Chapter 233: Child of a Late Heroine (1)

Coincidentally, Ye Zifan also looked in her direction at the same time. The ever calm Ye Jian noticed this, and the corners of her mouth gradually rose; a slight smile reflected on her black eyes were like stars in the winter. With the Mayor around… big issues would surely become small and eventually disappear.

It was just a faint smile, but it made Ye Zifan’s heart skip a beat. Her smile was too serene, and had a sharpness to it that seemed like it could see through everything. At that moment, Ye Zifan realised that this niece of his had already found out about his secret discussion with Ye Ying. He also knew that Ye Ying was merely doing this for show.

His niece wasn’t simple! He had underestimated her in the past!

Ye Zifan, who had relief in his eyes, sneered. He didn’t plan to retreat. He put on an elder-like smile and walked towards Ye Jian, “Niece, since the trouble is worsening, as the elder sister, you should speak up.”

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An Jiaxin had been staring at the scene. Hearing those words, she worriedly glanced at Ye Jian.

After returning her gaze, and showing that she didn’t have to worry, Ye Jian stood up and calmly faced her uncle, whose heart was filled with shrewdness. She grinned and said, “This is Mayor Ye’s family affairs. It has nothing to do with me.”

“Family affairs?” The mayor, confused by Ye Jian’s word, slightly frowned his brow. He politely replied, “Ye Jian, you’re also my family. If you claim this to be a family affair, it’s also your affair.”

Since when did dealing with fourteen and  fifteen-year-old kids require him to show up in person?

However, Ye Jian was becoming more and more difficult to handle, it would be impossible to deal with her if he didn’t show up.

Ye Jian also slightly frowned, the look she gave him even more clueless then before, “Of course, I remember that my family and Mayor Ye’s family are separated. In the countryside, don’t separated families mean two different families? Since we are two families, then I’m definitely not in the same one as Mayor Ye.”

“You see, of the people causing trouble outside, one of them is your wife, and the other is your daughter. How is this related to me? Besides, you’re an official, so you can hold your nerves. Your daughter is trying to kill herself, your wife failed to persuade her. And you’re not even trying to convince her. Instead you come to me, an outsider, for help. I really admire you.”

That was savage! No wonder Ye Ying always said that she was had been bullied! No wonder… eve the adult, Sun Dongqing couldn’t handle her!

Ye Zifan, with a dignified look in his eyes, was even more afraid to underestimate this increasingly unfamiliar niece of his. His face fell as he spoke in an unsatisfied tone, “We’re all part of the same family. You’re my niece. Your auntie is your biological aunt. Even if our families are separated, your blood relation can’t be broken!”

“You’re talking too much. Of course, we’re all the same family. Everyone in the whole world with the surname ‘Ye’ even from five hundred years ago are family. But our relationships could be close or distant. Unfortunately, my relationship with Mayor Ye’s family is distant.”

“Also, don’t go telling the Mayoress things like how the food I ate is from your home, the place I lived in is in your home or whatever I used is from your home! I was only two or three years old when I arrived at your home, but I clearly remember that the town government at that time had sent you money to care for a heroine’s orphaned child. Even the fields and the lands were given to me in advance. They were only handed over to your house for safekeeping.”

“When my mother sacrificed herself, one of her items that were sent back was a piece of glass dragon jade. At that time, the people in the town said that it was a piece of old jade! And the price of it was shocking! I remember all of this. You can’t fool me.”

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Fool? She had clearly revealed everything, how could anyone fool her?

The stunned Ye Zifan couldn’t even breathe. When the government came over, whether it was to give the funds or the piece of glass dragon jade from the Qing Dynasty, there hadn’t been anyone at home at that time!

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