Chapter 4 – Red Carapace Beetle

The wound that Yang Tian created on the mutated pig’s neck was nearly eighty percent healed.

It has black skin and fangs protruding out of its mouth, it might not be the most powerful amongst Rank 1 mutated beasts, but it could certainly fulfill the role of a meat tank.

Only through the Blood Rain on the third day of Post-Apocalypse would Yang Tian obtain a chance to become a Beast Tamer. The current Yang Tian was at most an ordinary human that was slightly stronger than the average person. With the protection of the mutated pig, it has without a doubt greatly increased his safety.


After resting for some time, Yang Tian stood up again. He plans to clean up the area, the corpses of the mutated fowls and pigs might not produce any energy crystals, but they could all be turned into meat jerkies.

Food was a necessity that was in constant demand during the Post-Apocalyptic Era, it was not an exaggeration to say that a tiny piece of meat jerky could be used to exchange for a person’s life.

“Crunch, crunch”

The energy crystals of mutated beast were normally located within their skulls. Yang Tian crushed all skulls of the few dozen mutated fowls, but not a single energy crystal was found.

This was also within Yang Tian’s expectations. For weak mutated beasts like mutated chickens and ducks, the odds of them developing an energy crystal was very low, Yang Tian was only trying out his luck.

There were still seven mutated pig corpses. As compared to the mutated fowls, the chances of mutated pigs producing an energy crystal were much higher.


There’s one?

A white crystal appeared in Yang Tian’s vision, he used the Tang Saber to extract the energy crystal within the pig’s skull. Other than a faint fragrance, there was nothing abnormal to be found on the energy crystal.

Of the seven mutated pigs, three of them possessed energy crystals, Yang Tian was very satisfied with his harvest.

The energy crystals of mutated pigs could enhance the body of the person who absorbs it, specifically their defense. However, this was not Yang Tian’s first choice. Being a Beast Master in his previous life, Yang Tian relied on his mental power, therefore it was best if he could absorb energy crystals that enhance his mental power.

However, the foremost goal now was self-preservation, Yang Tian decided to absorb one crystal to enhance his physique.

For physique enhancing crystals like these, ingesting it directly would be enough to absorb it. Different types of energy crystals required different methods of absorbing, a crystal could not be absorbed if the wrong method was used.

That was why Physique-Type Crystals was in high demand during the early period of the Post-Apocalyptic Era.


Yang Tian swallowed the energy crystal and felt a warmth spreading out from his stomach, Yang Tian knew that this was the sign of the crystal strengthening his physique.


Yang Tian released a long breath, the greatest change to his body was his skin. The energy crystal has strengthened Yang Tian’s skin, allowing Yang Tian to possess a certain level of defense and not get injured easily.

After absorbing, Yang Tian shifted his gaze onto the crops and fruit trees, Earth’s crops would experience a change the instant Apocalypse descended and would turn into precious nutritious products. During normal times, these vegetables would provide nutrients to the human body. However, during the Post-Apocalyptic Era, eating these vegetables would greatly increase a person’s rate of recovery. These vegetables were Yang Tian’s insurance for surviving the early period of the Post-Apocalyptic Era.

As for the fruit trees, their fruits might also possess similar effects as the vegetables. However, there were also exceptions, the fruits they produced might also become extremely poisonous or the fruit trees themselves might become aggressive.

Compared to vegetable crops, Yang Tian needed to be careful around the fruit trees, one careless mistake and he might turn into their fertilizer.

The were no anomalies to be found on the fruit trees in the exterior region, however, the centermost fruit tree was discovered to be covered in thorns.

“I am still unable to avoid it”

Who could thorns appear on a fruit tree? The only possibility was that the fruit tree had developed the ability to attack after it mutated, in addition, this type of mutated plants was extremely territorial and would not allow anyone to step into their territory.

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“I can only wait until I become a Beast Tamer and try to communicate with it”

The current Yang Tian did not possess the ability to communicate with it, only after becoming a Beast Tamer, when Yang Tian’s mental power has been increased would that be possible. His current mental power was at the level of an ordinary human, just approaching the tree would cause him to be attacked, let alone communicating with it.

A Beast Tamer was not restricted to taming only beasts, they could also tame plants. In his previous life, Yang Tian had a Rank 5 Ghost Vine under him that was capable of wiping out an entire town of humans within a few minutes.

“Boom boom boom”

Ramming sounds could be heard coming from outside the manor.

To think that they came to my doorsteps.

The mutated pig also prepared itself for battle, the things that came were certainly not friendly.

Three Red Carapace Beetles, Rank 1 Insects. On their heads grew a sharp horn the size of an adult’s arm, on their backs were a pair of small wings that was not powerful enough to give them flight but could increase their speed.

It was likely that the blood of the mutated fowls and pigs he killed had attracted them, in addition, the location of the manor was not seclusive as well. Yang Tian prepared himself for battle.

They were currently ramming against the outer walls of the manor, attempting to enter the manor by breaking down the wall. However, they have underestimated the quality of its walls.

“Ci ci”

Unable to ram through the wall, the three Red Carapace Beetles screeched and started fanning their wings. They could not fly but lifting themselves over the wall was still something they could achieve.

The Red Carapace Beetles went over the wall and entered the manor.

“Ci ci”

One of the beetles released a screech, they looked at Yang Tian and the mutated pig with bug eyes that were filled with cruelty. It looked as though they would shred their targets into pieces the next moment.

Yang Tian holds his shield firmly, the time of battle has arrived. Seeing three Red Carapace Beetles, Yang Tian was beginning to have a headache. He could handle one alone while the mutated pig could handle the second, but what about the third?

One of the beetles was the first to attack, it targetted Yang Tian with its main attacking method, its sharp horn.

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The sharp horn and the alloy shield collided, the powerful force pushed Yang Tian back by more than a dozen steps. Fortunately, Yang Tian had strengthened his body earlier on, else he would have suffered much more.

Yang Tian was also very familiar with the weakness of the Red Carapace Beetle. The eight legs of the Red Carapace Beetle were wrapped in red armor. However, the joints of its legs were not protected and were very soft, a Tang Saber could easily slash through it.

The Red Carapace Beetle attacked Yang Tian again, but this time, Yang Tian cleverly avoided its charge instead of receiving it head on.

With a roll, Yang Tian went underneath the body of the Red Carapace Beetle and hacks down on one of its legs with his Tang Saber.

An insect leg fell while green blood flows out from the wound. The Red Carapace Beetle screeched in pain, its eyes were filled with hatred when it saw that its leg was hacked off. It was actually hurt by this weak creature in front of it.

The Red Carapace Beetle angrily charged at Yang Tian, it plans to give him a lethal blow with its sharp horn. However, with Yang Tian’s experience, how would he allow the attack to connect?

Yang Tian tilted the shield and cleverly avoided the lethal attack of the Red Carapace Beetle, with a swing of its Tang Saber, another leg was detached from the Red Carapace Beetle.

On the other side, a Red Carapace Beetle was fighting the mutated pig. The mutated pig was in a disadvantage and was being suppressed by its opponent.

What surprised Yang Tian was that the third Red Carapace Beetle had flown towards the fruit tree. Even Yang Tian did not know what rank or type of fruit tree it was, yet the Red Carapace Beetle dared to enter its territory. Mutated plants were very territorial, from Yang Tian’s point of view, the actions of the Red Carapace Beetle were no different from seeking its own death.


The Red Carapace Beetle made use of an opening created by the distracted Yang Tian. He might have reacted in time to use his shield to block the attack, but the attack still caused his wrist to be injured.

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