Chapter 291: Shameless Barking!

“Senior brother! That’s to say that if I were to come across a Nightmare Beast, I might possibly be able to defeat it?” Hearing Cheng Yu’s explanation, Tian Xing enquired.

“Of course. What you are fighting against is yourself. Anyone who comes across a Nightmare Beast could be defeated by themselves or defeat their own heart demon.” Cheng Yu smiled.

The heart demon the Nightmare Beast awakes was its own self. However strong one was, the heart demon would be an equivalent. Therefore, the difficulty of overcoming it was the same for everything. It was to challenge against themselves.

After experience the battle, Cheng Yu felt that the most terrifying part of a Nightmare Beast was not the heart demon itself but was awakening the secret memory hidden within one mind.

It was also because of it being a secret, no one wishes to be reminded of it. When facing your own utmost secret, one’s spirit would be left unguarded. Meanwhile, heart demon will use this opportunity to attack you.

Recalling back to what happened a few moments ago, Cheng Yu perspired out in cold sweat.

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“So it’s like that. No wonder I can’t see anyone fighting against senior brother. So it’s another senior brother! But senior brother, you can even defeat the unrivaled you, I truly admire you.” Tian Xing finally understood what was going on. Originally, he thought Cheng Yu was fighting against a formidable invisible man. Unexpectedly, it was Cheng Yu’s heart demon.

This was also sufficient to show how formidable Cheng Yu was. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to see Cheng Yu’s heart demon. Otherwise, that shocking battle of his would definitely be a good experience for them to study on.

Not only can they learn from the battle, but they could also get a better understanding of themselves. At least in the future when they come across any Nightmare Beast or heart demon, they might stand a chance against it. Unfortunately, all of this was only seen solely by Cheng Yu. What a pity.

“Regardless, what most important is that you are fine!” Having understood the situation, Tian Xue became aware that Cheng Yu was actually facing the danger alone. Thinking about it caused her to feel panic-stricken.

“That’s right! What most important is that you are fine. Senior brother, not only have you defeated the Nightmare Beast, eliminating your heart demon, you have also broken through. The most shocking thing was that you actually have six golden cores! I believe in the whole cultivation world no one has actually achieved such wonder. If this matter were to be transmitted out, senior brother will definitely become a number 1 celebrity here!” Recalling the scene of six Golden Cores encircling around Cheng Yu, Tian Xing drowned in admiration.

To form a Golden Core was already an extravagant wish for him. But for Cheng Yu to possess six of it, he felt somewhat discouraged.

“No! You two must never divulge out this matter. Understand?” Suddenly, Cheng Yu spoke gravely. That tone of his was filled with traces of warning.

Six golden cores were definitely something unique in the cultivation world. If he weren’t facing any crisis, Cheng Yu would choose not to use six golden core strength. Although his strength wasn’t weak, he was not unrivaled. In front of his real enemy, he wouldn’t even have the ability to protect himself.

Regardless of how strong Cheng Yu was, he was just a Golden Core Realm cultivator. If it were opponent in the same realm as him, Cheng Yu could use his six Golden Cores to complement out his strength. But if it were someone who was above the golden core realm, that abnormal strength of his would never be able to make up for it.

This was like two different bottles. One bottle could only be filled half full while Cheng Yu’s bottle could be filled to the brim. Although the other bottle might be bigger than Cheng Yu. A bigger half bottle filled might not necessarily be more than Cheng Yu.

But once the capacity of the bottle exceeded a certain extent, even if it were half filled, it would far exceed Cheng Yu’s fully filled bottle. This disparity could never be made up.

If others were to know that Cheng Yu was able to cultivate out six golden cores, his peaceful days would no longer return. Thinking of this, Cheng Yu somewhat regret showing off his three Golden Cores in front of so many people. Perhaps, numerous people had already been coming up with ideas of hoping to get the method of cultivating three Golden Cores from him.

“Haizz.” Cheng Yu sighed. He felt that he should have stayed low-profile; at least before he has yet to mature.

“Senior brother you can be assured that senior sister and I would definitely not divulge this secret out.” Both of them weren’t fools. They knew the risk of such information. Six Golden Cores would certainly cause the whole cultivation world to turn frantic. Once such information was to be leaked out, Cheng Yu will certainly face troubles every day.


“Senior brother, where are we going now? Do you wanna take a rest first or perhaps should we celebrate for senior brother breakthrough?” Tian Xing chuckled.

“Forget about celebration! Wait till we have found what we want. Celebrating after that will be much more fun than right now.” Cheng Yu spoke before revolving the duo back into the Mountain River Diagram. He also flew in as well.

The appearance of Nightmare Beast had caused Cheng Yu curiosity to peak. He was sure that the Nightmare Beast certainly knew of the secret hidden in the Death Forest. Unfortunately, it wasn’t willing to divulge it out.

