Chapter 242: Major Xia’s Arrangement (5)

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J5 and K7 only knew the person in front of them, referred to as Q King, had the surname Xia. As to what  his first name was, they would not ask. Neither would they be concerned about it. Their code names were their names. No matter where they were, they could be contacted by their individual code names.

Xia Jinyuan also didn’t know their names. Hearing their words, his thin lips curved upwards slightly and indifferently said, “I’m thinking of being more subtle.”

One sentence from him caused J5 to instantaneously become a silent, handsome man and K7… let out the barest  hint of a smile that was fainter than a gentle breeze. He tilted his head to glance at Q King, who was really acting very subtle. There was a slight tone change in his dead, monotonous voice. “We all love to act low key, unlike J5. He loves acting high key so much that he still needs to write a three thousand word review tonight.”

“All I did was have a conversation with a cute girl at the foot of the mountain that was slightly longer than necessary. Which one of you jealous folks secretly told on me! Now I have to write another three thousand word reflection,… godd*mnit, I’ve already written twelve thousand words worth of reflections!”

When he mentioned that, J5 had a wronged expression on his face. His tone was slightly bitter as he glanced at Q King through the rear-view mirror, who a faint smirk at the corners of his lips. His gaze dimmed slightly as he sighed, “We’re so pitiful. Once we joined the troops, our situation became worse than that of monks! Even monks can bless female believers!”

While he was sighing, Xia Jinyuan squinted his stunning eyes. After a while, he spoke with a sarcastic, playful tone, “Both of you rest assured. I’m also a bachelor right now. My family complains that I’m still young, and am unsuited to have a relationship; to prevent me from being tricked out of my money and my body. So, now I’m like you guys, and will continue living the life of a monk.”

“In the future, I think that I probably won’t act like J5. To write three thousand word reflections every now and then in such a short amount of time… it seems like he is going in heat.”

The car became quiet, J5 wore a wooden face, devoid of any expression.

After a couple of seconds, K7 started laughing furiously, as if someone just poked his laughing point. His previous lifeless aura was gone and was replaced with cheerful laughter that was similar to the light of dawn.

J5 spoke monotonously, “According to what I know, only male animals will go in heat.”

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“I believe that Q King is right. You are going in heat. If not, why can’t you control yourself and stop talking to the ladies? Aren’t you just a male animal now,? Whenever you’re in heat, you can’t control yourself, which results in writing reflections every so often.” K7’s laughter was short-lived. By the time he spoke again, his face was as calm as a mirror. Only the faint streak of a blush on his slender face was the proof that he had laughed not long ago.

Xia Jinyuan smiled cheerfully to remind himself to keep his distance from female comrades, it was quite a unique way to do so.

It could also be seen that the Elite Platoon were just as the rumors described it. It was so mysterious that when you joined them, you became akin to a homeless orphan, and the only people accompanying you would be your comrade-in-arms.

Luckily, he managed to arrange the most important things for his little fox before he left. In the days to come… even if he didn’t remain by her side, even if he couldn’t get in contact with her, he had faith that with her abilities, she could settle any difficult issues perfectly.

Up in the sky there were blue skies and white clouds, on the ground the snow was white. In the car, Xia Jinyuan’s smile was like the blooming of lotus petals: noble and everlasting.

The mountains were getting taller and taller, the road became more and more rugged. The voices of J5 and K7 in the car however never really stopped. The two of them drove in turns, carefully, not daring to lose caution even one bit on their way towards the first training base.

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