Chapter 243: Major Xia’s Arrangement (6)

The only thing the town of Fu Jun and the snowy plateaus shared was the bright sun hanging in the sky. Ye Jian, who stood in the shade of a tree, had a blank look on her beautiful face… to find out that it was Xia Jinyuan who reminded Grandpa Gen to migrate Ye Jian out of her current household register was a surprise.

“Little lass, when Major Xia comes back, you should properly thank him. To be frank, it was luck that he reminded me. If not, nobody else would’ve thought about it.” Uncle Gen, who had no idea that Xia Jinyuan had already left Fu Jun town for his new unit, spoke earnestly. “After unconditionally helping us so many times, we can’t not give him thanks.”

After helping out so many times, if they didn’t thank him properly, they would feel bad about it.

Listening to him, Ye Jian smiled and shook her head, “Grandpa Gen, there’s no need to. The reason Major Xia came to Fu Jun town was to undergo basic training. Once that’s over, he’ll return to the unit that he was supposed to go to.”

“In the future, he will probably not come back to where we are now, so I’m afraid these words of gratitude will have to wait a long time to be conveyed.” Indeed she owed him her thanks. If it wasn’t for him reminding Grandpa Gen beforehand —and managing to catch Ye Zifan unprepared in the process—,the change in her household registration went through smoothly and swiftly. If Ye Zifan were to take a hold of her household registration as he did in her last life, then once again she would’ve been forced to live a life without personal identification and be restricted no matter where she went.

Ye Jian, whose heart was trembling slightly, gently closed her eyes. She recalled the letter Principal Chen had given her. Only four words “Wait for my return” were written on it.

Wait for his return? Wait for him in Fu Jun town? Or did he mean wait for the next time they met?

She didn’t think too much about it, wait for his return… just four short words whose meaning could be simple or complex. Since she was facing such a dangerous man, she naturally tried to avoid him, so she took it simply.

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In the end, out of nowhere she learnt from Grandpa Gen that the household migration had gone successfully thanks to Xia Jinyuan. It could be said that he was able to solve the problem entirely by himself.

In that case… Ye Jian started rubbing her aching temples. She despondently realized that even with her level of intelligence and the experience accumulated from both lives, she would never win this guessing game against Xia Jinyuan.

If this hadn’t happen, then the four words he left her would have been akin to that of a friend going on a long trip, and all she needed to do was to wait for his good news.

But contrary to expectation, he did help them, so the meaning of those words became slightly more intimate.

And what she hated the most was this intimacy who’s nature needed to be guessed, and speculated.

After Grandpa Gen listened to this, he too became silent.

After a while, he nod slightly, “According to Major Xia’s ability, he definitely wouldn’t remain here. Leaving was just a matter of time, I just didn’t expect it to be so soon.”

Xia Jinyuan, as an all-rounder, was assigned to a unit in Fu Jun town that needed to repel criminals. One reason was that the school had assigned him basic training, the second was that it was Commander-in-Chief Xia’s intention to hone his sole son’s skills.

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Now that close to a year had gone by, even if Xia Jinyuan wanted to remain here, Commander Xia definitely wouldn’t have approved it.

No matter what, his departure was predestinated. It was a conclusion that wouldn’t have changed.

Facing Grandpa Gen’s exclaims and his appreciation of Xia Jinyuan, Ye Jian spoke, her eyes and brows reflecting the faint smile on her face, “Grandpa, don’t take it as a pity. I’m not that bad, I definitely won’t shame you and Principal Chen!”

That dangerous yet elegant man had already left. But in his brief appearance, he had left a deep impression on a lot of people and on her life too. Because of his appearance, the brilliance of that year and those days were forever etched in her memories.

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