Book I – Legend, Chapter 56 – The plan

This time Jodye felt like they were traveling for an hour. When the duo reappeared, they were in the shade of one of the branches of a huge ancient tree. Sek Si and Jodye were crouched low on the branch looking down at the scene below. Earth-shaking explosions arose from the center of the vast wild lands. It was like the forest had to bear a bombarding from a rock slide. Massive holes appeared. Pieces of land settled deep into the ground. Trees were broken and knocked away, it was mayhem. Jodye released his spiritual awareness so he could get a clearer picture.

“Release the First Lady if you wish to survive this, Rotimi Black, you s***. Do not think I cannot recognize your Gu Birth ability. In the West Ward, only your Gurantula combat soul is capable of this. What is the point of these masks?” Mercer Trilleck was fiercely battling against four dark elves in black leather armor. “This is an act of war against the Pharaoh! Do you p**** ass black knife-ears even have the guts?

“Hahaha, It’s far too late for this,” a sinister voice like an evil serpent echoed throughout the wilderness.

Elder Mercer was clad in blazing armor with five wolves howling at a red moon designed on the rear. He was sending a barrage of enormous fire arrows that seem to be made of liquid magma, as his flaming red hair danced in the wind. The four dark elves were in a strange formation and attacked with various dark power blasts and different glowing weapons. Jodye Trill was under the impression that these dark elves were mainly saints path experts.

Incantation runes begin to fly out of elder Mercer’s mouth and gather onto the ancient and magnificent bow in his hands, seemingly charging up the firepower to another level. The bow suddenly looked like a miniature sun, and above the fiery aura surrounding elder Mercer, Jodye was able to see 12 fist-sized lights spheres.

Most of these spheres were black, but four were on fire! The pressure emitted from elder Mercer at this time was able to influence even Jodye, who was at least 45 meters away.

Swish! Swish!

Swish! Swish!

In less than a second, elder Mercer had fired four molten arrows, each landing in a vital organ of one of his opponents, who screamed manically as their bodies melted slowly.

“How gruesome…” mumbled Jodye Trill. This was the might of advanced power! However, these dark elves were were clearly no pushovers if they forced the Honored Pack to unleash such strength. These warriors were moving at speeds Jodye simply couldn’t keep up with. All over the forest floor below and the sky above it, there were hundreds of dark elves battling the fierce Five Element Wolf pack.

Sharp sword lights, crushing boulders and walls of mud, chaotic winds, ice spikes, shields and arrows of magma, incantation runes flying every, Jodye Trill had never seen anything like this in real life! He honestly felt like he was in some type of fantasy movie from his last life. Jodye was still trying to find his mother in this mayhem with his spiritual awareness when he suddenly heard a voice in his ear.


A strand of Jodye’s spiritual awareness locked on to a true essence fluctuation by his ear and his head whipped around, as he instinctively sent his full perception in the direction he was looking. To his complete shock, his vision exceeded 150 meters! However, Jodye had no time to focus on this, as over 100 meters away from his position he was able to see his mother. One of her breasts was exposed as she lay against a tree in tattered robes and broken armors.

There were wounds of varied sizes and blood stains all over her. Isis Trilleck looked pale, and many of her injuries were sizzling dripping with a silver liquid. Jodye Trill felt his heart tighten, as rage begin to erupt from the pits of his soul.

“Lunar venom! That’s a mid-grade poison! That’s super dangerous, it could permanently damage her potential! Don’t fret, little Joe, get me over to our mom, and I can directly refine that poison!” said Xavier via telepathy, despite Sylvester’s protests.

“Refine? How?” Jodye Trill was stunned. X could refine poison? Before Xavier could respond, the Cosmos Revolving Grimoire appeared in a flash and flipped open to the third page.

[Guardian 2: Mighty God Sky Jackal]
‘Compatibility rating: 22%.’
‘Tier 1: Primary Spark – Abstract, Catastrophic Hackability’
‘Tier 2: Auxilary Spark – Meta, Viral Conversion’

Information about these abilities was detailed in Jodye’s mind. Abstract was the ability to communicate with and ‘see’ pixies. Pixies were the most mysterious creatures in existence, they were denizens of the seventh layer of the divine ennead. Pixies had the unique ability and manipulate and invert law systems. The powerful ones could even change the laws within! Catastrophic Hack was a sword attack that could penetrate any defense within the same realm as the attacker!

Meta was an auxiliary ability that allows the user to invert the function of laws to unlock new skills, like pixies. Jodye was amazed by this. On the other hand, viral conversion refined poison into viral energy.

“What’s viral energy?” asked Jodye to Xavier via telepathy.

“Top tier fiend force,” responded Xavier, “Trust me, I can do it!”

Standing guard in front of his mother were two dark elf knights, their faces hidden within black armor. Two meters in front of them was brutal looking and large muscular dark elf in beautiful white robes. The dark eld was removing the white mask covering his face. Jodye thought his face looked like a pug. His skin was purple-grey, and he had a blood red, spiked mohawk. This must be the man the elder Mercer was cursing!

“To think that the five of them could take on my entire core force. This requires some improvisation. You two guard her well… it seems I will have to take care of this myself,” came the evil voice of Rotimi Black. “I will send reinforcements once I can relieve some of the pressure. This Five Element Wolf Pack is truly worthy of its reputation. That chump, Monte, will have to pay me extra for this mess.”

