Chapter 240: Major Xia’s Arrangement (3)

Ye Zifan, who wanted to swallow the document out of desperation, lifted his head and gazed at Ye Jian with calculating eyes, he spoke in a deep voice, word for word, “Niece, you’d better consider this carefully! Once you move out of my family register, and even change your guardian, if anything happens in the future, your uncle here can’t help help you at all.”

So it seems they planned this all along! Even if his dumb wife had not stirred up any trouble, the migration of the family register and the change of guardianship would have happened sooner or later!

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“If it weren’t for Mayor Ye reminding me, I would have forgotten.” Facing his unrelenting statement, Ye Jian only smiled and blandly said, “If anything were to really happen to me in the future, I only wish for Mayor Ye to not step up and help me as what I’m more worried about is that helping me isn’t your intention, instead, it is to add insult to injury!”

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Grandpa Gen suddenly mentioned moving her out of his family register, Ye Jian didn’t really understand why, but she also realized what she was supposed to do right now.

No matter what Ye Zifan says, she would not act according to his will and remain in his family register!

She was perfectly fine with signing herself out of his family register.

Furthermore, Grandpa Gen had already made all the necessary preparations and this came at such a good timing. If this matter wasn’t taken care of today, they would’ve allowed Ye Zifan time to catch a breather, and it would then be much more harder to take care of this in the future.

Her words made the expression on Ye Zifan’s face much more horrible to look at; Ye Jian ignored him and continued, “Of course, I would never allow you the opportunity to add insult to injury, like today, Miss Mayoress accused me of misconduct while basing it on me for not coming home for the whole summer and meeting up with a fellow classmate who we had exams together yesterday… Heh, to be honest, there was nothing really going on, but Mayor Ye, you and your family deliberately tried to find trouble!”

Ye Jian was usually a quiet child, but when she does decide to speak up, her words were as sharp as knives, and they were aiming for the vitals,… it hurt Ye Zifan so much that he felt his innards bleed.

No matter how unresigned he felt, Ye Zifan could only sign the papers!

After finishing the final stroke of his name, and before the ink settled, Company Commander Yue grabbed the document and fanned the ink dry with a piece of paper, he commented with an unchanging smile on his face, “Mayor Ye please rest assured, her guardians —besides Grandpa Gen—are all of the officers and soldiers in the army. If anything were to happens to the little lass, it will be shouldered by all of us from the army, we will never trouble Mayor Ye.”

To argue sense with soldiers, sometimes you really aren’t their equal.

They kept mentioning the army so casually, who had the guts to contend with them?

Looking at Ye Zifan who left with angry footfalls, Ye Jian’s brows curved from her smile, her pupils were as calm as moonlit waters with a hint of relief could be seen from her clear eyes.

In her last life, it was because she was registered under Ye Zifan’s family which resulted in her become a pitiful person; without any proof of identity she couldn’t find a good job, nor could she register to study in a night school.

Now that she was able to solve this huge problem, how could she not be happy.

“Lassie, from now on you don’t have any ties with their family. After today’s uproar calms down, Ye Ying most likely can never raise her head high anymore. You can study in peace in school now, don’t let any unimportant people to delay your future.” Grandpa Gen said while leaving, they all wished for Ye Jian to choose the bigger, brighter path, instead of holding a grudge onto something insignificant that had happened in the past.

This was also what Xia Jinyuan wished for. He gazed at the rolling snow mountains in front of him as he adapted to the higher altitude, his gaze glistening like a cold speck of light from the snowy mountains; bright yet cold, all the while hiding a majestic fighting spirit.

This was the first training base of the Snowland troopers, here he would undergo a year-long training event that was high in difficulty, intensity, and risk.

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