Why would it give him a preferential treatment when he saw him possessing three Golden Cores? Furthermore, it even regarded him as a disciple-in-training and not an intruder. Could it be a trained-beast of a sect? But for it to treat Cheng Yu as a disciple-in-training, wouldn’t it meant that those disciples who went through the same experience as Cheng Yu also possessed three Golden Cores?

Pondering up till here, Cheng Yu shook his head. How was that possible?

What was the truth hidden behind this Death Forest?

‘A heavenly secret. You will know when the time comes!’ What kind of heavenly secret was it? And when will the time be? All of this seemed like a puzzle.

Cheng Yu’s mind was filled with suspicions but no one was able to give him an answer. It seemed like he would have to search for the Heavenly God Palace to get the answer.

“Senior brother? Senior brother?” Tian Xing sat beside Cheng Yu, calling out.

“Ah? What?” Hearing Tian Xing cried, Cheng Yu woke up from his contemplation.

“The roasted meat is ready!” Tian Xing pointed at the meat on the roasting frame.

“Oh! Okay.” Cheng Yu tore down a piece of meat from it and ate absentmindedly.

“What are you thinking about? You have been daydreaming for the past few days. I almost thought that you have become an idiot.” Seeing how Cheng Yu kept on staring at the fire on the roasting frame with a slice of roasted meat on his hand, Tian Xue enquired unhappily.

Ever since Cheng Yu defeated the Nightmare beast, Cheng Yu seem to always been in contemplation. Regardless of how they questioned in, he would never answer them.

“Nothing much. Been a long time since I have slept with a woman. Was thinking when can I find one to destress myself.” Cheng Yu stopped his ponderation, joking with Tian Xue.

“What a pervert. Only know how to sprout nonsense and think of something perverted.” Tian Xue turned bashful.

“For the past few days, stress has been accumulating in him. How about giving me a massage, Tian Xue?” Cheng Yu smiled.

“What massage?” Tian Xue questioned in puzzlement.

‘Massage’ was a pleasurable thing in the secular world. Cultivators would never know of it. Besides, cultivators would only mediate or cultivate to let their body feel great as well as to maintain their state of mind. Hence, they never needed such a thing.

However, Cheng Yu had long treated himself as someone from the secular world. Meditation could never be compared to ‘massage’. Especially when one was being ‘massaged’ by those erotic young maidens.

“Nothing. I can teach you after dinner!” Cheng Yu smiled hideously to Tian Xue.

“Don’t need. Seeing how you are grinning, I know it’s nothing good.” Tian Xue immediately rejected.

“Forget it. Tian Xing, I will teach you later.” Cheng Yu spoke to Tian Xing.

“Me? Senior brother, I can learn also?” Tian Xing enquired curiously.

“Of course. In the secular world, there’s a lot of professional male masseur.”

“Really? Senior brother must teach me then!” Hearing that it was something from the secular world, Tian Xing immediately got interested. Even Tian Xue curiosity was somewhat stirred.

After dinner.

“En…. Ah… Oh… Use strength! Use more strength!” Cheng Yu laid down on the grassland, exposing his bare back as Tian Xing gave him a massage. Meanwhile, Cheng Yu was smiling at the nearby Tian Xue as he moaned.

“Senior brother, can you not act so exaggerated!” Hearing Cheng Yu moaning, Tian Xing felt very awkward.

“What do you know. When it comes to massage, the whole body must be relaxed. Only by moaning in such a way can one feel the pleasure of massage. This works the same as cultivation.” Cheng Yu explained.

“Is it really like that?” Tian Xing was somewhat unconvinced.

“Of course. Ah… Oh… En… Use strength! Use more strength!”

“This damned scoundrel. I knew he’s up to something! That nauseating moan is so irritating!” Hearing how Cheng Yu was moaning, Tian Xue laid beside the bonfire as her cheek reddened. No one knew if it were because of Cheng Yu’s moan or was it because of the fire!

“Strength… Use more strength! Yes… That spot! Yes! Comfortable!” Cheng Yu cried out as he looked at Tian Xue in enjoyment.

“Hmph! This bastard!” As Cheng Yu’s moan got more sickening, Tian Xue got even more fidgety as she kept on tossing around on the grassland. Whenever she closed her eyes, her mind would wander off, making her feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Oi! Scoundrel, can you stop moaning like this? I can’t even rest thanks to you!” However, Cheng Yu ignored her as he continued to moan. Ultimately, Tian Xue could no longer endure any longer as she walked towards Cheng Yu aggressively.

“I’m enjoying myself while you rest. We aren’t disturbing each other. Why do you care so much?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“I don’t care. In any case, you have to stop!” Looking at the vigorous bareback, Tian Xue’s heartbeat got even faster. She quickly swung her gaze in another direction.

“Alright. I will try my best. However, the massage is too comfortable. How about I help you as well?” Cheng Yu spoke pleasurably and stopped moaning.

“Hmph! You scoundrel. You can enjoy it yourself! I don’t need it!” Seeing how Cheng Yu had stopped moaning, Tian Xue walking away furiously.

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