah! So this is the case. Certainly, third young lord Joseph may well have almost caught up with his younger brother Jumoke by now.”

“My Lord, do not forget about young Freda! She is close to ascending to the Junior Spirit rank at a mere nine years old!



At the same time, outside of the protective formation covering the secret Trilleck Villa, the hair of Jodye Trill and Sek Si’s fluttered in the wind while riding on Sylvester’s back through the clouds, as they approached the poisonous bog. Jodye wore a stern face as he communicated with his sky wolf guardian via telepathy. There was a huge storm cloud heading in from over the horizon. However, this wasn’t some usual cloud!

Jodye recognized this cloud as identical to the one over Lake Nicaea. However, he had never seen the black rain back home. He intended to go to take a look, but Sylvester refused instantly. Jodye might not understand the threat that this cloud represented, but how could Sylvester not?

That wasn’t black rain falling in the distance. Those were Fiends. The evil creature born of malevolence, resentment, and the energy from other negative emotions. These fiends were being manifested from resentment curses present within the cloud somehow. Sylvester knew they had to avoid that cloud at all cost. He actually didn’t even want to go to Trilleck Villa, but he knew better than to push the slightly extreme and utterly impulsive Jodye into a corner.

When Jodye tried to contact his mother, he was greeted with the sounds of fierce fighting and mother’s frantic voice as she said, “Joseph listen to me, we are under siege! We have been betrayed. The damned white demon has found us, the House’s defenses have completely failed! You must warn Osiris! Jodye find your father! GO, go now! Stay away from everyone do not trust anyone but your own shadow. I love you, baby.”

Clang. Clang.

“You’re about to love me, bitch,” Jodye was able to and a gruff and disgusting voice in conflict with his mother, “I’ve dreamed of the mission since the day I received it. Capture the goddess of the frozen mist, Isis Trilleck. What a real treat. I’ll let your little mutt watch, of course, before we gut him in front of his father..”

“I’ll kill you!” roared Jodye with green flames dancing in his eyes.

Sylvester’s brow twitched when he sensed this reaction, “Could it be?”

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“What was that? Bitch, how dare you call for help!” shouted the man before his voice shot in a different direction, “Hey, what the hell is taking that barrier so long?”

The connection was suddenly cut before Jodye could hear more. He wasn’t sure if something happened, or if his mother had cut it intentionally.

He instantly knew his mother was in a state of panic and worried for him. Not only that, but she seemed to be in a battle. Merely, how could Jodye Trill retreat on his own upon knowing his mother was in peril?

“Can’t you, pup, go any faster than this?” demanded Jodye. Sylvester’s speed in the air wasn’t even a tenth of his speed on the ground, it was like riding in a hot air balloon.

“Do you believe yourself to be light, with such physical strength? Currently, I can only fly using spatial laws. I am limited by your realm, I shouldn’t push it until we know what we’re up against,” said Sylvester indifferently. “We don’t want to stress ourselves before we even understand the situation.”

Jodye Trill frowned. He knew that using more abilities would cause a strain on their soul. He could only wait.

“I have to get stronger as soon as possible,” Jodye spoke as if no one else was around.

“We have to live past today first,” said Xavier via telepathy.

When Jodye and company reached the skies above the poisonous bog, a wave of pressure swept past them. Jodye instructed Sylvester to nose dive rapidly into the purple inky toxic waters, with a plop! Afterward, the scene blurred as they floated forward until a magnificent resort land was revealed in Jodye’s eyes.

“I wonder how we made it through the formation so easy…is it not functioning properly?” said Jodye Trill quietly.

“The young master was born here. The formation here cannot truly affect you.” Sek Si explained from behind Jodye.

“Sek, can you find Ke Si and my father?” asked Jodye as he turned his head back to look at Sek. He was actually utterly unconvinced by her natural response. Even if the formation didn’t affect himself, would it not affect Sek?

“Mn.” Sek Si nodded her head then melted into Jodye’s shadow, and suddenly Jodye could no longer sense her presence. Sek Si could travel through shadows within a certain range of herself. However, she could instantly appear in Jodye’s shadow from a much more fantastic range. Her Shadow Avatar would grow in strength along with her soul. Jodye decided he should try to help her develop a stronger soul. With a flash of mystic symbols, [Pharaoh’s Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi..] manifested and wrapped around Jodye’s head once more.

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