Chapter 238: Major Xia’s Arrangement (1)

“You’ll know the strength of a horse only after going on a long journey, likewise, you’ll only come to understand a person’s character after knowing them for a long time. I’ve given you thirteen years, more than a thousand days…” Uncle Gen, who came with a motive in mind, did not give him any opportunity to explain himself. What he wanted was to take away Ye Jian’s registered residence from Ye Zifan’s family!

If it wasn’t for Major Xia’s phone call last night, his blurry old brain would have never thought about it.

It was okay for her to get into senior high school, but there would be problems for her to attend college entrance exams!

Especially military school. The person’s registered residence had a lot to do with it! If Ye Zifan tried to play a few tricks with his identity as her guardian, it would definitely destroy little lass Ye’s future.

Secretary Wu still didn’t understand the full picture of why the first rank sergeant made him stay, so he just silently assessed the situation before he fully understood why he was made to stay. It was best for him not to simply speak up.

In no time, Uncle Gen, who managed to block Ye Zifan’s speech, started asking Secretary Wu, “I’ve heard that Secretary Wu previously came all the way here because you found out the guardian of little lass Ye’s personal files was Mayor Ye, am I right?”

“That’s correct. If it weren’t for the fact that it was stated in the file, I wouldn’t have known that student Ye Jian’s guardian was Mayor Ye.” Secretary Wu, who was ready, spoke in a calm and collected way. He wore an expression of calmness on his face. “Are there any questions that you might have about that?”

If that wasn’t the case, he wouldn’t have suddenly mentioned guardians.

At the same time, Ye Zifan acted like he had just realized something. His pupils constricted slightly and even the corner of his lips started pursuing tightly together.

Uncle Gen nodded slightly, then said, “I just want some advice, if we wanted to move her out from her current registered residence and change her guardian to someone else, is it possible to alter it on the official files?”

Ye Zifan’s heart beat furiously as he clenched his fists tightly at his sides, it was as he had guessed!

Uncle Gen intended to remove Ye Jian’s residence from his family. He wanted to help Ye Jian cut all ties with their family forever in the future!

“Of course it can be altered, that’s not a big deal.” Secretary Wu gave a little smile, he explained in detail, “… however, minors aren’t able to become the head of a registered residence by themselves, because if their papers require any changes, a guardian is required to approve it until they become adults.”

Why did minors need a guardian?

That was because it was tied to China’s Minor Laws, combined with Article 16 of《Civil Law》 and Article 53 of《Minor Protection Laws》, parents were the primary guardians of minors, unless they lost their lives, lost their ability to act as a guardian or had their guardianship stripped from them.

In this case, both of Ye Jian’s parents had died. Her mom was also a late heroine, so as an orphan, her next-in-line guardian would be her direct relatives, which came under to “Legal Supervision by Specific Relatives”.

And for certain relatives to gain the legal rights of supervision, their guardianship was a very important influencing factor.

Ye Zifan therefore was the best candidate for this situation.

Now, if they wanted to move Ye Jian’s out of their registered residence, and even change the person who would legally act as her guardian…, then that proved to be slightly difficult.

The court would need to ensure that the second candidate was able to supervise and protect the legal rights of the minor’s wellbeing, wealth and other miscellaneous items.

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What Uncle Gen needed to understand was whether they could change her guardian in her files!

“Uncle Gen, do you mean to move Ye Jian out of my registered residence?” Ye Zifan asked, despite already knowing the answer. But sitting still was not his style of doing things. So he crossed his arms and calmly said, “The problem is, once she is moved out from my family, who will become her guardian? You? I’m afraid that’s not appropriate.”

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