Chapter 237: Orphan of a Late Heroine (5)

Clenching her teeth, she suppressed the anger raging on in her heart. “If we don’t leave now then we’ll be a burden to Daddy! Ma, can’t you see how bad Grandpa Gen’s expression is right now! Hurry up, let’s go!”

Finishing her sentence, she grabbed at her chest and started whimpering in pain, not even giving Sun Dongqing any time to prepare. She clenched her forearms tightly together while gasping for breath, giving off the impression that she would faint any moment.

If she was acting, then her acting was really too realistic, because even Sun Dongqing was frightened to the point that she started screaming continuously.

After hearing Ye Ying’s reminder for her to go to the hospital, Sun Dongqing glanced at Ye Zifan. Under the shocked gazes of both teachers and students, she left for the town’s hospital while carrying Ye Ying on her back

She was still… quite submissive towards her daughter. Old Ye was cunning. Nothing could possibly be too difficult for him, so the best thing for her to right now is to leave.

The mother-daughter pair were frighteningly similar in the way they escaped from problems. Once Uncle Gen appeared, he instantly stunned the family of three, them not daring to make a single disrespectful action.

“I can ask my chauffeur to send them…” Secretary Wu, who witnessed this drama,  wanted to chase after them. The old man with an intimidating presence spoke, “You must be Secretary Wu from the Education Bureau, I’ll have to trouble you to stay.”

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Principal Chen knew that he didn’t recognize the person, so he gave his a gentle reminder, “First rank Sergeant, he’s a national treasure of the military.”

Hearing that, honest respect arose from Secretary Wu.

Meanwhile, Ye Zifan watched as his daughter was finally able to get rid of his burdensome wife. He secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

If his wife were to really apologize to Ye Jian in front of all of them, then his reputation would have been thrown onto the ground. Even beggars could step on it if they wanted!

That also meant that Ye Zifan had absolutely no intention of apologizing!

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On the first day of school at Fu Jun Middle School, a huge a huge event occured that stirred up the entire school. Mayor Ye’s daughter almost jumped off the building because of her own mother…the news spread throughout Fu Jun Town like the spring breeze. Even the villagers from Shui Kou village knew about it.

It couldn’t be helped. A large number of parents had been present on the first day of school. Sun Dongqing was talented at picking days to stir trouble. Whenever she caused an uproar, the whole population of Fu Jun Town would know about it.

For others, this was just interesting news to discuss after having a meal, but for Uncle Gen, this was the best timing for them to solve a very important problem!

That was to change who Ye Jian’s guardian was before she became an adult!

In Principal Chen’s office, Uncle Gen sat down intimidatingly,causing the rooms atmosphere to become tense. Even Secretary Wu waited solemnly for Uncle Gen to speak.

“Reasonably, little lass Ye should be here for this discussion. However, since class should be starting now, we should not take her away from her studies.” Uncle Gen spoke up. He did not break the heavy atmosphere. Instead, his words increased someone worry.

Ye Zifan laughed bitterly, “Uncle, today was definitely my wife’s fault for whatever happened to Ye Jian. But it’s because she is a talkative person that has a habit of speaking nonsense. Usually she’s quite concerned about Ye Jian, she’s her own niece after all, why…”

“There’s no need for you to use your double-faced act on me. The whole village knows how Sun Dongqing treats Ye Jian. If you want to persuade me that black is white, it is to no avail.” Uncle Gen interrupted him, not giving an ounce of courtesy to the newly appointed mayor. “Now, the relationship Ye Jian has with your family, even Secretary Wu could understand it by now. Mayor Ye, do you still think an explanation is necessary?”

Ye Zifan, whose expression became stiff, could only smile bitterly. “No matter what happens, Ye Jian is still my niece. How can I, as an uncle, treat my niece so shabbily?”

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