Chapter 239: Major Xia’s Arrangement (2)

He was old, and already had one foot in the grave. How could he become her second designated relative guardian? What was even more outrageous was that they weren’t even related at all!

Ye Jian, who had been standing outside and listening in on the conversation for a while now, knocked twice before pushing the door open and entering the room. She looked at the confident Ye Zifan and indifferently said, “Whether it’s suitable or not isn’t up to Mayor Ye to decide. Although I’m still a minor, as a middle school student who is able to make good judgement on certain matters, I can certainly choose my own guardian on my own will.

Nobody expected Ye Jian to appear at this time, so everyone was slightly stunned by her sudden speech and appearance.

“The relationship between Mayor Ye’s family and me is as Grandpa Gen said. It is an obvious matter for everybody in Shui Kou village. If I were to apply for a guardian change and plead for a registered residence removal to the court, even the court wouldn’t need to treat this with discretion and could hold a trial on the spot.”

For a fourteen-year-old to discuss matters that only adults could decide with concise evidence, nobody could say that she didn’t have good judgement.

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With his eyes slightly dimmed, Ye Zifan pretended to ponder for a moment, before continuing, “This isn’t a trivial matter. I still have to discuss this with your aunt. How about this, we’ll discuss this in a few days, what do you say?”

In these few days, he would have to hit up his contacts from the outside, and then find some of his working ties in court.

“There’s no need to discuss it in a few days. For problems regarding where the late heroine’s orphan will go, the military commission has prepared the necessary files a long time ago. Mayor Ye should remember  the 《Revolutionary Heroes Commendation Ordinance》that was issued on June 4th, 1980.” Company Commander Yue acted as the representative of the army. How could he condone Ye Zifan’s obvious intentions to drag out the time at this critical moment?

He opened up the folder that he was holding in his hands the whole time with the force number stamped in its front. He took out a piece of paper that was had the obvious red words “XX Political Commissar”, stating that it was a special document, and passed it to Ye Zifan. “We request that Mayor Ye read through the document, after doing so, sign here and it’ll be done.”

He wasn’t even using a tone that was open to discussion. It was a clear and concise order that after Ye Zifan had finished reading it, he had to immediately sign the papers without any other choice.

A Mayor who wanted to wage war with a whole platoon was undoubtedly striking a stone with an egg, all the while digging his own grave.

Since Xia Jinyuan had called him last night to remind him, then that meant that he had already made all the necessary preparations!

From the moment he found out that Ye Zifan and his family did not treat his little fox with any hint of respect, he knew that in the days he wasn’t present, there would be hidden problems surrounding his little fox that were at the moment not a danger to her. They had to be rooted out one by one before that time came.

He had promised that he would protect his little fox. How could he rest assured and join the Elite Platoon without arranging anything for her!

He arranged everything from the shadows. Even Ye Jian did not know about it. When she saw Company Commander Yue take out the dispatch documents from the army, she let out a gasp of shock… the army’s efficiency was quite astonishing.

It was just a thin piece of paper, but in Ye Zifan’s hands, it was so heavy that his hands ached!

Who would dare to not cooperate with the army’s decision! Who would dare to protest publicly! It didn’t matter how strong his ties were. Even if he were to bribe ever judge in every court, it would be useless! Because none of the offices and departments had the authority to interfere with an army’s decision! They had to cooperate unconditionally!

“Sign the papers, Mayor Ye. I still have to make a trip to the city this afternoon to help lass Ye process the papers to sign her out of her current family register.” Company Commander Yue took out a pen that was clipped to his inner breast pocket and passed it to him, he smiled: “It’s fine to leave errands like these for the rest of us to run, there’s no need to trouble Mayor Ye.”

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Don’t believe that all soldiers are big and burly barbaric men. They don’t lack the sharpness and intelligence that they should have.

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