Chapter 5 – Energy Crystal

“Looks like I have to deal with you first”

After adjusting his condition, Yang Tian focused his attention on the Red Carapace Beetle.

Seeing that its attack was effective, the Red Carapace Beetle released an excited cry before it attacked again. Unfortunately, Yang Tian would not give it another chance anymore.

After a few rounds, all eight of the Red Carapace Beetle’s legs has been hacked off by Yang Tian, leaving only a large insect body laying on the ground. The Red Carapace Beetle still wanted to attack Yang Tian, however, with its legs gone it was only a piece of juicy meat on the chopping board for Yang Tian to do as he pleases.

“Still struggling?”

The Red Carapace Beetle fanned its wings and prepared to attack Yang Tian, but Yang Tian did not have the time to waste on a bug.

The Red Carapace Beetle was covered into red armor, Yang Tian was unable to pierce through the armor with the Tang Saber he was using. However, its eyes were not protected by armor.

He pierced through its eyes and mess up its bug brain.

“Ci ci”

The Red Carapace Beetle screeched in pain while Yang Tian continues to frantically stir using his Tang Saber. Very soon, one Red Carapace Beetle died under Yang Tian’s hands.

Of the other two battles, the mutated pig’s situation was getting worst and worst. As for the fruit tree, the Red Carapace Beetle that went there has fallen under one of its branches. That branch has entered the eyes of the Red Carapace Beetle and seemed to be constantly sucking on its flesh and blood. In a blink of an eye, only a pile of red armor remained.

Yang Tian looked at the fruit tree peculiarly, the fruit tree’s rank should only be slightly higher than Red Carapace Beetle, yet it managed to deal with it so quickly.

He was curious what rank the fruit tree was, but first, he needs to rescue the mutated pig. This was his first helper in the Post-Apocalyptic Era, he cannot allow it to die under the hands of the Red Carapace Beetle.

The Red Carapace Beetle was focusing on its battle with the mutated pig and did not notice Yang Tian who was approaching it from behind.

Yang Tian swung his Tang Saber and chopped the strongest leg of the Red Carapace Beetle. The insect was enraged at the loss of its leg, it turned around and wanted to attack Yang Tian.

However, Yang Tian commanded the mutated pig to use all its power to harass the Red Carapace Beetle. Having received the command, the mutated pig used the advantage of its body weight to press down on top of the Red Carapace Beetle.

Using the opportunity, Yang Tian’s Tang Saber did not rest.

Seven consecutive slashes and the remaining seven legs of the Red Carapace Beetle has been detached from its body.

There would normally be energy crystals within the skulls of otherworld creatures like the Red Carapace Beetle, Yang Tian used his Tang Saber and extracted two energy crystals from them.

The Red Carapace Beetle could increase the strength of the person who absorbs it, these were not the type of energy crystals that Yang Tian wanted so he chose not to absorb them. As for the carcasses of the Red Carapace Beetle, Yang Tian would hate to throw them away. The meat of the Red Carapace Beetle contained rich amounts of protein, it was a very good source of food to help a person recover their stamina.

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The Tang Saber was unable to break through the beetle’s armor, but the fangs of the mutated pig would have no problems prying it open.

Under Yang Tian’s command, the mutated pig dragged its injured body to the carcass of the Red Carapace Beetle. It used its fangs to pry open the red shell of the beetle, revealing the white succulent bug meat underneath it.

The mutated pig did not expect to see such a scene underneath the beetle’s armor, saliva started to flow down the corners of its mouth. The mutated pig could sense that the bug meat would be very useful to it, it looked at Yang Tian with a pleading gaze.

Yang Tian gave half of the bug meat to the mutated pig, the bug meat could also increase the healing speed of the mutated pig’s injuries. Yang Tian also took a chunk of meat and put it inside his mouth, after chewing for some time, he swallowed it.

Yang Tian felt his stamina recovering very quickly, it was the same for the mutated pig who has eaten half of the bug meat. Its body was still covered in wounds, but they no longer pose any danger to it.

The remaining Red Carapace Beetle was also pried open by the mutated pig. However, this time, Yang Tian did not give any to the mutated pig. He chose to process the bug meat, mutated fowls and mutated pigs into meat jerkies. This would allow the food to be stored for a longer period without the meat spoiling.

He chopped the bug meat into smaller pieces before putting them inside the now hollowed red beetle shells and placed the shells under the sun to dry. Currently, Yang Tian would only focus on one task, that was to ensure that he spends the next three days of the Post-Apocalyptic Era safely.

Yang Tian remembered that there was a town near his manor, if his guess was correct, eighty percent of the townsfolk would end up inside the stomachs of the otherworld creatures.

“Thud thud thud”

The sounds of door knocking appeared, Yang Tian frowned.

“Help, help. Please open the door!”

“Open the door!”

Several terrified voices were heard outside the manor. He thought they might be from the nearby town, but after some thinking, he finds that it was impossible as the town should be occupied by otherworld creatures already. Those who have managed to hide would have already hidden, why would they come to his manor only now?

“From the looks of it, there is no one inside. How about we break in?”

“This metal door is very sturdy, let us climb over the walls and enter instead! You girls wait for us outside, we will climb in and open the door for you!”

Yang Tian felt a slight curiosity.

Students? To think that it was a group of students.

“I do not welcome outsiders here, go away”

Yang Tian unlocked the metal door and opened a very small gap, revealing just half of his face outside.

They were indeed a group of students and were even wearing uniforms. The entire group comprises of twenty individuals.

“Big bro, please, let us enter! Many monsters suddenly appeared outside”

A cool and elegant woman wearing a black office attire came to the metal door and pleaded with Yang Tian. She was also the only one that was not wearing a uniform, it looks like she was their teacher.

She looked very familiar, no! It can’t be her!

“What has that got to do with me? Quickly go away, or else don’t blame me for not warning you”

Otherworld creatures were very sensitive to the scent of humans, with so many people gathered here, it would certainly attract a large group of otherworld creatures to this place. In Yang Tian’s eyes, these people were just cancerous lumps, he needs to drive them away.

“Big bro, can you…”

Before she could finish speaking, Yang Tian slammed the metal door and locked it.

“Get lost”

Yang Tian’s unapproachable tone had silenced the woman, however, the students under her were not the same.

“Teacher, why bother begging this type of person. Let us all charge in, there are monsters everywhere outside, it will be very dangerous for us if we continue to remain outside”

“That’s right Teacher, let us charge in! We have so many people, if something happens to us, the school would not be able to bear the responsibility as well”

“But…” the woman wanted to say something. However, the male students have already climbed up the walls and about to force their way in.

Coming in?

Against these students. Yang Tian has his methods.

An athletic boy was the first to climb to the top of the walls, but the first thing he saw, was the sole of a shoe. The next moment, he fell off from his position.


“Hu Jun, are you okay? Why did you fall?”

The group of students instantly surrounded him and supported Hu Jun up.

“He kicked me down”

Everyone also saw the footprint on Hu Jun’s face, this was after Yang Tian held back, he only used enough force to kick him and did not injure him.

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