Chapter 290: Six Golden Cores!

“Don’t go! Don’t go!” Cheng Yu shouted as he watched them gradually leaving him alone.

However, none of them paid any attention to him as they turned fuzzy. Ultimately, they were all turned into fine powder. Subsequently, the whole space turned dark.

What Cheng Yu didn’t know was that in his dantian, the nine tree branches were erupting in intense radiance. The eleven spiritual veins in his Mountain River Diagram were bursting out in spiritual qi as they all flowed towards his dantian.

His body rapidly recovered as his injured body seem to be going through nirvana. The aura on him became more and more abundant as his strength rapidly increased.

Miraculously, on the 4th, 5th and 6th branches, a golden core was coagulating on them.

“Senior sister! Look! The spiritual veins above us……” Tian Xing saw the spiritual vein above them was revolving frantically, he shouted out in startlement.

“What’s happening?!” Tian Xue raised her teary face as she questioned in bafflement.

“Must be the senior brother! Senior brother is saved!” Tian Xing voiced out excitedly.

“Since you can’t pass this test of mine then you shall stay here forever!” The imitation Cheng Yu saw Cheng Yu remained motionless. Although it had given Cheng Yu a chance, Cheng Yu still died.

Ha! The imitation charged over, intending to end Cheng Yu’s life.

Boom! Just when the Nightmare Beast was about to stab into Cheng Yu, Cheng Yu’s body exploded out in dazzling gold radiance, repelling it off.

Woooosh! Six golden cores manifested above Cheng Yu, lighting up the whole battlefield.

“What?! Six golden cores?! Palace Master?! Impossible! How can he have six golden cores!” The Nightmare Beast was shocked.

So many years! So many years had passed! Unexpectedly, after so many years there was still someone who have six golden cores. Could it be the reincarnation of Palace Master? But this is impossible! The Nightmare Beast pondered.

“Senior sister! Great! Great! Senior brother is still alive! Furthermore, he has broken through!” Tian Xing was also shocked by the changes happening to Cheng Yu.
“I knew it! I knew this scoundrel wouldn’t die so easily.” Tian Xue spoke emotionally.

“I said before, I must survive!” Cheng Yu felt the changes happening within him as he got extremely excited. With six golden cores encircling him, it made him seem like a god blinking in golden radiance.

“Hehe. Very good! Even so, don’t forget. I am you! You are me!” The imitation laughed indifferently. Similarly, the body of it erupted in golden rays, manifesting six golden cores.

Although the imitation was a heart demon, it was also another Cheng Yu. What Cheng Yu possesses, it also has it.

“This had somewhat exceeded my forecast. However this time, I will no longer give you any more chances.” Cheng Yu thought that the imitation strength would remain as before his breakthrough. Unexpectedly, with his advancement, the imitation advanced as well.

What was different was that this time, Cheng Yu no longer had any more fears as his heart turned tranquil. When he saw his mother just now, he had promised her that he would become an indomitable man.

All along, Cheng Yu had always blamed himself for the death of his mother. However, after witnessing the affection his mother had for him, he understood that his mother had never once blamed him.

“Mum, I promised you that I will keep on living happily, becoming an indomitable man!” Cheng Yu muttered in his heart.

“Dragons Breaking Heaven!” Cheng Yu cried.

Dragon images appeared one after another as it roared. If the Nine Dragons Breaking The Seas were terrifying, then Dragons Breaking Heaven could be said to be horrifying! The attack made the heavens shake as if those dragon images wanted to break out of the firmament.

“Hmph! Dragons Breaking Heaven!” The imitation wasn’t intimidated by Cheng Yu’s aura at all. With a grave and stern face, it executed a similar move.

Similar dragon image and aura erupted forth.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Loud explosion resonated like waves as it circulated one after another. Their surroundings were all turned wrecked by the explosion impact.

“I would like to see if you are truly me! Primeval Chao Thousand Slash!” This time, Cheng Yu no longer retreated as he chose to initiate another attack.

The repercussions of the explosion have yet to be removed but Cheng Yu had already launched another attack. Launching another attack during the key moment. This was the reason why Cheng Yu had fall into defeat previously.

“Want to defeat me, dream on! Primeval Chaos Thousand Slash!” The imitation laughed. Without any consideration, what Cheng Yu have, he also has it. Whatever Cheng Yu knew, he knew it as well.

Cheng Yu’s attack were all very offensive. Normally, it would be very hard to withstand against it. Withstanding it would bound to sustain injuries. Just like how Cheng Yu had previously withstood the attacks of his forcefully, causing him to be injured heavy. Basically, every move of his could only be blocked by a similar or stronger move of his.

In addition, the previous Cheng Yu was perturbed with his extremely weak willpower, not only could he not display his utmost performance, his aura kept on growing weaker over time.

