Chapter 6 – Acid Bug

“If you don’t get lost right now, don’t blame me for not warning you”

When Yang Tian’s cold voice was heard, the timid female students all wanted to retreat.

“Teacher. Why not we leave!”

“No. Hu Jun is injured, we must seek justice for him”

Several of the boys who have a close relationship with Hu Jun stood out and declared. From their point of view, no matter how powerful Yang Tian was, he was but only one person. They have the numbers so why should they be afraid? Monsters are roaming outside, why leave when there is a safe place for them here?

Since climbing the walls was not a success, they could just ram the door!

Yang Tian also heard their conversation, ramming the door was a suicidal act that would quickly attract the otherworld creatures nearby, Yang Tian would never allow them to go through with that act as well.

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Before the leg could land on the metal door, Yang Tian opened the door.

“Have you thought proper…”

The boy had wanted to say something, but when he saw the Tang Saber on Yang Tian’s hand, he cleverly shut his mouth.

“From the looks of it, unless I give all of you a lesson, you will not want to leave?”

The murderous look of Yang Tian had frightened the inexperienced students silly.

“Big bro, sorry. We will leave right now”

The woman saw that the situation was getting out of hand and quickly spoke. However, with his murderous intent ignited, Yang Tian would not allow this to end just like that. He swung his Tang Saber and slashed the thigh of the male student who tried to kick the door.


The male student screamed, Yang Tian used the back of his saber so there were no wounds, however, the male student’s thigh was fractured.

Yang Tian might be feeling murderous, but he was not foolish. If he slashed the thigh, it would cause the area to be filled with the scent of blood. Otherworld creatures were extremely attracted to human blood, especially insects.

This was only Yang Tian’s warning. If they continue to harass him, Yang Tian would kill him and throw his corpse down the mountain. This would prevent the blood scent from remaining next to his manor.

“Get lost”

“Ok ok, we are leaving”

Seeing the Yang Tian only use the back of his saber, the woman sighed in relief, she quickly got the other boys to support the injured one and leave. Especially the group of girls, they did not even dare to look at Yang Tian.

Seeing them leaving with their tails between their legs, Yang Tian also released a sigh. He was okay as long as they leave, and the level of danger was brought down to the minimum. As for what would become of them? They would have to rely on their luck.

Yang Tian went back inside the Manor. He maintained a half-alert half-sleeping state, it would allow him to confront danger any moment. While the mutated pig slept comfortably beside him.

“What a fast recovery speed”

Seeing that the injuries left by the Red Carapace Beetle had disappeared, Yang Tian was surprised by the exceptional recovery abilities of the mutated pig. Most mutated pigs would not have such superb recovery abilities.

When dusk arrived, a series of knocking came from the metal door again.

“Big bro, help! Big bro”

The flustered voice of a woman came with the hurried knocks. When Yang Tian heard her, he recognized that it was the teacher from earlier, but why did she return?

The female teacher gave Yang Tian a very familiar yet unfamiliar feeling.

“Didn’t I told you to get lost? Why did you return?”

Seeing her flustered look, he knew that she had encountered something bad.

“Big bro, my students and I originally left but Qiu Yi was injured by you, so we decided to rest by a small river to apply a wet cloth on his injuries. However, something came out of that river and now my students are unconscious.”

Blood Water Fleas

Yang Tian has a very strong impression regarding Blood Water Fleas, that was because he nearly died due to them in his previous life. There would only be Rank 1 otherworld creatures during the first three days of the Post-Apocalyptic Era, and the Blood Water Fleas was the most terrifying amongst them. They live in groups and likes to hide underwater, attacking any living creature that approached them.

They would dig under your skin and slowly suck your blood dry before they use your corpse to breed and multiply.

“Here is my word of advice, give up on those students”

“Big bro, I beg you”

The female teacher started crying, the shock she had experienced today was beyond anything she had encountered in her twenty-odd years of life. Terrifying insects, moving skeletons… If she had not hidden well with her students, they would have been discovered long ago.

Now she was starting to regret, why must she organize a field trip today?

“Teacher, help! Teacher”

Five Acid Bugs were chasing after several students, the Acid Bug has a slim front body and a huge sac dragging behind it. It was certainly the slowest amongst Rank 1 creatures, but compared to these group of pampered students, they were still relatively quick for them. One of the Acid Bug has a piece of uniform hanging at the corner of its mouth.

The Acid Bugs chased after these students who were escaping towards the manor, as for the students with Blood Water Fleas inside of them, the Acid Bugs do not dare to eat them.

Dammit, as expected, they are harbingers of bad luck.

Yang Tian woke up the mutated pig who was still in deep sleep, when the mutated pig woke up, Yang Tian was slightly surprised. The mutated pig’s original two-meters height and three-meters length have increased to nearly three-meters tall and six-meters long. Its fangs also increased in size, nearly reaching half a meter in length.

He needs to quickly get rid of the five Acid Bugs in the shortest time possible, the greater the commotion, the more disadvantageous it would become for him.

Yang Tian opened the metal door and prepare himself from battle. The female teacher was scared silly when the mutated pig walked out from the metal door.


“Shut up”

Being shouted by the cold voice of Yang Tian, the female teacher felt wronged but dare not utter another word.

There were four girls amongst the students being chased, due to their weaker constitution, they became the ones that quickly entered the mouths of the Acid Bugs. The crunching sounds were like the calls of a reaper, causing the other students to run with all their might.

When they saw the manor and noticed that their teacher was safely standing beside a huge wild boar, they felt as though they have seen hope.

I need bait.

The first one to reach the manor was Hu Jun, he was also the one that received Yang Tian’s big foot.


With one kick, Hu Jun was kicked towards an Acid Bug. The Acid Bug cried out in excitement as it opened its mouth and bit towards Hu Jun.

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Now’s my chance.

A Scimitar flew out from Yang Tian’s hand. Unlike the Red Carapace Beetle, Acid Bugs do not possess a strong armor and their defense was extremely weak. The only thing that the Acid Bugs could use to trouble Yang Tian was the sulfuric acid within their sacs.


The Scimitar pierced the head of the Acid Bug, instantly killing it. It was not because Yang Tian had powerful strength, but because the defense of the Acid Bug was simply too weak. Once their heads were struck, it would be enough to instantly kill them.

When the other four Acid Bugs saw their fallen comrade, they ignored the students and shifted their attention onto Yang Tian.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh

Yang Tian threw another three more Scimitars; However, the Acid Bugs were prepared this time, they spat three shots of acid, cleanly melting the Scimitars to nothing.

He has six more Scimitars on him, but Yang Tian obviously would not waste them on the Acid Bugs. He was just trying his luck earlier on, unfortunately, luck was not on his side.

He raised the Alloy Shield and Tang Saber while ordering the mutated pig to split away from him, they would attack the four Acid Bugs from two directions.

The mutated pig’s speed was not fast, so it was unable to avoid all the acid shots that were aimed at its body. However, the defense of its skin was also not weak. The mutated pig still suffered injuries, but the acid attacks were unable to penetrate its skin.

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