Book I – Legend, Chapter 55 – Not a Request

“Trippy, is there any way for me to pass my Cosmic Vision Scripture to Sek Si?” asked Jodye as he quickly changed his clothes. He felt like he was too bright and easy to target in silver and white. He wanted to wear black. Whenever Jodye Trill had tried writing down the Titanic Rage Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi.., or the Cosmic Vision Scripture in the past he was just unable to do so. It was like he would become a retard the moment he tried, dull and stupid like a vegetable.

“Responding to host query: Host’s level of spiritual force is insufficient for this process,” responded a bland and emotionless voice, that no longer sounded mechanical like a broken toy, “However, this artifact spirit can extract and store your memories. The host can then share memories using Pharaoh’s Law. How much will be retained depends on the potential of the person in question. Would Host like to store memories with Trippy?”

“Yes, let’s do it like this.” Nodded Jodye. This was precisely what he needed. Even if he couldn’t imprint the knowledge directly like his master, Jupiter Titan the T’Zhane, he could still share the information. He believed Sek Si would be able to benefit from it to some extent, and eventually, he could pass it to her himself.

“Young master,” as Jodye finished talking to himself, Sek Si had already appeared behind him again.

“Ah, Sek. Do not resist, I’m going to pass you something. Study it well, and your shadow avatar should grow swiftly,” said Jodye casually, startling the pretty face of Sek Si, who merely blinked in a daze. The young master was presenting her with a gift? This was the first one ever! One that could increase her shadow avatars strength? What could it be? The uraeus on Pharaoh’s law suddenly emitted a red glow, which turns into a red laser line as it drilled into Sek Si’s glabella.

“Ah..” Sek Si let out a startled little yelp before she gently closed her eyes as her lashes trembled. When she opened her eyes again, she saw a pair of dazzling sapphire blue eyes staring back at her. There was pale gold light deep in the depths of his eyes, making them seem more imposing. The vertical slits gave the boy’s handsome face a wild flavor that made Sek’s heart start to race. His gentle smile threw her all the way off as she stared up at him in a daze until his words woke her up.

“It’s good then right? Try to remember as much as you can, but don’t worry I’ll show you again if I must,” said Jodye Trill, to which Sek nodded her head quickly like a little chick. This was cute to Jodye, as she was a bit smaller than him now. “Okay, where’s my dad?”

“I left my avatar so I can take us straight there, but your big wolf is too big for me to take,” said Sek Si sweetly, which gave Jodye goosebumps. Sek’s level of charm was far from average, and her words would often sound ambiguous. Jodye feared the day this child matured.

“This is no issue. Just take me with you, Sly will come with me,” said Jodye Trill. As soon he finished speaking, Jodye felt like he fell through the bottom of the world into the vast dark void, and Sylvester landed on his head. Jodye marveled as he was pulled somewhere at high speed. Three minutes later he heard a burst of loud, boisterous laughter before stepping out from behind his father’s back somehow, facing a crowd full of elders and nobles of all ages in a grand ballroom.

Out of nowhere, the crowd saw the young boy who appeared to be a tall eight or nine-years-old with a little black sky wolf puppy on his head, wearing [Pharaoh’s Law] and the Frozen Night division’s black armor, casually walk from behind the House Lord as if he was always standing there. Everyone went quiet as they stared shocked. Where had this handsome boy with beautiful blue beast’s eyes come from?

This naturally made Lord Osiris notice Jodye’s presence, to his momentary shock, but he quickly recovered. Since he was aware of Sek’s ability, Jodye’s presence isn’t what shocked him. In Lord Osiris’ opinion, Jodye must have finished his pilgrimage and then used Sek Si to immediately transport himself to his father’s side. What shocked him was the boy’s appearance! How much had he grown in the last month? If he didn’t look exactly like the Lord himself, and walk up wearing [Pharaoh’s Law], then Lord Osiris may not have even recognized the boy.

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“Hahaha Welcome, my boy, welcome, welcome. Congratulations on successfully overcoming your trial! You are officially a Noble Sage warrior.” Lord Osiris laughed boisterously and clapped Jodye’s shoulder hard three times, but too his shock his son didn’t even budge, only wincing slightly. Lord Osiris may not have used more than 100 bp in that slap, but he was still shocked at his son’s toughness. The House Lord’s words woke up the crowd as well.

“Ah, is this young man the fabled third young lord? Truly the heroes are born young!”

