Chapter 582: Mighty Dragon God

 “You guessed it right. Under the heavens, other than the Devouring Dragon Physique, what else can have such a fast rate of absorption?” Long Yi smirked and said.

The Dragon God, nevertheless, remained silent for a long time, but he was secretly agitated in his mind. Did a fellow clansman with the Devouring Dragon Physique finally appear in the Dragon Race? The appearance of the Devouring Dragon Physique heralded a time of glory for the Dragon Race. But it similarly implied that a disaster was around the corner, just like that catastrophe 100,000 years ago. It seemed that the quiet days of peace were over.

“Lightning God inheritor, come out. I pledge in the name of the supreme Creation God that not only will I let you all go, I will also release those two sinners.” Dragon God sighed and his voice appeared incomparably lonely.

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Long Yi was startled. He could feel the sincerity from the Dragon God. However, once he exited, it would not be this easy to control the Dragon God. If by chance he went back on his word, then the losses would outweigh the gains, so shaking his head, Long Yi said, “I shall gauge the heart of a gentleman with my own mean measure. My friends are still trapped in that Ninth Floor Hell. What will you use as an assurance for your trustworthiness?”

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“My Origin Soul,” Dragon God faintly said. Then, with a thought, a ball of faint green light floated in front of Long Yi.

“I think I can determine your sincerity now.” Long Yi grabbed this green light ball and put away six spirit tablets, before rushing out with Niur, Long Two, and the six-winged angel.

After rushing out of the Dragon God’s spirit body, Niur transformed from her little fat dragon form back into a little girl and happily acted like a spoiled child in Long Yi’s bosom.

“Niur, did you grow up?” Long Yi was surprised to discover that Niur who had looked like a three or four-year-old child in the past now looked like a five or six-year-old little girl.

Upon hearing Long Yi, Niur looked at her plump little hands and exclaimed, “Father, Niur doesn’t want to grow up! Niur doesn’t want to grow up……”

“If you don’t want to grow up, then you must not eat hereafter. If you don’t eat, then you will not grow up.” Long Yi said with a smile as he smacked her little butt. This little kid unexpectedly didn’t want to grow up.

Niur thought for a bit, then shook her little head like a rattle-drum. Not eating hereafter, wasn’t that asking for her life? As soon as the word “eating” was mentioned, her eyes shone, and she looked toward the sky. Instead, she saw that that huge dragon head was watching her with a warm gaze. Upon seeing this, she involuntarily shrunk into Long Yi’s bosom and softly said, “Father, why is this grandfather dragon looking at me like that? Did I eat too much of his energy just now, so he went absolutely crazy?”

“No, even if you ate all of his energy, he would not blame you. Isn’t that so, Your Excellency Dragon God?” Long Yi smiled, looking at the Dragon God in the sky. Now that he had the origin soul of the Dragon God in his hands, as long as he shattered this origin soul, the Dragon God would also disappear for real.

“Yes, my physical body was already destroyed 100,000 years ago, and my spirit has been sleeping here ever since to guard this forbidden land. Now that a new Devouring Dragon Physique has appeared, it is time for me to retire,” Dragon God seriously said. As a matter of fact, as long as his origin soul was not destroyed, his soul consciousness could exist forever, but he couldn’t explore anywhere beyond this forbidden land of the Dragon Clan. There was no meaning to an existence like this. He would rather become a speck of dust within the vast universe.

Long Yi looked at this Dragon God somewhat disbelievingly for a while, and he suddenly understood the heart of this Dragon God. Moreover, it looked like the spirit was relieved from his expression. The Dragon God truly was great. In order to guard the Dragon Race’s inheritance, he had dedicated everything he had. Although his soul could exist forever, he had been confined in this forbidden land for more than 100,000 years. Wasn’t this a situation where death was better than life?

The gaze of the Dragon God swept through two skeletons of opposite attributes beside Long Yi but wasn’t too surprised. Merely, when his sharp gaze landed on Long Yi, as if he had discovered something terrifying, he exclaimed, “Lightning God Mark, Wind God Mark, Water God Mark, Light God Mark, how is this possible?”

The eyebrows of Long Yi shot up. Lightning God Mark, Wind God Mark and Water God Mark, he knew about, but when had he obtained the Light God Mark on his body? How come even he himself didn’t know about it?

The eyes of the Dragon God sent out a dim light which enveloped Long Yi’s body. Suddenly, his body emitted four different colored radiances, which changed into a golden cloud-shaped mark, a faint blue ripple-shaped mark, a silver purple lightning-shaped mark and a milky white star-shaped mark.

“Eh… how come there is one more?” Long Yi was dumbfounded as he was unable to understand how he got the Light God Mark.

“Since the beginning of the Divine World, such a thing has never happened before, but among the four main god’s marks, only the Lightning God Mark has truly integrated into your body. If the other three marks were also truly integrated into your body like Lightning God Mark, then…” Dragon God didn’t finish his words, and he looked solemn as if the remaining words were not something good.

“Then what?” Long Yi urgently asked.

