Chapter 236: Orphan of a Late Heroine (4)

“Who is little lass Ye? She’s an orphan of a late heroine! Her mother’s remains were personally sent to the incinerator by the Prime Minister himself! Her pension was also personally delivered by the Leader of the Political and Military Committee to this town! The Prime Minister personally gave the order to do the best we can to foster Ye Jian’s talent! You said that she’s smart. Of course, that’s natural, she had an extremely intelligent mother, how could her daughter not be! But it’s because she’s too smart and kind that she kept tolerating your insolent family every step of the way!”

His old and hardy voice had great penetrating power. The nearby students and teachers could clearly hear everything… they hadn’t expected Ye Jian to be a daughter of a late heroine, not to mention that she was acquainted with the Prime Minister!

At that moment, however, Ye Jian’s heart felt like there were millions of pins and  needles stabbing into like a pincushion, creating thousands and thousands of holes, causing her heart to be flooded with blood.

In her past life, Grandpa Gen had indeed contacted her! But she had rejected him out of her own blindness!

After that, when she fled back to the village, Grandpa Gen had made contact with her again, but she wasn’t mature enough. She had believed that everyone would mock her and laugh at her, so she fled secretly that night again!

In the end, she never went back to Shui Kou village, instead she lived a life where she was sabotaged by Ye Ying every step of the way until she finally died.

Now that she thought about it, she hadn’t just disappointed herself in her past life. She also disappointed everyone who had had hopes for her…

“Uncle, please let us continue this outside.” Ye Zifan, who had just become the most depressed Mayor, in history, bowed slightly and was afraid of doing anything rash.  “The bell has just rung, we shouldn’t interrupt the students studies. Please, if there are any problems, we can discuss them outside.”

He lost so much of his reputation today. If this situation were to escalate any further… the position of Mayor, which he had only received less than 15 days ago,  would most likely be lost.

The class bell rang urgently. The onlooking students were forced back to their classrooms by Teacher Ke’s shouting even if they wanted to keep watching.

“Lass, return to your classroom. Grandpa is here, we’ll see who has the guts to harm you!” Grandpa Gen was unwilling to delay Ye Jian’s studies, so he turned around and said kindly, “Go, study well, Grandpa will settle this mess.”

The situation wasn’t so simple, but since Ye Zifan dared to think that is was, then he would definitely take action!

Ye Jian pursed her lips in hesitation. She wanted to speak up, but noticed Company Commander Yue quietly give her a hand signal. After a slight pause, she pursed her lips and replied, “Okay then, I’ll go to class now. Grandpa shouldn’t be enraged, I’m really okay. The one who’s in trouble…” She scooted closer and smirked slyly, “The one who’s in trouble is Ye Ying. Grandpa can rest assured, I wouldn’t let anyone bully me.”

The lass wasn’t wrong, she wasn’t the same person she was in the past who had a personality that could suffer losses and tolerate others.

“Hurry to class, Grandpa has this covered.” Grandpa Gen relaxed after seeing her smiling happily and slyly like a fox, he started laughing. As long as she was not being taken advantage of, everything was fine!

However, this situation wasn’t just about wanting to take advantage of Ye Jian. It had to be settled seriously in order to prevent their lives from being disrupted every other day.

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Today was definitely the perfect day for him to show up!

Ye Ying did not return to her classroom. She pressed her hand on her heart with a pale complexion, as she secretly reminded Sun Dongqing, “Ma, hurry up and leave, stop causing trouble for Dad! Uncle Gen is a very respected elder in the village. No matter what he says, Daddy wouldn’t dare to talk back.”

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“Good daughter, if we really left the situation your dad’s in would be worse.” Sun Dongqing was mean to other people, but towards her own husband and daughter, she treated them with all of her care and protection. She was worried that if she left, Uncle Gen might take her husband’s life!

She wasn’t smart when she needed to be, and now she was starting to worry! Ye Ying, who was feeling resentful, wanted to just start screaming obscenities. But the person before her was her mother, who was also protecting her, so no matter how dumb she was, she would have to just deal with it.

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