Chapter 583: Imprisoned Divine Dragon and Demonic Dragon

This explosion of the soul suddenly surged, and the world seemed to stir and crack. In addition, a powerful energy fluctuation rippled through the air.

Long Yi hugged Niur and stood at the center of this energy fluctuation along with the two skeletons and god beasts. His expression was solemn and quiet. He had never thought that this guardian Dragon God would disappear just like that. He was still not mentally prepared for this.

The energy fluctuation in the air suddenly fluttered down and practically all the energy gushed toward the opened little mouth of Niur. Long Yi and his god beasts benefited a lot from the passing torrent.

After everything settled down, the sky reverted back to its normal clear state. There were some clouds being blown by a gentle breeze. The sun brought warmth and light to the ground. There were no longer illusions around them; rather, there were trees, green mountains and clear streams. Even the air was pure and fresh.

Merely, this Diving Slaying Array had been supported by two energy sources from the guardian Dragon God. Although the soul source had ceased to exist Dragon God’s heart still existed. However, that didn’t mean Liuli’s group and Liuxu’s parents were still trapped in the Ninth Floored Hell.


At one side of the mountain, Liuli and others were already sweating profusely in Ninth Floored Hell. There seemed to be infinite numbers of these powerful undead creatures. No matter how many they killed, there was never an end in sight. They were about to collapse due to exhaustion.

But at that time, the entire Ninth Floored Hell suddenly shook, and those numerous undead creatures stopped moving. Immediately after that, all of them were annihilated and changed into specks of golden light. These specks of golden light flew in the sky and condensed together. Not long after, a glittering golden heart formed in the sky. But, those five people didn’t have any time to be surprised. The entire Ninth Floored Hell shook again. Space itself unexpectedly collapsed, and the resulting surge was not a small matter. Liuli and the others’ spirits felt such an acute impact that they lost consciousness.

After an unknown period of time, the five people felt a gentle warmth circulate through their body, and they regained consciousness. Opening their eyes, they saw Long Yi with his familiar smile.

“Wake up! How do you all feel?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

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Everyone got up and moved their bodies. They discovered that they were not injured. On the contrary, their powers seemed to have increased slightly.

“Boss, what actually happened here?” Barbarian Bull asked, waving his Greenstone Rule.

Long Yi briefly explained the matter, making everyone gasp endlessly.

At this time, Liuli looked at Niur in Long Yi’s bosom, and a hint of a surprised hue flashed through her eyes. Firstly, it was because Niur had suddenly grown a little. Secondly, it was because of the necklace hanging around her neck. That pendant was a heart-shaped thing that shone with a golden light. There seemed to be golden liquid flowing within it. It was very beautiful.

“This is the Dragon God’s heart. It is a souvenir set aside by the guardian Dragon God for Niur.” Long Yi explained, seeing Liuli’s surprised gaze.

“Young Master, you said that this Dragon God’s heart was condensed with the essence, qi and spirit of the Dragon God, but does it have any other effects?” Liuli asked. She felt that this Dragon God’s heart was not simple.

“I also don’t know. Dragon God must have had his own plans for him to present it to Niur. Now, we should look around. Since the Ninth Floored Hell has already ceased to exist, the parents of Liuxu should be nearby.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said.

They separated into three groups and went in three different directions to search. Now, this island where guardian Dragon God had lain out Divine Slaying Array revealed its true features. This island seemed to have an area that was almost on par with the master island. It was a big island.

Long Yi and Liuli walked toward the west. Along the way, Niur had already fallen asleep in Long Yi’s bosom. Now, he held Niur with one hand. His other empty hand held the little hand of Liuli. The softly chatted and laughed along the way. They were incomparably relaxed. If Liuxu knew that her parents who had been imprisoned for more than one thousand years would now regain their freedom, she would definitely be happy. As for Niur, she was young and had no impression of her parents. He wondered how she would react when she met her parents.

While he was thinking, Niur suddenly opened her eyes as if she had sensed something. Pointing to the right side, she said, “Father, someone seems to be calling Niur from that side.”

Long Yi was startled, and he immediately flew along with Liuli toward the direction Niur had pointed. Following Niur’s directions, they arrived at a concealed valley between a mountain and a river. Without paying careful attention, it would be hard to notice this valley.

Long Yi sensed two weak dragon auras in the valley and became happy in his heart. Immediately after that, he entered the valley with Liuli.

He saw one black and one golden dragon on the verge of death lying on the ground, facing two different directions. They were roughly a kilometer away from each other. Although they were close at hand, they couldn’t touch each other and couldn’t even see the other party.

Niur stared blankly, and a layer of mist appeared in her eyes. These two dragons had ten black iron chains embedded within their backs, which seemed to suppress their spines. This truly was an inhumane torment. But, even though they were imprisoned like this for thousands of years, and had been constantly tortured in Ninth Floored Hell, they had unexpectedly still persisted until now and hadn’t died. Long Yi greatly admired them.

Long Yi, holding Niur, landed between these two dragons. At the same time, those two dragons suddenly started struggling together.

“Child, my child!” That golden dragon tried hard to turn around to face them but was basically unable to accomplish this and could only merely used a weak voice to call out.

Long Yi put down Niur. Patting her little butt, he said, “Niur, quickly go. That is your mother.”

Niur looked at Long Yi with some hesitation. This feeling of blood connection made her heart throb, but being a child when facing this kind of feeling, she panicked a bit.

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“Be obedient, quickly go.” Long Yi encouraged.

Niur no longer hesitated and flew in front of that golden dragon.

That golden dragon opened her eyes with great difficulty. Seeing this little girl, tears rolled down from her huge dragon eyes.

Niur extended her little hand and wiped the tears from the corner of this golden dragon’s eyes. She solemnly spoke with her immature voice, “Don’t cry; my father said that children with crying habits are not good children.”

“Child… child… my child…” The golden dragon, however, only called out weakly. She felt like she was dreaming, and at this moment, she dearly wanted to pull her daughter into her embrace, but she couldn’t move at all. She dearly wanted to kiss her daughter’s cheeks and tell her how much she loved her, but she practically lacked the energy to even open her eyes.

Long Yi looked at those black iron chains penetrating the backs of these two dragons and softly sighed. Who the hell had come up with this method to imprison them? The spine contained countless complicated nerves. If he forcibly destroyed these chains, he was sure their spinal columns would be hurt. It was truly difficult to handle this.

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