“Young master Joseph, well met! I am the Honored Elder, Ah Meed Dah Shin. If you ever need a sparring partner, my disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master. Victory would be happy to share guidance with you.”

“Young man, I am honored elder Atah Mavis. My daughter is a fine young wolf, much like yourself. You two should become friends.”

“Young master Joseph is it true you’re only five this year? You look as old as my two junior disciple brothers, both around the age of ten.”

“Do not question the child of the lord, are you seeking death?”

“Dad stop, less of this and less of that! We’re under siege, my mom’s in trouble you have to help her!” Jodye Trill was instantly pissed off when he saw how relaxed everyone was in here. Were they dumb, or just stupid? S*** had already hit the fan out there!

“Joseph, calm down, what are you saying?” Lord Osiris knelt in front of Jodye to look him in the eye. He had now noticed how pale and anxious this son of his appeared. This was his first time seeing such an expression on Jodye’s little face. Clearly, something terrible had happened.

“In the wilderness, we were ambushed by a bunch of Dark Elves, assassins dressed in black leather armor. I called my mom, and she told me to find you immediately and warn you that there was a siege and that a white demon found us and was about to attack!” Jodye rushed and explained everything he knew, urging his father to take action immediately, what was he doing still? However, Jodye noticed that the moment the words ‘white demon’ escaped his mouth, his father’s face and aura instantly changed. Suddenly, the Osiris Trilleck in front of Jodye was fierce and aggressive, he stood imposingly as he spoke to the crowd.

“Attention! This, not a drill! We are under attack, everyone to your posts immediately, prepare the defensive formations, I need my Curse Masters in front me in 3 seconds. Honored Pack brothers and sister, I need you to immediately depart and recover the first lady, go right now!!” Lord Osiris wasted no time and gave out orders to the surrounding officials. The officials were startled for a moment, but then the lord’s atmosphere exploded outward as the origin phenomenon formed above him, “I SAID MOVE NOW! LET’S GO, LET’S GO!”

As Osiris Trilleck and the elders made their move, Jodye Trill whispered something in Sek Si’s ear, then immediately sat down and pulled a mid-grade origin stone out of his space ring, and begin restoring his energy. After checking the time, Jodye confirmed that he could only have Sylvester summoned for less than another two hours and then he would be without him until tomorrow!

Even though Jodye could still summon Xavier today, Sylvester had been discouraging him from revealing this little brother for some reason he was unwilling to elaborate. So he had decided to only summon Xavier if there was no other option. For now, he would let Sylvester return to the Grimoire willingly, that way he could still use these two hours for later.

As if he had sensed Jodye’s thought, Sylvester defied gravity before turning into a purple light that shot into Jodye’s glabella. A couple of hours later Jodye had fully restored his origin forces, and he started rebuilding his astral forces. This was far more difficult to do, as he didn’t have anything to help him do so. All Jodye could do was absorb the astral might present in the atmosphere, or extract it from the spiritual energies present in the stalks of saint force grass.

“Summon me without using the source artifact. I can help you recover.” Xavier’s voice suddenly rang in Jodye’s mind via telepathy. Jodye had never done this before, but he somehow was aware of how to do so. Jodye focused on his combat soul, and behind him, an astral projection of Xavier in his infant form appeared floating behind Jodye.

With his mind’s lamp active, he immediately noticed that all the spiritual powers of the heavens started surrounding Xavier’s astral projection as if he was eating it all. However, what came out of the little mutt’s butt was real astral might. Jodye quickly absorbed it into his astral points, swiftly recovering the energy he had used before.

“So this is how you use a combat soul without a grimoire, haha. How boring,” observed Jodye Trill. Though this was a useful ability, Jodye wouldn’t value it much on its own. The grimoire provided him with far more versatility, he believed he had made the correct choice.

With his body returned to its peak condition, Jodye put up his things and pulled out the magic mirror to contact his mother again. However, there was no response after a few minutes.

“Sek Si!” shouted Jodye Trill, his anxiety quietly transforming itself into rage through a magical process. The next second, Sek Si was suddenly directly in front of Jodye again. “Did you find them?”

Sek Si nodded.

“Take me there.”

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“…” Sek Si frowned.

“This is not a request!” Jodye spoke through gritted teeth. Sek Si just closed her eyes, as she grabbed Jodye’s hand and disappeared into the shadows.

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