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At the mention of the name ‘Monte,’ the temperature dropped noticeably. Rotimi Black glanced back at Isis Trilleck, licking his lips, “Do not worry, Rotimi will be sure to continue playing with you later.”

Rotimi Black then whistled sharply, and Jodye saw his mother’s eyes go wide before she shrieked so fiercely in pain. Silver liquid dripped down her body from her many wounds. Rotimi then burst into dozens of tiny black spiders and disappeared. Jodye Trill’s body was emitting heat, as his rage was completely spilling over at this point.

“Young master, please calm yourself. Young master!” Sek Si was tugging on the sleeve of Jodye’s arm, but he wasn’t responding. She was then alarmed by the heat wave emitting from his body, and begin to shake him. She quickly cloaked his aura with her shadows again, but Sek Si couldn’t be satisfied with this as they were both much much weaker than many of the warriors here. She didn’t think her cloaking would be active towards someone who truly intended to probe.

“Sek Si, do you see that clearing over there?” asked Jodye Trill suddenly, catching Sek Si off guard.

“Clear…ah!” Sek Si gasped, and her face changed when her eyes landed on the figures in the distance, “Is that the Frozen Night Master?”

“Can you take us there? To her shadow?” asked Jodye.

“Young master, those guards are at least experts at the Earth Science realm, even if we know we cannot possibly…”

“Can you take me there or not!” Jodye Trill roared in a low voice. He was clearly becoming impatient. Seeing the intensity of the current Jodye gave Sek Si a feeling she couldn’t recognize.


“Then do it. No, wait for a second,” said Jodye Trill before contacting his combat souls via telepathy, “X, am I strong enough to hold Fenrir yet? If we attack with all of our strength can we take down those two?”

“Thanks to the grimoire you should be able to swing my sword once. However, I will likely drain all of your origin energy to use my Catastrophic Hackability just once. After the first time, your origin will be depleted. Catastrophic Hack at Tier 1 can slash and hack through the defenses of anything with up to double the strength of the attack,” Xavier explained directly when asked. His voice didn’t do anything to hide his excitement. He was eager to have some fun, as Sylvester had never once let him come out!

“Jodye, Fenrir is a special weapon. It defies the heavens, you shouldn’t use it so casually yet,” Sylvester interjected. “After all, we have the Sky Fall flame! As long as their underneath the mage rank we can incinerate those two no problem.”

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“Then can you also retreat swiftly, and directly after attacking without leaving a trace behind? Can you also quickly refine the poison in my mother’s body, converting it into a new boon for us? Can the mighty you also do all of this quietly without making a large commotion? Because with a sword I can do these things with ease, and with X already summoned my mother has a greater chance of recovery! X, your on stand by!” Jodye Trill’s angry voice echoed domineeringly through the host space, as he was slowly losing control over his temper. This caused Sylvester to quiet down as he felt a pressure descend that was so strong he had to ignite the Sky Fall flame to rid himself of its influence.

“Sek Si, here’s the plan.”


Back on the tree branch, the [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire] appeared in a flash of purple light. 30 meters away this flash alerted three of the nearby dark eld archers who were also in the trees. The archers immediately reacted by shooting a barrage of arrows in that direction. However, the targets seem to disappear into the shadows of the tree branches. However, before the three archers could react, the one furthest from Jodye’s original location began screaming as he was drowned in a sea of green and black flames. One by one the same thing happened to all three dark elven archers.

With a flash of purple light the [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire] reappeared inside a hollowed area of the original tree Jodye and Sek Si were on. After killing the three unlucky archers, Jodye Trill canceled his Guardian 1 summon and summoned Guardian 2, as the information in his mind updated itself.

[Name: Joseph Goldwolf] [Age: 5 years, 5 months.] [Status: 97% Health, 11:19 pm]

‘Guardian 2: Mighty God Sky Jackal, Compatibility rating: 27%.’
‘Summon time: 5 hours – Tier 1 abilities unlocked.’

The third page of the grimoire light up with purple light and out of a red magic circle jumped a handsome seven-year-old boy with canine ears atop his head. His fur was red and covered everything but his bare chest and his privates. On his right and left arms were two large sword god power symbols on his shoulders. Strapped on his back was a huge golden heavy sword with a blade that was glowing red like hot metal, and seven sword god runes appearing on the sword hilt. The sword continually released teal steam like energy. Jodye swiftly gave Xavier some of his clothes, as he had very recently outgrown them anyway. Xavier put on some elegant all white robes and stored the rest away into the red gem on the guard of the heavy sword Fenrir.

“Okay, I’m ready! Little Joe, let us get going!” said Xavier Tricko, his bright red eyes aflame with light.

Sek Si felt her whole being quake as she stared at this creature. She suddenly remembered when she had first asked to see the young master’s sky wolf combat soul. She still clearly recalled that back then her young master had asked her “which one?”. Today she finally understood why! The young master didn’t have just one Sky Wolf. No, he even had a notorious Sky Jackal! This entirely too rare. The second one was even capable human transformation! Sek Si’s mind was fried, she had no idea how this was possible with her limited world knowledge. If she knew that Xavier was half hero she might pass out on the spot.

“Okay, Sek Si, remember. When you see me attack, you must already be preparing to transport my mother back to this tree hollow. Once you return for me, then we can heal her. Is your shadow avatar still in the Trilleck Villa?” After Jodye asked her a question, Sek Si simply nodded her head. “Excellent. Let’s Go.”

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