Chapter 235: Child of a Late Heroine (3)

Listening to Ye Jian mention his plump son, who had finally arrived after a five-year long marriage, the troop commander’s previously stern face started beaming,  “You pesky little lass, of course I remembered your red eggs. Look, I have them here.”

Indeed, in his left hand was more than 10 red eggs, and in his right hand he held a file which contained documents regarding the troop number.

As he said this, he gently patted her head, “You lass, just because you didn’t take your living expenses, your uncle couldn’t sleep well last night. We ran into him early this morning, and he said he wanted to come over to deliver the money.”

Who knew that because of this, they were able to hear a middle-aged man threaten the lass.

The whole troop treats Ye Jian as family. Therefore when family was threatened by others, what reason would they have to not be furious!

Ye Zifan knew better than to interrupt them. The conflict in his mind was no lesser than Ye Jian remembering all the events that had happened when she was little… in fact, it was far greater! He was so nervous that even his palms started sweating.

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Since when did her relationship with the troop become so close! No,…Ying Ying had mentioned this to him before. She said Ye Jian was really close to the troop, and even got to know a Major! He didn’t think much of it then; believing to be a mere acquaintance from meeting each other a lot in the village!

Never did he expect that they would be so close that Ye Jian would call him her uncle! On top of that, it wasn’t some Major as his daughter had spoken of, it was a captain!

Uncle Gen, however, wasn’t smiling as much, and in a slightly stern voice, “Come over to Grandfather!”

“Hurry on, Grandfather’s heartbroken.” Commander Yue gently reminded Ye Jian; his huge figure directly obstructed Ye Zifan’s view, his gaze turned to him, a threatening expression cold as ice on his face.

With an expression so hard and cold, even a mayor like Ye Zifan had his heart pounding.

A troop was a place best suited to nurturing one’s manhood, and Commander Yue, who had taken part in a lot of exercises, and also held the role of enforcer between the north and south arms, bore a frightening stature with his expression striking fear in the hearts of others.

Only after he obediently looked away, did Commander Yue keep his gaze, no longer pressuring Ye Zifan with the force of his gaze.

Trying to bully the little lass? Not on the head commander and political commissar’s watch!

Outside, Ye Ying was being hugged tightly by Sun Dongqing, and as a result, her heart pounded furiously. However, ever since Uncle Gen appeared, her eyes never left him.

Nervously, she stared at him, and even saw her own father’s fearful expression in the presence of Uncle Gen.

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Of course Ye Zifan would be fearful! That year, the reason he had become the village cadre, and was then able to slowly work his way up to the position of Mayor, this man was completely aware of it!

If not for his sister-in-law, or in other words, Ye Jian’s mother…, he wouldn’t be where he was today.

“Loyalty and filial piety, Mayor Ye, it seems like you don’t understand these concepts!” Uncle Gen stepped in front of Ye Jian. This man had experienced the tumultuous conditions of war, a first ranked sergeant who has survived the fire of war, towered before the 35-year-old Ye Zifan. It was as though he was a mountain that could never be conquered, completely majestic, leaving Ye Zifan unable to even stand up straight.

Though an elderly man like him didn’t have a powerful voice, every word he spoke was filled with reprimand, reducing Mayor Ye to a state of great embarrassment. “Threatening a girl… what, just because you hid the truth from the entire Fu Jun Town, you think you’re some big emperor?”

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