“They might merge peacefully with each other, and you might become something unknown. But, there is another, more likely possibility. They might reject each other and explode, completely annihilating your soul and body,” Dragon God sighed softly and said.

Long Yi touched his nose with a bitter smile. Would he truly have such a miserable fate of being annihilated in soul and body? But, thinking back, what kind of difficulties had he not faced after arriving in this world, and despite all them, wasn’t he still living nicely?

Seeing Long Yi’s solemn expression once again glowing with pride and happiness, Dragon God highly praised Long Yi in his heart. It was no wonder that several Main Gods had chosen him as their inheritor. It seemed that truly wasn’t an accident. His talent and personality were outstanding; moreover, he had great luck, obtaining such a good fortune.

“Just a moment ago, you mentioned the Dragon Spirit Tablet and Three-Headed Demonic Dragon. Could it be that…”

Before Dragon God finished speaking, with a thought by Long Yi, six spirit tablets shot out from his glabella and slowly revolved above his head.

“You actually got six spirit tablets. No wonder…” Dragon God was shocked by Long Yi. What kind of luck would one need for him or her to obtain six out of the seven Main Gods’ spirit tablets? In addition, it was still possible that Long Yi might obtain the seventh spirit tablet too in the future.

When the spirit tablets appeared, Niur immediately became extremely excited. When they were in Lightning God Forbidden Area, she had been chosen by the Three-Headed Demonic Dragon to be the familiar of the Dark God. After being awakened in the Origin Ice last time, as long as the Dark Spirit Tablet come out, she would become excited and prepare to fight.

When Long Yi saw Niur was not too calm, he directly summoned the other god beasts from his dark dimension space.

The Light Holy Beast, Fire Qilin, Violent Lightning Beast and also… Bai Yu. Bai Yu corresponded to the Wind God Spirit Tablet.

Long Yi looked at Bai Yu in a daze. Since Mu Hanyan had left, he had cast aside Bai Yu in his dark dimension space, fearing that if he saw it, he would miss Mu Hanyan and recall her sad beautiful eyes and crystal clear tears. Like that, the wound in his heart would reopen and bleed again, making him sad, grieved, remorseful, and other negative feelings.

Bai Yu cried and flapped its spotlessly white wings. It appeared beside Long Yi and rubbed its long beak against his leg as if it were comforting him.

Long Yi’s black pupils regained focus. As for Dragon God, even though he had already been shocked many times by Long Yi, he was still shocked like before. Now, he understood one truth: even if something strange appeared on the body of this fellow, it was not worthwhile to be surprised.

“Three Headed Demonic Dragon, the familiar of Your Excellency Dragon God, has already perished, but Niur and this younger brother behind me have some relation with him.” Long Yi explained.

“I can feel the aura of Three-Headed Demonic Dragon on their bodies,” Dragon God said.

“Your Excellency Dragon God, now that we are fortunate enough to meet, isn’t this a predestined connection? Moreover, speaking about it, the relationship between your Dragon Clan and me is deep……”

“Less beating around the bush, I can see through you. Speak, what’s the matter?” Dragon God interrupted Long Yi and bluntly asked.

“Fine, as a matter of a fact, I wanted to ask you something. I was puzzled by this matter for a long time. What exactly happened in Divine World? Was there truly the so-called Battle of Demons and Gods? Then, where did demons come from?” Long Yi smirked and asked continuously.

“When you met Main Gods, didn’t they tell you?” Dragon God asked.

“If I knew, then would I have asked you?” Long Yi said.

“Since you don’t know, there must be some reasons. The Main Gods should have their own plans; I don’t want to foil them,” Dragon God said.

Long Yi helplessly shrugged his shoulders. Again, he received such an answer.

“But, I can tell you something. The Divine World changing greatly, catastrophe falling on the human world, everything is because of a kind of evil curse, the curse of God. As for the rest, you must find the answer yourself,” Dragon God shook his head and said.

“The curse of God? Ai, I am looking for an answer, but the answer is hiding from me.” Long Yi sighed.

“Hehe, it won’t be too long. You are the luckiest person chosen by the Main Gods, but you can say that you are also the unluckiest person. Your final result, it depends on only you yourself.” Dragon God laughed, and a hint of worry and determination flashed through his eyes. Since Long Yi, this person with four god marks and six spirit tablets along with the Devouring Dragon Physique of the Dragon Race, had appeared in this world, this clearly showed the beginnings of disaster.

“Everything you said is equivalent to saying nothing, all nonsense.” Long Yi muttered with dissatisfaction.

“Everything I needed to say I have already said. It’s fine if you think it is nonsense. From now on, this forbidden land of the Dragon Clan will no longer exist. Now, the world is of you young people.” Dragon God smiled, and looking at Long Yi with an encouraging gaze, that huge dragon head became dimmer and dimmer.

“Hey, Your Excellency Dragon God, what do you want to do…” Long Yi shouted.

But at that time, the origin soul of Dragon God in Long Yi’s hands suddenly struggled free. Flying into the sky, it suddenly exploded.

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