However, the current him was no longer the same. The former arrogant and domineering Cheng Yu had returned. Wasn’t it just battling himself? Similarly, he could easily defeat his opponent or even eliminate them.

Both of them whirled around the sky as sword qi shot forth in all direction. Every time the sword qi collided into each other, it would bring forth an intense qi explosion. Despite so, Cheng Yu still held on to his attacks.

“Don’t you like to learn from me? I would like to see how you gonna learn from me!” Cheng Yu put a stop to his attacks as he retreated. He paused for a moment before charging at the imitation once again.

“Primeval Chaos Slash!” Just when he was about to reach the imitation, Cheng Yu’s sword slashed out.

“Hehe. Just like this and you wanna defeat me?” The imitation mocked. Using similar moves, it withstood the attack.

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Boom! Both of them were stuck in a stalemate once again.

“This world, there’s only one me. That’s me! Dragons Swimming Out From The Sea!” Just when the two Purple Light Sword was about to collide into each other, Cheng Yu laughed, changing to another move.

In fact, this move of his was recently learned from that black gown man. Previously, because of that qi absorption bat of his, it caused Cheng Yu to suffer gravely.

Now that he was facing his other self, Cheng Yu had no choice but to use techniques that would throw the Nightmare Beast off guard.

“It’s now! Two Dragons Attacking Bead!” Cheng Yu chanted in a barely audible voice. He didn’t want to let his opponent had any chances of retaliation. Two dragon images flew out at the same time.

Boom! The Nightmare Beast body had just landed onto the ground when another two dragon images arrived before it. Receiving the attack head-on, it caused the Nightmare Beast to fall into a pitiful state.

“This stab, I’m returning it to you! Primeval Chaos Stab!” Cheng Yu launched another attack. He descended down from the sky, stabbing towards the imitation.

Boom! The sword point revolved in sword qi. Without giving the imitation any opportunity, the sword stabbed into the imitation body.

Pow! Under Cheng Yu’s attack, the imitation dissipated like smoke.

Immediately after, the dark environment instantly turned bright. The sun was suspended above them with birds chirping out. Surrounding them were all tall and erected big trees with flower fragrances assailing their noses.

Cheng Yu was stunned as the illusion disappeared. Did it end just like that?

Looking at such beautiful scenery, it was as if everything that just happened was a dream.

“Oi! Nightmare Beast! Are you still there? I still have questions to ask you!” Cheng Yu shouted.

Chirp~ Chirp~ Chirp! Cheng Yu’s yelled immediately scared away all the birds in the forest.

Apart from that, no other sound was heard. This caused Cheng Yu to sigh in regret. It was very obvious that the Nightmare Beast knew something regarding the Death Forest and possibly the numerous Golden Core of his.

“What the f***! It came so quietly and left so suddenly. Could it truly just be a dream?” If it were because Cheng Yu could feel the increase in his strength and also the increment to six golden cores, Cheng Yu would be convinced that all of that was just a dream.

“Senior brother! Senior brother! Let us out!” This moment, Tian Xing voice echoed in Cheng Yu’s mind.

“Senior brother, are you alright? You have given us a fright just now.” Cheng Yu released Tian Xing duo out, drawing their excitement immediately.

“I’m fine. I have caused you two to worry.” Seeing the yet to dry tears on Tian Xue’s face, Cheng Yu spoke emotionally.

What a close shave! If it weren’t because the Nightmare Beast had let him off, he would have died there. However, it was also because of that, Cheng Yu got even more curious. What kind of secret was truly hidden in this Death Forest?

“What happened just now?” Tian Xue wiped her tears and enquired.

“You can’t see it?” Cheng Yu was baffled.

“See what? We only saw you crying before fighting the air for almost half a day. Furthermore, you almost lost your life.” Tian Xue questioned in anger and curiousness.

“What? Fighting the air? Didn’t you see the other me?” Cheng Yu asked in surprised.

“Another you? From the start till end, it had always been you alone.” Tian Xue replied in an ill-mannered way.

“Is it? I bumped into the legendary Nightmare Beast. It called out my heart demon and also my other me. Perhaps, it’s because it’s my inner world, hence you can’t see anything.” Cheng Yu pondered before replying.

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“What? Nightmare Beast? How come I have never heard of them before?” Tian Xing replied in surprised.

“Er… Nightmare Beast is…” Followingly, Cheng Yu explained to them what the Nightmare Beast was.

“Powerful! There’s actually such an overpowered illusionary beast. If I were to come across it, I will certainly die a thousand times!” Hearing Cheng Yu’s explanation, Tian Xing cried out in startlement.

“That might not be the case. Facing the Nightmare Beast, strength isn’t what it matters. Since it awakens your heart demon, it meant that it is your other self. Therefore, basically, your strengths are equal. The most important factor is your willpower. As long as your willpower is firm and resolute, the heart demon will not be able to eliminate you.” Cheng Yu explained.

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