Chapter 577: Cyan Wind Empire

Holding Little Xingxing, Long Yi gently kissed her forehead. Looking over at Teresa, he said, “It’s so moving that you didn’t sleep and specially waited for us here.”

Teresa smiled warmly. Looking at Xingxing in Long Yi’s bosom, she said, “After you all left, this girl kept on crying. I haven’t been able to sleep since yesterday, so without any other choices, we came here to wait for your return. I saw the weather suddenly changing and guessed that you all were returning.”

Long Yi was startled. Patting the little butt of Xingxing, he said, “Little Xingxing, were you disobedient?”

Xingxing looked up and felt Long Yi’s cheeks with her little hands. She pouted, “Big brother Long, you didn’t keep your word! You said that you would never leave me and my mother, but you ran away when Xingxing was sleeping.”

Long Yi felt somewhat sad in his heart and apologized, “Fine, it’s big brother Long’s fault, but why didn’t you sleep?”

“Without big brother Long, Xingxing will neither sleep nor eat.” Xingxing acted like a spoiled child.

Long Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but he felt a kind of indescribable happiness in his heart. It truly was a good feeling.

At this time, Liuli, Barbarian Bull and Li Qing greeted Teresa. As for Midi’er and Leguxiya, they watched Teresa in a daze.

“Two naughty ghosts, don’t you two recognize your aunt?” Teresa smiled. Striding toward them, she rubbed the heads of the siblings.

“Aunt Teresa, you are Aunt Teresa! It turns out you were living in this island. Every time I asked where you were to Father Emperor, he’d never told me,” Midi’er said with some excitement. When she was young, Sa Lianya and Teresa regularly played with her, so she had a particularly deep feeling towards them. Merely, after Teresa had snuck out eight hundred years ago, she had no longer heard any news about her.

Teresa’s beautiful eyes became somewhat dim as she sighed. “Your father has his own difficulties. Okay, let’s return first.”

By the time they had returned to Teresa’s log cabin, Xingxing had already fallen asleep in Long Yi’s bosom. Now, Long Yi and the others drank tea while discussing the matter of rescuing Liuxu’s parents from the forbidden area of the Dragon Clan.

However, only elders of the Dragon Clan and the Dragon King were qualified to enter the forbidden area, so no one knew what was inside.


Blue Moon Continent.

A cold and austere aura enveloped the atmosphere that was warm with spring. In order to compete for the limited resources, an endless battle between all the big races had begun. Many lives had been shed, and many more remained to be reaped.

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Trees cut down, flowers trampled underfoot, and cities burned down. The victims had nowhere to hide: their only fate was dying unburied in the wilds. The war in this place was much crueler than the war on Blue Waves Continent because the war was not for power but rather for survival. Blue Moon Continent, which had once been a fairyland, had already changed beyond recognition.

Now, Blue Moon Continent was divided into two big opposing camps. The agglomeration of the dwarf, elf and other humanoid races were in the human camp. The agglomeration of the winged people, spirit, and half-beast races were in the spirit camp.

Cyan Wind Empire was the foremost empire of mankind. Emperor Mu Qingming naturally assumed the leadership of the human camp. At this moment, it was late at night. The sky was full of stars, but Mu Qingming wasn’t feeling sleepy at all. He stood in front of a window with a frown, gazing at the lands below. A warm breeze blew against his face, carrying the faint whiff of gunpowder.

“Your Majesty, please eat this midnight snack.” A beautiful woman walked in, bringing a delicate fragrance, and placed a food tray on a table. The so-called midnight snack was just a small dish of sliced meat, plateful vegetables, and a bottle of alcohol. This was the best food available even for those in power, so one could well imagine the life of the common people.

Mu Qingming turned around. Looking at this woman, his sharp eyes instantly became gentle and soft. He slowly walked over, sat down and said, “Let’s eat together.”

“I am not hungry, Your Majesty,” That woman softly said.

Mu Qingming also didn’t request her to join him again. He picked up a piece of sliced meat, put it into his mouth, chewed for a long time and sighed. There was a hint of exhaustion revealed on his face.

The heart of this woman tightened a little. This man had killed decisively throughout his entire life. He had iron in his veins and was ruthless. It had been nearly thirty years since she had begun staying together with him, but she had never seen this kind of expression. It seemed as if he had instantly gotten a lot older.

“Cyan Wind Empire is trapped. All three paths of reinforcements are already cut off, and the spirit clan has already occupied Cyan Wind Plain. Moreover, we don’t have sufficient food. We can hold on for at most only two months.” Mu Qingming closed his eyes and his beard lightly trembled.

The woman was neither surprised nor afraid. Clearly, she had already known this. She walked over to Mu Qingming and gently massaged his head.

“Yan’er, how is that girl?” After a long time, Mu Qingming opened his eyes and asked.

“After waking up, she has been staying at Tianya Mountain in a daze. She doesn’t want to see anyone.” The woman softly sighed. Walking over to the desk, she lifted a piece of black cloth, revealing a head-sized crystal ball. Then, she silently chanted an incantation. A hint of radiance appeared around her hand, and mist circulated inside the crystal ball. Not long after, an image appeared inside. On the tall mountain peak, a lonely and thin figure sat quietly in a daze, watching the boundless starry sky.

“I owe her too much. Merely, I had never expected that her heart would be moved so easily,” Mu Qingming spoke while watching that figure in the crystal ball.

“Your Majesty, although Hanyan is very capable, she is also just a young girl. According to the words of Halei, that man appears to be a stunning personage, and his strength is also unfathomable. If we can request him to help out, then perhaps, this disaster might be prevented. Although Yan’er once schemed against him, he presumably also knows her affection for him. He will not stand by with folded arms,” The woman softly commented.

“How could I have never thought of that? It’s just that all three energy stones that could cut open the energy barrier have already been used up. Since Master Yeli has yet to discover the method of breaking the energy barrier, this hope is only a daydream,” Mu Qingming shook his head and said.

The woman opened her mouth as if to speak but then stopped.

“If you have something to say, then say it,” said Mu Qingming.

“Your Majesty, in the shrine…”

“Shut up! If you dare to mention that again, I will not let you off lightly even in light of all our years together. Take away this midnight snack.” Before the woman finished speaking, Mu Qingming angrily interrupted. The woman kept quiet out of fear with a pale face.

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The woman saluted with a tremble and walked out. Only after that, did Mu Qingming sigh softly. He wore a complicated look. Then, he walked over to the desk and waved his big hand above the crystal ball. The scenery inside the crystal ball changed. Inside were ruined pillars and broken tiles. There were several spotlessly white pillars and several broken statues littering the ground. Everything was covered with a layer of thick dust. It looked endlessly desolate.

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