Chapter 289: Dying Off?

“Heart demon! Nightmare beast! You are a Nightmare Beast!” Cheng Yu reacted in surprise.

Nightmare beast was an illusional beast that was more terrifying than any ordinary ones. It utilizes human inner weakness to rouse its wicked self which was also known as heart demon.

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An ordinary illusional beast illusion may be weak or strong and this strongly depends on the beast strength. However, for Nightmare Beast, they utilize dreams.

It would let you recall your deepest secret that was hidden within your heart. Under such circumstances, you would easily drop your guard, making you become a lot more feeble. During then, the Nightmare beast would make use of this as an advantage to eliminate its opponent.

Heart demon was known to be the most heartless side of a human. From the point Cheng Yu started fighting against it, although they were similar, the heart demon techniques were a lot more ruthless. It would ignore all kind of consequences to continue attacking until its opponent loses their strength to fight back.

“Truly can’t tell that you are so insightful. You actually knew the existence of Nightmare Beast” The imitation laughed.

“I want to know, why would you appear here?” Cheng Yu asked.

Nightmare Beast was very terrifying but they seldom appear. Furthermore, they would hardly appear in the normal world. Usually, they were utilized as those great sect’s training beast. Therefore, they would usually exist within another different space in the sect.

Everyone has their own heart demon and it would hinder one’s cultivation. It would obstruct one’s willpower and state of mind. Although heart demon always existed, it would not randomly appear. It would only appear when humans are at their weakest.

If one were able to eliminate their heart demon, that person’s cultivation would certainly step into another level and his willpower would grow even stronger. Therefore, Nightmare Beast was one of the best ways to increase one’s willpower.

The world most powerful enemy was not others but themselves. In this world, who knew themselves better than they themselves? Only by defeating oneself would one be able to become a lot stronger.

It was also because of this, Cheng Yu knew that Nightmare Beast would never appear randomly. Therefore, from the start till now, Cheng Yu never thought his opponent was a heart demon and was a Nightmare Beast acting behind the scene.
In his previous life, Cheng Yu never joined any big sect, or seen a genuine Nightmare Beast and had only heard rumors of it. Now that he truly met one, he also wouldn’t think in that direction.

“You need not know about this. Since you know of Nightmare Beast, you should also know that since you have entered into my dream, you will only be able to exit if you defeat me or that you die by my hands! Even if you have three golden cores, I would also not let you off. However, I will give you a chance. I will treat you as a disciple coming here to train and not someone who had intruded into my grounds!” The imitation said nonchalantly.

“Three Golden Cores? Disciple coming here to train? Could it be that you knew something?” From the speech of the imitation, Cheng Yu was able to tell it knew of the ‘three golden cores’ very well, as well as its uniqueness.

Otherwise, it would not say that he would treat him as a disciple coming in to train and not an intruder. Cheng Yu was no fool, he knew the meaning behind its words.

Disciple-in-training meant that it would not directly eliminate him and would give him a chance to sharpen himself. If he was classified as an intruder, Cheng Yu would have already been turned into a corpse and not talking to him right now.

“It’s a heavenly secret. You will know when the time comes! If you are able to defeat me and still continues living, you will know it in the future! If you die here, everything would be just a fabrication!” Imitation commented.

What was worth mentioning here was that the Nightmare Beast was incorporeal and traceless. It couldn’t be touch or seen. It was like the air. It could be said that it couldn’t even be counted as a spirit and could only be said as a consciousness.

Therefore, the only way to defeat the Nightmare Beast was to defeat that imitation in front of him.

“It’s a heavenly secret. Will you able to know when the time comes?” Cheng Yu questioned himself, “Good! Since it’s so, I will let to see what kind of heavenly secret is it! I will certainly not be defeated!”

Cheng Yu yelled as his body exploded out in golden rays. He utilized all the strength he has and stood up once again. However, from how he swayed left to right, it seemed as if he no longer has much of fighting strength.

“Ha!” Cheng Yu lifted up his Purple Light Sword, charging towards the imitation once again.

“Primeval Chaos Slash!” The imitation did not show any mercy. An extremely big Purple Light Sword image flew towards the incoming Cheng Yu.

Boom! Cheng Yu was repelled back like a kite with its string cut, streaking across the skies in a beautiful arc.

Bang! Cheng Yu landed onto the ground heavily. He did not cough any blood this time but blood had already started flowing out from his mouth continuously while he laid on the ground motionlessly.

“Cheng Yu! Are you alright?! Wake up! Quickly wake up!” Tian Xue and Tian Xing thought that Cheng Yu’s battle had finally ended as they loosen up. However, at the next moment, they saw Cheng Yu charging up frantically with his sword.

