Chapter 7 – Rank 1 Warrior

Yang Tian used his experience to avoid the acid or occasionally used his shield to block it. However, the Alloy Shield was unable to endure the corrosiveness of the acid anymore, one more attack and the shield would turn completely into scrap.


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Yang Tian appeared in front of an Acid Bug and slash it with his Tang Saber, the Acid Bug’s head was detached from his body.

One down, three more to go

When the other Acid Bug saw Yang Tian approaching, it immediately spits acid at him. Within such a short range, Yang Tian was unable to evade and could only raise his shield to block the attack.


The shield was finally scrapped; However, Yang Tian had used the opportunity to slice off the head of the Acid Bug. On the other side, the mutated pig also approached the Acid Bugs, but its attacking method was much more violent than Yang Tian. It rammed its half-meter long fangs at the two Acid Bugs while ignoring their acid attacks.


The two Acid Bugs were pinned onto the ground by the fangs of the mutated pig. Only when they were completely dead, did the mutated pig released its fangs and tossed the Acid Bugs to one side.

Yang Tian used his Tang Saber and extracted the energy crystals of the Acid Bugs from their brains.

Poison Energy Crystals could enhance poison resistance, it was suitable for certain tankers, but it did not suit Yang Tian. The mutated pig pushed its snout at Yang Tian, earlier on, the mutated pig was not unscathed from the acid attacks.

Yang Tian gave the mutated pig a Poison Energy Crystal, it would be enough to heal the mutated pig’s injuries.

As the mutated pig absorbed the Poison Energy Crystal, its injuries started to heal at the rate noticeable by the eye.

Not dead yet?

The bait that Yang Tian used earlier on, Hu Jun, did not die. Half of his abdomen was bitten away by the Acid Bug but he remained alive.

“Hu Jun”

The surviving students and female teacher all woke up from their shock, when they saw the half-dying state of Hu Jun, they quickly surrounded him.

“You guys came at the right time. Quickly drag him away, I could not be bothered to act personally”

Yang Tian waved his hand impatiently and spoke, acting as though they were like a bunch of flies.

“You possessed the ability to kill those monsters, why must you treat Hu Jun that way”

“You are indirectly committing murder, I will sue you in court”

“Just you wait for legal sanctions!”

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When Yang Tian heard them denouncing him, he could not help but laugh out loud.

The law? Your minds have not woken up yet?

“Are you a devil? Why are you still laughing?”

Yang Tian’s laughter caused them to retreat a few steps back. The female teacher was afraid of him, but she still stands by and supports her students.

“I feel that leaving you guys alone will be troublesome, therefore…”

Yang Tian gestured a look and the huge body of the mutated pig appeared behind the students. Looking at the situation, it seems like Yang Tian was not intending to let them leave.

The female teacher did not expect that Yang Tian would take action, the students behind her got even more terrified, they were beginning to regret offending Yang Tian just now.

“Big bro, the students are immature, we will leave right now” the female teacher persuaded. Even though she was terrified, but as a teacher, she felt that she needed to say something.

Oh? That’s interesting

Yang Tian’s gaze was not on the female teacher but on Hu Jun instead. The remaining half of Hu Jun’s abdomen was regenerating.

Within five seconds, Hu Jun’s stomach was restored to normal.

Ability Awakening

Yang Tian was surprised, he did not expect that this Hu Jun would awaken an ability.

“Step aside, let me give him a proper lesson”

After awakening his ability, Hu Jun immediately noticed something special about himself. Looking at this enemy that tried to kill him, Hu Jun wanted to vent his anger.

Flame Warrior

He had awakened an elemental ability, Hu Jun’s arms turned into flames and charged towards Yang Tian.

Elemental Warriors could perform elementalization on their body at will. Having awakened the ability, Hu Jun could just barely be considered a Rank 1 Elemental Warrior. The current Hu Jun was able to elementalize a part of his body.

However, to Yang Tian, Hu Jun was just a young and inexperienced brat that posed absolutely no threat to him.

He used his Tang Saber and flicked a pile of sand at Hu Jun’s eyes. Hu Jun was unable to react in time and could only close his eyes immediately.

Sensing something’s wrong, Hu Jun quickly opened his eyes and saw the sole of a shoe appearing in front of him.


Once again, Yang Tian’s footprint had appeared on Hu Jun’s face.


When the mutated pig saw Hu Jun had dared to attack its master, it released a roar, it raised its leg and stomp at Hu Jun that flew back due to Yang Tian’s kick. Hu Jun could only elementalize a portion of his body, how would he be able to endure the leg of the mutated pig?



The mutated pig’s stomp missed, another boy saved Hu Jun.

Cheetah Beastman

Yang Tian got even more curious, he did not expect two Metahumans to awaken within a group of students. A Beastman and an Elemental Warrior.

As its name suggested, a Beastman can turn a part of their body into a beast. During the early phase, Beastman Warriors would be slightly stronger than Elemental Warriors. However, during the latter phase, unless the Beastman Warrior experienced an evolution, they would not be able to win an Elemental Warrior. It was just that the chances of evolving were very low.

The legs of the Cheetah Beastman would completely beastify, turning into a powerful pair of cheetah legs. This transformation is different from the Elemental Warrior which can transform a part of their body and turn it back at will, the transformation of a Beastman is permanent and they are unable to transform their body back to human. However, within the Post-Apocalyptic Era, who will be bothered about their bodies being ugly or beautiful? Strength is the only thing that mattered.

Hu Jun also slowly recovered from his panic, he nearly died just moments ago.

“Lee Si Kai, thank you”

Hu Jun looked at the person who saved him, it was a member of the sports committee that was famous for his high stamina, Lee Si Kai.

“Welcome” Lee Si Kai lightly replied.

Lee Si Kai has awakened his ability, but he was not as condescending as Hu Jun. He had witnessed how Yang Tian killed those Acid Bugs and understood the gap between him and Yang Tian.

“Let us act together, we can surely kill him”

“We are not his match, we should leave instead!”

Lee Si Kai pointed at the huge mutated pig, just the mutated pig alone was enough to overpower the two of them. All of them might be Rank 1, but they have only just awoken their abilities, how could they be a match against the mutated pig. Yang Tian alone was hard enough to handle.

Two Metahumans.

Yang Tian could kill all of them, but he would have to waste a lot of energy to deal with that Cheetah Warrior. Yang Tian did not want to waste his energy on them, it was best if they would leave voluntarily.

Seeing that Yang Tian did not continue attacking, Lee Si Kai tactfully brought his teacher and fellow students away, disappearing from Yang Tian’s field of vision.

Only when they left, did Yang Tian return to his manor.

This was only the first day of the Post-Apocalyptic Era and otherworld creatures have consecutively appeared and attacked. Yang Tian’s manor was located in a secluded region, under normal circumstances, there should not be so many otherworld creatures nearby.

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