Chapter 234: Child of a Late Heroine (2)

No, there was in fact someone in the house! It was the ignorant, childish niece who he was looking at right now!

“There is no need for you to be surprised, I’m the kind of person who would remember the nitty gritty details very well. What others have said or done, I’ve been able to recall all of it since I was two. Therefore, you can’t fool or trick me.”

Ye Jian smiled as she admired the rapid changes of Ye Zifan’s expression, and the stunned look in his eyes. The curve of her lips deepened,  “You can’t hide things like this even if you wanted to. I’ve told Uncle Gen; now I’m just waiting to see when you’re going to hand it all over.”


He was really being ridiculed!

The now expressionless Ye Zifan looked at his niece, his anxiety increasing every second. It couldn’t be that back at home, that foolish woman Sun Dongqing had also been continuously harping on about other things! If things were really going to turn out like this… angered, Ye Zifan, with a straight face, coldly smiled and said, “My niece is truly amazing. Don’t worry, I will definitely return what belongs to you.”

“Of course, I wouldn’t want things that don’t belong to me anyways.” His eyes hid a ferocious intent, but Ye Jian, who had trained with the troop for a long time, could sense after staring at them. “Mayor Ye, you had better go talk to your daughter. If you delay any further, she might really go jump of a building.”

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Wonderful, just wonderful. Ye Zifan had underestimated the enemy!

Who would have imagined that after many years of calculation, he would be bitten by this ungrateful, cunning fox! Just great!

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Staring at his now unfamiliar niece, Ye Zifan smiled superficially. He seemed to be reminding her, but there was a threat was hidden beneath it. “My dear niece, it isn’t good to be too smart. Those who overwork their brain don’t have long lives. Let Uncle remind you, with an intellect like yours, you had better be a little bit more worried.”

“Thanks for your reminder, but I must also remind you Mayor Ye, there are always bigger fish in the sea. Some people won’t be swayed or threatened even by a Mayor like you. As a Mayor, you’d better think before you speak; a loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble.”

Just as she finished speaking, a tyrannical voice reverberated, “Well said! There are always bigger fish in the sea. Who knew that even a Mayor like yourself would be less knowledgeable than a child!”

In an instant, this voice caused Ye Zifan’s face to stiffen. His previously ferocious expression transformed into panic as he hurriedly turned.

Standing behind him was Uncle Gen and a captain-ranked officer in his thirties. There was a cold, deep expression on his face. He stared intently at Mayor Ye and sneered, “It seems that I arrived just in time. Who would’ve thought that I would be able to hear Mayor Ye threaten a little kid.”

Hearing his word, Ye Zifan couldn’t possibly hold a cold expression anymore, it instead turned into one of great respect, “GrandUncle…”

“Grandfather Gen, what brings you here?” Ye Jian moved past him with the grace of a swallow, her eyes bright with happiness. “I just visited you yesterday, and yet you are here today. Had I known, I would have most definitely come along with you.”

…Perhaps, this morning’s commotion wouldn’t have happened then!

The officer who accompanied Uncle Gen pretended to be displeased. “Little lass, is your grandfather all you can see? I’m standing right here, do you not see me?”

“Of course I noticed you! I wouldn’t dare to pretend not to!” Ye Jian’s laughter resembled that of bells jingling. Her black, animated eyes shone, “I didn’t see you during my visit yesterday. I heard you were on holiday with your plump son, congrats to Uncle Yue on becoming a dad! Also, did you bring my red eggs?”

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