But now…… now, Cheng Yu laid there motionlessly. The duo kept on shouting and weeping but Cheng Yu seemed to have truly lost his consciousness.

“Cheng Yu! Quickly wake up! You scoundrel, quickly let me out! You mustn’t die!” Tears continuously flew down from Tian Xue’s eyes.

“Wake up! You scoundrel! Quickly wake up!” Tian Xue fell onto the floor as she wept sorrowfully.

Ever since the duo met Cheng Yu, they had only seen how strong Cheng Yu was. Even when he was surrounded by dozen of Golden Core experts, the injuries he sustained weren’t even this heavy.

Tian Xue cried out in hate. In order to assist Cheng Yu and not hoping to always be guarded by Cheng Yu, she cultivated bitterly.

When she broke through to the Golden Core Realm, she realized she was still very powerless. She would not be of any help to Cheng Yu, making her feel extremely ashamed. Similarly, in order not to be looked down by Cheng Yu, she wanted to let Cheng Yu know that she was not that useless. She could be his best companion before he reaches immortality.

But in fact, she indeed was useless. Cheng Yu risked his life outside but she was protected within the Jewel Cauldron.

And now, they don’t even know what does their opponent look like. Tian Xue was heart-broken for Cheng Yu and filled with hate for herself.


Cheng Yu mind had turned fuzzy as he felt that he was flying and was departing, departing from this world. The world had turned peaceful as he went through countless space.

He saw the first day when he descended into this world. A strange yet familiar face.

“Mum… Aunt… Uncle… Fang-fang!” Cheng Yu saw a few close relatives he has in this world.

“Awoke! He’s awake! Cousin is awake!” A cute girl yelled out happily.

“Yu’er, you have woken up. This is great. Are you hungry, mum will boil you a bowl of soup.” The middle age woman spoke in joy.


In the classroom, all the students were revising seriously.

“Can you lend me this book?” Cheng Yu sat at the side giggling at the beauty beside him.

“Not lending!”


“Don’t call me that.”


“Please call me by my full name or Student Lin.”

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“Alright, Hanhan. Now can you lend me the book?”

“Not lending.”


“Because I hate you!”


Inside a pharmacy.

“He wouldn’t die yet but soon!” Cheng Yu glanced at the prescription on the doctor’s hand, speaking unconcernedly.

“This mister, can you save my grandpa? I’m willing to pay a large amount of sum for it.” A tall beauty spoke nervously.

“Oh? How much are you willing to pay?”

The lady didn’t speak, pointing out a slender finger.

“100 Million! En. Seem like it about that much.” Cheng Yu spoke objectively.

“100 Million? Alright! 100 Million then!” The lady clenched her teeth.

“Slow down. I don’t need any money, I just need a kiss of yours.”


On the road.

“Wei! Beauty, are you crazy? I’m just asking for direction. Do you have to go that far?” A pretty cop stood in front of a new Lamborghini, staring at the driver in fury as the driver shouted out in anger.

“What! Don’t take about you breaking the road rules, you even dare to say I’m crazy! Alright, the car, I’m not only going to sue you for driving without a license, but I’m also going to sue you for insulting a law enforcer!” The police cop got even angrier.

“I surrender. I will pay the fine! Isn’t it fine once I pay the fine? Do you accept cards?” The car owner admitted his defeat helplessly.

“It’s too late! Follow me back to the station!” The female cop spoke harshly.


In the classroom, a well-developed beauty stood in front.

“Cheng Yu, I have truly looked down on you. Unexpectedly, you can even find your way to our classroom.” The lady mocked

“Beauty, this is my classroom. Of course, I’m able to look for it. As for you, do I know you? Why are you here in our classroom?”

“What? You don’t even recognize your teacher-in-charge?”

“Teacher? Haha. So it’s my teacher!”


Inside a pub.

Pu! A woman barged in from the crowd. Seeing how ‘impressive’ the woman was, he couldn’t control himself as he puffed out the water he just drank.

“Sorry. Pretty sister, if I say that this cup of ice water is too hot, do you believe me?” Cheng Yu laughed awkwardly.

“Little brother, do you feel that this place of sister’s is very pretty?” The lady laughed seductively.

“Hehe. I’m just curious that for that place to be so big, would it loses its equilibrium?” Cheng Yu stared at that woman breast and spoke.

“You this little pervert. You just wanna touch it right!” The lady got a piece of tissue, wiping away the water on her chest.

“Of course not. I’m just worried that sister would use too much strength, breaking them.”


All the first encounter with the ladies appeared in Cheng Yu mind. It was similar to a movie as it played one by one. However, just when Cheng Yu wanted to hug onto them, his world suddenly turned into darkness.

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