Chapter 241: Major Xia’s Arrangement (4)

As Ye Zifan signed his name, the rugged mountain top caused Xia Jinyuan, who was sitting on the truck, to open his eyes which had been blinded by the bright reflection of the snow. Under the glaring rays of the sun, the snowy plateau that had a two hour time difference from the capital, was a vast expanse of blinding white.

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“Want to take a breather?” A person turned, and asked softly, his deep voice calm with no hint of anger, “We’re five kilometres above sea levels, if you want some rest, we can let the truck…”

Up ahead, the sound of a rolling boulder going “thud” interrupted him. The driver slammed the breaks, as though he long had a premonition, before turning his head and smiled, “King Q, the snowy mountain’s welcome you with a little appetizer.”

Whether it was the soldier driving, or the soldier sitting next to Xia Jinyuan, all of them were not strangers.

The driver was J5, the one who always spoke lazily and cynically, sitting next to Xia Jinyuan was K7, a soldier from a family of forensic experts, who held the rank of Captain.

Xia Jinyuan opened the canteen and took two sips of what was almost ice cold water. Staring at the grey mountain boulders tumbling down towards the road, he replied in a indifferent tone, “What an exciting welcome, we’re a few hours away from base, and we still have to quickly repair the road, can we pass through within half an hour?

“I’m not sure, we’ll have to see how long the boulders continue rolling down. Sit tight, I have to turn this around for a bit.” The road behind them was steep, and along both sides was a river that was as huge as a dragon, its water flowing extremely quickly.

The road wasn’t a asphalt or a cement road, it was a road made up of mountain stones. The military truck’s engine reved, and J5, handling the steering wheel with speed and agility, reversed the truck several metres back within ten seconds.

J5 and K7 were soldiers from the Snowland troopers, and were ahead of Xia Jinyuan by two years. J5 graduated from military school, and K7, who was from family of forensic experts, left his home to serve in the army.

Once the truck had reversed, and there was no signs of boulders tumbling down from above, the three men took out the mast bar from the tool box, and pushed a few of the larger boulders down into the river. As a succession of tumbling sounds similar to the roar of beasts reverberated through the air, J5 looked at Xia Jinyuan in the dark with his indifferent expression. Holding a deep look in his eyes, he gave a shallow smile of approval.

The almighty soldier, who attained the title of king in one fell swoop, was indeed a capable soldier.

K7 picked up the mast bar and tossed it back into the toolbox before looking at the major, who hadn’t even raised his eyebrows, and saying coldly, “so much stronger than you.”

His words were always odd as they were never directed at anyone; others may not know who he was comparing with, but his battle comrade J5 knew.

“He is still stronger than you by quite a lot, I remember that you started vomiting on the first day you came, and we hadn’t even reached this altitude yet. That pale and pitiful face, anyone who saw it would really feel sorry for you.” J5 let out a tiny smile, and patted Xia Jinyuan’s shoulder, exclaiming, “King Q, I hold you in high regard. This brat has always showed arrogance back in his old troop, the former troop leader was able to control him, I’ll be looking forward to a more powerful figure like yourself to hold down his arrogance.

As a new reporting soldier to the Snowland troopers, even if Xia Jinyuan was a Major that was feared, he couldn’t possibly put up a confident front in front of them.  

The snowland troopers were an extraordinary troop and the soldiers who were a part of it remained unknown. No one knew where they were from, and no one knew where they were going, they were nameless heroes, and that would remain that way up until they retire.

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